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The foremost expert in the psychology of face-to-face engagement.

The power to be that one person who holds the room is within all of us.

Dr Louise Mahler is a speaker full of energy who engages her audience with useful, practical and highly relevant skills for Leaders in today’s world, she is hilarious while being authentic and real.

Following a career in Opera in Europe, Louise completed her awarded Business PhD, observing a missing ingredient in corporate leadership, an alignment of the mind-body-voice she calls the Stream of Confidence. By helping people to develop the skills behind each she is able to create discernible, positive change. Added to her understanding of the psychology behind high-stake engagements and the structures for handling emotion, these became the foundation of the Mahler Method, a program for leaders who wish to excel.

Mahler is an expert in body language, voice and emotion, with a PhD in business, and degrees and masters in Organisational Psychology as well as Music. Her skills as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming combine with her professional performance experience on the worldwide opera stage to give her a unique perspective on what presence and authority entail.

Talking Points

The Currency of Trust

If Trust is the Currency of Leadership Then Breath is the Currency of Trust.

Authenticity and trust are now inescapable. People demand them from financial institutions, from leaders, from evert one of their brands. Trust is fundamental to success.

And it does not evolve from simple integrity of mind. You have to create it and exude it.

The Ancient Romans divided trust in to systematic and interpersonal trust and it is the interpersonal trust that consumes us in this presentation where there is no replacement for excellence.

Dr Mahler takes no prisoners in her hilarious, interactive presentation that is full of practical takeaways for building credence and genuine authenticity.

In the new world, there will those who get it and achieve success and those that don’t. Get on board and be one that does.

The Confident Self

Who was that research I saw you with last night. That was no research. That was my life!

So many of us are seeking our passion, to live our dream and be our confident self.

As they say: ‘it is not what happens to you, it is what you make of it.’

Dr Mahler has followed a unique path. How do you move from a Maths Degree in Brisbane to a soloists contract at the Vienna State opera in Europe, to computer programming and a PhD in Business to help leaders with interpersonal communications internationally? How do you do that alone, with limited backing and a small baby on your hip?

Along the way she has met and worked with some of the most famous and interesting names of performance the 20th Century. She shared dinner with Peter Ustinov 16 times in Salzburg, met the Three Tenors, lived in John Paul Getty’s English mansion and held the Dame Elizabeth Schwarzkopf Walter Legge inaugural scholarship. She sets the bar high, extracts the essence and hits the road hard -and doesn’t stop. There are lessons of resilience, lessons of mental programming and an ever present desire for continual improvement and growth.

Mind the Gap

The Communications Futurist.

The future is steaming ahead on a track of continued digital innovation, but ‘mind the gap’! Between the fast moving juggernaut of digital change and the platform of human communication is an ever-widening fissure, driven by a growing need to convey complex messages and a widening chasm of interpersonal skills to inspire and engage.

We are genetically re-engineering our bodies and the question is whether that will be for better or worse. Dr Louise Mahler’s award winning PhD has made her a thought leader in the field of presence and influence globally. And it comes down to the most simple principles. How do you stand? How do you make sound? When does passion become aggression? And the never-ending questions “What do I do with my hands”?

Dr Mahler ponders that the new world with have movement, colour, an understanding around expressing empathy, and we may even learn how to express emotion! Do wonders never cease!


For Women in Business.

Diversity and inclusion are not achieved without encountering challenges head on. One of those challenges is the ever present in-visibility of those who are different.

Dr Mahler tells us that, yes, it does it exist and we are not only not seen, but also not heard and not allowed to make an impact. Accepting that fate, however, is a choice.

In this interactive keynote Dr Mahler encourages you to take active responsibility for your destiny. She breaks down the elements of becoming visible, audible and impactful and giving feedback to make lasting change.
This presentation is about breaking down the barriers, being clever about how you engage with hard conversations and giving of yourself without hesitation.

It’s about the five key barriers to visibility and how you take responsibility for removing them.

Workshop: Hard Chat

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

There is no such thing as a difficult person, just difficult situations.

Dr Mahler’s unique workshop is described as practical GOLD when it comes to understanding what is going on, what skills we call into play and what the structures of engagement are available to us.

This unique program defines algorthims of behaviour for 5 levels of emotional interaction from zero to ‘calling the police’.

For every situation from media to the boardroom and corridor interactions, the program covers your process, the words you say and do not say, the eye movement, gestures and body positioning.

No stone is left unturned in what is a highly practical program that is immediately implementable and extremely effective.

Workshop: Presentations that Influence

Duration: 1-3 hours

The amateur practices until they get it right. The professional practices until they can’t get it wrong.

What eludes most of us is the need for single clear message that is presented creatively to capture and engage everyone around us.

Dr Mahler drives home the need for a message and then architecturally designs the space and engagement for hypnotic effect.

As they say in the song “It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it” and in this program you learn exactly what that means - from the master.

Executive Traning: Presence and Influence with Dr Louise Mahler

Duration: This introductory session can be presented in a session of 3 hours duration to impart the skills and processes and apply them to tailored scenarios specific to the attendees.

Dr Mahler’s program includes theory and interaction, based around winning the hearts and minds of those around you with the following outcomes:
- Analysis of individual body, mind and voice patters under stress
- Processes for handling the various communication opportunities
These sessions are customized to address the typical engagement scenarios faced by the team.
Brilliant. First time ever that the whole audience gave the highest score possible. Some even doubled it! The conversation continued throughout the conference showing how much they all took away AND they enjoyed every minute. Everyone wants Louise back again. Marilyn Mancini Business Managers

Wow - We could not have asked for a more perfect start to our Conference! I’ve never seen an audience participate with such enthusiasm and then carry on the techniques they learnt on day one throughout the entire conference!


You were brilliant and we all walked away with valuable skills. But even more importantly, everyone to a person remarked how wonderful it was to have a good belly laugh.

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