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Empowering others with the vision to succeed


As one of Australia’s most prolific and prominent motivational speakers, Lorin Nicholson not only understands the keys and principles for success, he personifies them and has now shared this knowledge and experience in over 4000 keynote addresses to more than a million people across all industries from hospitality to mining, Health to finance, sales to technology and service to education.

Many have an incredible story to tell, however Lorin possesses that rare story telling ability that truly motivates, captivates, entertains and empowers others with the skills, knowledge and determination to create their own success. Unlike the usual, naturally gifted celebrity athlete, business person and motivational speakers who choose to become successful, Lorin was forced to dig deep, fight hard and muster every ounce of his will-power just to be normal.

At age four, Lorin was declared legally blind, however despite the enormous challenges of blindness growing up and the pessimistic views and low expectations of so many, it soon became obvious that Lorin possessed an incredible inner strength, resilience and determination that would see him destined for great things.

Whether focussed on becoming an academic achiever, a record breaking athlete, an award-winning music producer and virtuoso guitarist, or building a strong and successful business, amazingly, Lorin continues to surge on to achieve far above and beyond most abled people.

Lorin’s powerful messages, captivating delivery style and incredible guitar playing, coupled with his unrelenting determination through adversity and infectious enthusiasm for life always leaves an indelible imprint on the lives of everyone he meets. Whether it’s giving your team a motivational pep-up, or developing greater initiative, vision and leadership among your staff members, or refocusing your company’s direction and business positioning strategy, Lorin is renown for his profound ability to communicate, innovate and accelerate individuals and organisations towards higher achievement.

With an amazing story to tell, Lorin is real, completely engaging and absolutely inspirational!

Current work

As Australia’s most renowned blind musician and guitar player, Lorin is one of the countries highest selling independent artists, with five successful albums to his credit, as well as golden guitar finalist and winner of the 2015 record producer of the year award. He is also one of an elite few, invited to be a lead-line endorsee for the prestigious Martin & Co Guitar Company.

Lorin regularly features in many major newspapers, radio interviews and television news stories, including the Today Show, 60 Minutes and several appearances on Channel Nine’s Carols by Candlelight.

Previous experience

Bike: Creating Australian history, Lorin along with blind younger brother Dean, were the first blind persons to ride tandem pushbikes across Australia, in a four week epic journey covering over 4000km from Perth to Sydney.

Riding solo: With unrelenting grit and determination, Lorin ignored the negative talk from the naysayers and skeptics, when at age 16 he achieved the seemingly impossible, by riding a solo pushbike 275km over the third steepest mountain range in Australia, from Tamworth to Port Macquarie with less than 10% eye sight.

Talking Points

Choice and Attitude

Choice and attitude are fundamental principles that empowers each of us with the knowledge that you are always the one in control.

The 12 Keys of Success

#1: Choice and Attitude
Choice and attitude are fundamental principles that empowers each of us with the knowledge that you are always the one in control.

#2: Courage and Goal Setting
Be prepared to take a risk and do something you're passionate about! Visualise your goal, and then stick to it.

#3: Coping with Negativity and Peer Pressure
Sometimes the limitations imposed upon us by others can be a greater barrier than the limitation itself. Overcoming these can build confidence and self esteem.

#4: Expectations
What do we expect of ourselves and what do others expect of us?

#5: Adapt and Overcome
We all have unique challenges as well as strengths, so don't be afraid to look outside the circle and do things differently.

#6: Planning and Organisation
Success requires thought, and a step-by-step strategy. Think big, act small.

#7: Faith in the Unknown
Faith is a powerful built-in hope that drives each of us forward.

#8: Perseverance and Resilience
Anything worth doing requires effort and the ability to bounce back and keep going.

#9: Working Together
Building a strong and vibrant team, because believing in ourselves begins when others believe in us too.

#10: Everyday Heroes
Who are the real heroes in life? You don't need to be famous. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

#11: Climbing our own Mountain
The greatest challenge in life isn't with the person next to you, it's the challenge going on inside yourself.

#12: What is Real Success?
Look for meaningful goals in life and prioritise what is really important.
  • Disability
Thank you so much for your inspirational workshops at our school today. Our staff were moved to tears by your beautiful music and your stories of overcoming adversity as a blind child in school, through the support of your family and through sheer persistence. It reminded us all of why we are here as teachers, to make a difference in the lives of others, and you managed to do this powerfully in just half an hour. I had many teachers tell me that this was the best staff session we have ever had in our school. Equally as powerful were your presentations to the students and the workshops for our musicians. What a wonderful way to kick off our anti-bullying lessons with your message about looking after each other. Newport Public School NSW

Sometimes as we go through life we experience something extraordinary and special. It might be someone we meet, or someone who does us a kind favour. Today I had the privilege of meeting you and your father. You both stirred something inside me (and in all my staff I hasten to say). You enriched my life and my work. I thank you for sharing your life with all of us today.

Beecroft Public School NSW

Some people have a true gift that is matched by intellect and empathy. Lorin Nicholson uses every part of his nature. It is what makes him a compelling storyteller. Once you are walking in his shoes a lot of new thoughts open up. We are able to contemplate aspects of our own nature with a fresh honesty. We see the light. Lorin's courage in overcoming so many challenges and his eternal good temper make the lessons so much more valuable. I watched young and old people following every word, dwelling on the values he was sharing with us. Set this storytelling to music, with that gifted guitar playing and his true virtuosity, and you have a performance that is wonderfully original. No, better than that, Lorin Nicholson is a memorable human being.

Jeff McMullen, journalist, author and filmmaker

Lorin Nicholson is fast becoming one of Australia’s pre-eminent entertainers and motivational speakers. He has an imposing and unforgettable presence, and a musical ability that has attracted the genuine acclaim of critical experts. But more than that, Lorin is a decent bloke who personifies life's ideals, and unfailingly gifts an audience with something that is very special - an example of using the gifts that each of us has been given. He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact. He tells each of us "Don't die with the music in you''.

Tony Koch - Chief Reporter - The Australian Newspaper

Imagine walking onto a stage in front of 15,000 people. Its just you and your guitar. As the time draws near the sound of the audience turns to silence. The time has come and as he plays you can feel the emotion. The stadium fills with acceptance, hope and love....and there is a time when nothing else matters. I know because I saw it. Lorin Nicholson is truly an inspiration.

Adrian Dellevergin - Executive Producer/Director - NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA

Lorin and his wife were incredibly engaging and were able to encompass the room throughout the delivery. He was funny, smart and very affable. I would recommend him to any future clients.

Lorin Nicholson
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