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Global Expert in Sustainable, Circular, Regenerative Fashion

Nature holds the solutions to climate change, even in the fashion industry.

Lucianne Tonti is the fashion editor of The Saturday Paper, the sustainability editor for Elle Australia and a regular contributor to The Guardian where she writes the weekly series Closet Clinic. Her award-winning book Sundressed: Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion was published in 2022.

While living in Paris and London, she worked with some of the most talented creative directors in the world. In 2019 she founded a sustainable fashion agency in Paris, during the pandemic this transformed into Prelude, a website that was described by Vogue as “paving the way for a slower, gentler fashion industry.”

Lucianne is internationally recognized as an investigative fashion journalist and commentator. She has spoken about the future of the industry in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.

Her work is focused on providing hopeful, nature-based solutions to complex problems while holding the industry to account. Her writing also appears in Australian Vogue and The Sydney Morning Herald and she is a regular guest on ABC radio.

Talking Points

The future of sustainable fashion

Lucianne will present on sustainability related to the fashion industry, including regenerative agriculture and natural fibres as a solution to fashion’s carbon footprint. She will delve into the issues with building circular supply chains and the most promising innovations globally.

How to build a sustainable, minimalist wardrobe

Lucianne will present on the key pillars of a sustainable wardrobe from how to develop your personal style, to how to choose high quality garments and what fabrics are the most sustainable.

How to care for your clothes

Lucianne talks about how to properly care for garments from stain removal to small repairs and how to speak to your tailor.

Is fast fashion ruining op shops? The ugly truth about the clothes you donate

Lucianne offers insights into the truth about what happens to old clothes when you donate them to op-shop, how many of them end up in the developing world, and how many are actually getting recycled. And what can be done to change things.

Nature holds the solutions to our most complex problems

Lucianne will deliver an inspiring, heartfelt speech about how natural systems hold the answers to climate change's most pressing dilemmas, including in the fashion industry. From supply chains, to forest systems, regenerative agriculture and circularity.
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