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Energise with Lizzie!


Dubbed by the US media as ‘the excuse-buster from Down-Under’, Lizzie Williamson is on a mission to help people energise their day to transform the way they work and feel.

Current Work:

Lizzie started her career as a professional dancer, dancing around Australia and the world. When she became a mum of two and experienced post-natal depression, she launched Two Minute Moves - workouts that make exercise possible when it feels impossible.

Her first book was published under the same title, where she shares her personal journey of overcoming depression, two minutes at a time.
Lizzie’s energising breaks and keynotes enliven conferences and corporations across industries with clients including Amazon, KFC, Lenovo, Service NSW and Westpac Bank.

Lizzie has energised tens of thousands of attendees worldwide on both small and large-scale meetings, sales events, training days and conferences, featuring President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and the Dalai Lama.

A certified personal trainer and mental health advocate, Lizzie is a regular on morning television and in global news publications. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, Studio 10, the Today Show, Women’s Health and Prevention Magazine.

Talking Points

Energise Your Workday - Strategies for workplace productivity and wellbeing

During today's fast-paced work environment, many of us find ourselves shackled to our desks, glued to screens, and drowning in a sea of tasks. This sedentary lifestyle not only takes a toll on our physical health but also dampens our productivity and mental well-being. The lack of movement throughout the workday leads to sluggishness, reduced focus, and ultimately, a decline in overall performance.

Join Lizzie Williamson as she unveils a transformative approach that seamlessly integrates movement into daily routines, enhancing both productivity and well-being. By incorporating simple (embarrassment-free) exercises and science-backed microbreaks into your workday, you can counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, boost energy levels, and sharpen cognitive function.

Who is this for:
Business professionals, office workers, team leaders, HR managers, and anyone interested in improving workplace productivity and well-being.

Key Takeaways:
- Break the sedentary cycle: Learn how to seamlessly integrate movement into your daily work routines to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting.
- Boost energy levels: Discover science-backed microbreaks and exercises that will re-energise your team throughout the day, leading to increased productivity and focus.
- Enhance cognitive function: Uncover innovative strategies that go beyond the conventional, designed to sharpen cognitive function and promote mental well-being.
- Create an active workplace culture: Gain insights on how forward-thinking organisations are implementing Lizzie's techniques to create a culture of movement and empowerment, resulting in happier, healthier, and more productive teams.

Well-being in Action - Small steps, big results

With mental health issues on the rise and individuals constantly juggling work pressures and personal health, prioritising wellbeing can be extremely challenging. Amidst the chaos of modern life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. But what if there was a way to take small, actionable steps that lead to significant improvements in overall well-being?

Join Lizzie Williamson as she unveils a transformative approach to wellbeing in action. Through practical strategies and science-backed insights, Lizzie demonstrates how implementing simple, manageable actions can yield big results for mental health and productivity.

Who is this for:
Individuals struggling with mental health, professionals interested in holistic well-being, leaders seeking mental health strategies for their teams, and anyone looking for practical, science-backed strategies to boost mental health and well-being.

Key Takeaways:
- Strategies for individual growth: Learn practical techniques to enhance personal resilience, focus, and well-being.
- Fostering organisational thriving: Discover how to create a supportive workplace environment that promotes the well-being and success of all its people.
- Collaborative success: Explore the symbiotic relationship between individual flourishing and organisational prosperity, and how they can mutually reinforce each other.
- Sustaining momentum: Gain insights into sustaining long-term wellbeing and success, both personally and within the organisational context.

Revitalise Your Conference with Lizzie’s Energiser Breaks

As conferences, sales kick-offs, meetings and events extend into long hours, attendees often find themselves battling a myriad of challenges - from sedentary behaviour and cognitive overload to fatigue and waning enthusiasm. Prolonged sitting coupled with information overload can leave participants feeling tired, achy, mentally drained, and unenthusiastic.

Enter Lizzie Williamson, the renowned 'excuse-buster from Down Under.' With her energising breaks, Lizzie confronts these multifaceted obstacles head-on, offering a dynamic antidote to the strains of prolonged events. Her tailored sessions infuse movement, dance, meditation, and more, revitalising attendees and reigniting their energy, focus, and enthusiasm.

Conferences and events worldwide are embracing Lizzie's approach, transforming gatherings into dynamic experiences that prioritise wellbeing alongside productivity. Lizzie's energiser breaks ensure that participants leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to tackle the rest of the event with renewed vigour. And they get to have some fun along the way!

Lizzie’s Energiser Breaks offer a range of outcomes:
- Attendees are energised and ready to engage with presentations and sales pitches. - Participants express overflowing appreciation, thanking event organisers for the revitalising breaks.
- Captivating visual content showcases the lively atmosphere, providing material for future promotions.
- Practical wellbeing techniques empower attendees to seamlessly integrate energising activities into their daily routines.

However, if you're worried that your audience may be hesitant to participate, rest assured that Lizzie's energizer breaks are designed to accommodate all comfort levels. After all, energizing a room is Lizzie's superpower!

Lizzie’s Energiser Breaks enhance the audience experience in a range of ways:
- Focus-Booster Break: Elevate concentration levels with simple techniques to reduce stress and enhance focus, alleviating cognitive overload.
- Mood-Booster Break: Combat fatigue and uplift spirits with invigorating dance moves and energising music, relieving tiredness and boosting enthusiasm.
- Concentration-Booster Break: Refresh the mind and maximise productivity with mindful moments to enhance cognitive performance and combat mental fatigue.
- Energy-Booster Break: Recharge energy levels with non-impact movement and dynamic activities to combat mid-day slumps and keep attendees alert.
- Confidence-Booster Break: Foster a sense of empowerment and connection through engaging movements and open postures, boosting confidence and engagement.
- Creativity-Booster Break: Ignite innovative thinking by taking active breaks to stimulate creativity and problem-solving, overcoming mental blocks.
- Posture-Booster Break: Alleviate discomfort and maintain comfort with stretches and movements to promote good posture, relieving physical strain.
- Stretch-Booster Break: Renew the body and mind with chair yoga stretches to invigorate attendees for the rest of the event, promoting physical and mental well-being.

With Lizzie Williamson's Energiser Breaks, transform your conference or sales event into a beacon of well-being, productivity, and engagement. Say goodbye to mid-morning slumps, post-lunch drowsiness, and the 3 pm crash, and hello to sustained energy and enthusiasm throughout your event.
We had Lizzie at our conference to help with our focus on wellbeing and to keep people energised throughout the day. I wasn’t sure how the audience would react but they were up and out of their seats in no time. It’s not just the moves though - it’s how Lizzie explains why such simple (and joyous) movements and breathing techniques can completely change your energy throughout the day - something we can all use in the day-to-day stresses of life and work. NSW Department of Customer Service

Lizzie’s breaks really lifted the mood in a technical heavy conference.

The Tax Institute

Thank you Lizzie for your energy, passion and zing! It was just what we needed to lift the spirits, get energy and be reminded about the positives of moving every day for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Norgine Pharmaceutical

We have got such great feedback from people across the team who are feeling inspired and making some small changes in their daily lives. Such a massive win!


I really appreciate the deeply personal, caring way Lizzie works with our business.


Katherine delivers such a warm, insightful and immensely educational conversation. Professional, humorous. She lights up the room with her passion for educating people on inclusion and common sense social etiquette.

Northrup Consulting Engineers

Lizzie energised and engaged us from the stage and also delivered a highly valuable workshop. She brought fun, excitement and lots of information about the importance of taking two-minute breaks to move. I very much hope we can persuade her back next year!

The Positive Schools Initiative

Lizzie’s The Active Workday Advantage is revolutionary in challenging sedentary habits. It’s not just about work; it’s about infusing life with vitality. Discovering strategies to incorporate movement seamlessly has revitalised my routine and reignited my motivation.


IGO recently engaged with the energising Lizzie Williamson to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our people, especially those working in our mining operations. There was also this added benefit of joy that provided this rare opportunity to connect with the person next to you not only through movement but also through laughter. Lizzie is an absolute pleasure to work with, and any company looking to energise their teams through movement, Lizzie Williamson is a great way to do that.

IGO Limited

With our people being our principal value creators, Lizzie Williamson provides a blueprint for the future of work while illuminating the transformative power of an active workforce. This book brilliantly articulates how productivity, creativity and well-being intersect.

Hitachi Vantara Australia and New Zealand

Lizzie Williamson ignites the spirit of movement, infusing practical and enjoyable methods that invite everyone to participate. Her dynamism sparks immediate inspiration, reminding us that small changes can revolutionise our lives.

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