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Energise with Lizzie!


Dubbed by the US media as ‘the excuse-buster from Down-Under’, Lizzie Williamson is on a mission to help people energise their day to transform the way they work and feel.

Current Work:

Lizzie started her career as a professional dancer, dancing around Australia and the world. When she became a mum of two and experienced post-natal depression, she launched Two Minute Moves - workouts that make exercise possible when it feels impossible.

Her first book was published under the same title, where she shares her personal journey of overcoming depression, two minutes at a time.
Lizzie’s energising breaks and keynotes enliven conferences and corporations across industries with clients including Amazon, KFC, Lenovo, Service NSW and Westpac Bank.

Lizzie has energised tens of thousands of attendees worldwide on both small and large-scale meetings, sales events, training days and conferences, featuring President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and the Dalai Lama.

A certified personal trainer and mental health advocate, Lizzie is a regular on morning television and in global news publications. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, Studio 10, the Today Show, Women’s Health and Prevention Magazine.

Talking Points

Conference Energisers

Bust fatigue and boost engagement with Lizzie’s energiser breaks.

People are sitting for hours at conferences struggling to stay engaged and awake. This sedentary behaviour often leads to fatigue, disengagement, low mood, lack of focus and an uncomfortable, aching body.

Lizzie Williamson, ‘the excuse-buster from Down Under’, makes it easy and fun to disrupt long hours of sitting and take care of people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Her energising breaks to stretch, move, dance, meditate and more, ensure people get back to what they’re doing with renewed energy, focus and happiness.

Conferences around the world integrate Lizzie’s tailored sessions into their agendas, transforming the energy and experience of attendees and employees. Energisers can be as quick as 2-minutes or as long as you need.

- engagement through the roof for next speaker
- raving “thank you I needed that” feedback from attendees
- photos and videos of very happy audience members for future promos
- wellbeing tools to take back to the workday

Lizzie’s Energiser Breaks include:
Focus-Booster Break: Meditation doesn’t have to involve hiding in a quiet room, sitting in lotus pose with your eyes closed for 30 minutes. You can use mediation no matter where you are to help lower stress and improve your focus. Learn some little breathing techniques that make a big difference.
Mood-Booster Break: When we get physically active, our body produces serotonin (feel- good hormone) which helps counteract cortisol (stress hormone). What better way to end the day than breaking out into some old-school dance moves to a great song that will help you feel more connected and put a smile on your face.

Concentration-Booster Break: Your brain is built to detect and respond to change. So no matter how fantastic the content, one of the best things you can do to stay engaged and concentrating, is to give your brain a micro-break. We’ll be taking a few mindful minutes so you can return ready to get the most out of what’s ahead.

Energy-Booster Break: Your energy can naturally start to dip throughout the day and that’s when it can be tempting to go for that third cup of coffee or sugary snack. To help get your oxygen flowing and stay away from the sugar rollercoaster, we’re putting on a great song and getting you going with some non-impact movement.

Confidence-Booster Break: When your body is in an open posture, it helps put you in a more open, confident state of mind. Join in on some moves to shift your state, feel more confident in yourself and more connected to your fellow attendees.

Creativity-Booster Break: Ever feel stuck on an idea or answer? Studies show you can increase your creative output dramatically by taking an active break and those creative juices continue to flow when you sit back down. All you need is a few minutes.

Posture-Booster Break: It can be challenging throughout a big day of sitting (or standing) in the same position to ensure you are keeping up a good posture. Time to do some posture check-up stretches and shift your body to keep it safe and comfortable.

Stretch-Booster Break: Set yourself up to get the most out of the rest of the day ahead with some easy exercises to switch on your brain and stretch out your body. We’ve got your wellbeing covered with some chair yoga stretches to help keep your body safe and comfortable. A great tool to take back to your workday

Take a Break! Easy and Effective Micro-Breaks to Energise your Workday - Keynote & Workshop

With back-to-back meetings, long work days and mental health issues on the rise, it can be challenging when you're working at a desk to take a break from the computer. Our bodies and brains were never designed to function at their best, sitting and working for hours on end. Here's what happens:

- Body gets achy and painful
- Brain struggles to focus
- Stress and pressure builds
- Fatigue sets in = hello sugary snacks
- Isolation and disconnection increases.

Basically, sitting still and not taking breaks is doing us no favours!

The workplace is recognised by the World Health Organisation as an important space to promote health and disrupt sedentary behaviour.

“But, I don't have time to take a break. . . I’m on back to back meetings . . . Have you seen my inbox?”

The good news is, you don’t need to spend hours away from your computer. Fitness founder, Lizzie Williamson, works with organisations across the world to implement her easy and evidence-based micro-breaks. Your team will discover the strategies to reset and recharge throughout their workday:

Morning Re-Engage: Sneaky Chair Moves to improve posture, activate your body and bust screen fatigue.
Mid Morning Refresh: Mindful moments to calm your mind, boost productivity & improve focus.
Mid-Day Reset: Mindful moments to calm your mind, boost productivity & improve focus.
Afternoon Recharge: Cardio moves to wake yourself up, switch on your brain & bust that 3pm slump!
Late Afternoon Re-Connect: Dance moves to have some fun, boost happiness, and feel more connected, instantly.
End Of Day Restore: chair yoga moves to stretch, unwind & mark the end of the workday.

- Lower stress levels
- Reduce strain on the body
- Boost productivity and energy
- Increase work satisfaction
- Improve concentration and decision making

Transforming the Way you Feel Starts with 2 Minutes

Now, more than ever, it’s so important we make our physical and mental wellbeing a priority. But some days it feel impossible to find the time or motivation, to remember, or to even know how to start.

Lizzie Williamson, “the excuse-buster from Down Under” gets it. After hitting rock bottom with post-natal depression she made a discovery that saved her life. Taking two-minute moments to prioritise her physical and mental health was achievable and, it turns out, just as effective. Lizzie shares her inspiring story of overcoming post-natal depression plus the science why movement is imperative for mental and physical health, even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing.

Discover easy and sustainable ways to:

- Sit Less, Move More: Heard the phrase, "sitting is the new smoking"? Research is now telling us that even regular exercisers might not be doing enough to offset the health risks of sitting down all day at a desk. We all know, we should be sitting less, but it's normal to get engrossed in your work ("I haven't moved in hours!")

- Stop the sugary snacks: For many of us, our energy naturally starts to dip in the afternoon, that’s when it can be tempting to go for a third cup of coffee or sugary snack. We feel like we're too tired to move, but, in fact, it's quite the opposite. When we get active, our heart is able to pump oxygen (energy) more efficiently.

- Take a Breather: Meditation and mindfulness doesn’t have to involve hiding in a quiet room. Mindful mini breaks stops the build-up of stress in our brain and allows it to reset. It also boosts your productivity and engagement.

- Feel more connected: Yes, you can dance in a workplace environment. Lizzie’s inspired companies to start a Friday afternoon "dance-off" or have a mid-week dance in their team meetings. Research shows, uplifting music is great for productivity and mental performance.

- Put your Oxygen mask on first: With the rise of remote and hybrid work, creating work/life boundaries are more important than ever. Discover bite-size ways to help you unwind, decompress and mark the end of your workday to leave in a better headspace.

- Boost your team's physical and mental wellbeing
- Reduce workers injury, stress leave and sick leave
- Build connection + an agile culture
- Complement or kickstart wellbeing strategies
- Create work balance and boundaries

Movement is Medicine: Transforming Your Mental Health One Step at a Time

Many of us know that exercise is essential for our mental health, but getting started can be a monumental challenge when we're feeling down or overwhelmed. But what if there was a way to make it easier, more achievable, and even more enjoyable? Lizzie Williamson, a leading expert in fitness and mindset has spent years perfecting a simple, science-backed approach that will transform the way you think about movement and its impact on your mental wellbeing.

In her keynote speech, "Movement is Medicine," Lizzie shares her journey of overcoming depression and
anxiety through the power of small, achievable steps. By breaking down exercise into micro-moments that
take just two minutes each, she discovered a path to sustainable, long-term change that anyone could follow.

Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, Lizzie will show you how to use movement
to shift your mindset, reduce stress, and boost your mood, even on the most challenging days.
Lizzie brings a dynamic and engaging presence to the stage and screen, inspiring audiences with her passion and knowledge. Her talk includes practical tools and techniques that anyone can use to make exercise a regular part of their life, no matter how busy or overwhelmed they may feel. Through humour, storytelling, and hands-on demonstrations, Lizzie will help your audience discover the joy and power of movement and how it can become a daily habit that transforms their mental health and overall well-being.

By attending Lizzie's keynote, your audience will walk away with the following:
- A deep understanding of the connection between movement and mental health and how small steps
can lead to significant changes.
- Practical tools and techniques for incorporating movement into their daily routine, even on the
busiest days.
- A newfound sense of motivation and inspiration to prioritise their mental well-being and make self-care a part of their daily routine.
- An appreciation for the transformative power of movement and the importance of making small,
sustainable changes for long-term success.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring Lizzie Williamson to your next event and help your audience discover
the transformative power of movement for mental health.
We had Lizzie at our conference to help with our focus on wellbeing and to keep people energised throughout the day. I wasn’t sure how the audience would react but they were up and out of their seats in no time. It’s not just the moves though - it’s how Lizzie explains why such simple (and joyous) movements and breathing techniques can completely change your energy throughout the day - something we can all use in the day-to-day stresses of life and work. NSW Department of Customer Service

Lizzie’s breaks really lifted the mood in a technical heavy conference.

The Tax Institute

Thank you Lizzie for your energy, passion and zing! It was just what we needed to lift the spirits, get energy and be reminded about the positives of moving every day for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Norgine Pharmaceutical

We have got such great feedback from people across the team who are feeling inspired and making some small changes in their daily lives. Such a massive win!


I really appreciate the deeply personal, caring way Lizzie works with our business.


Katherine delivers such a warm, insightful and immensely educational conversation. Professional, humorous. She lights up the room with her passion for educating people on inclusion and common sense social etiquette.

Northrup Consulting Engineers
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