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Young Inventor, Award Winning STEM Leader and 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year.


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If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

Macinley Butson is one of Australia’s foremost young inventors who is devoted to improving the world through STEM and, being an inspirational voice to youth and industry urging them to work towards solutions for global challenges by asking big questions.

Internationally recognised for their scientific and engineering endeavours, Macinley has developed many devices which have aided humanity across a number of sectors including, cancer treatment, water sanitation and, renewable energy. Believing there is no better investment than in people, Macinley equally fosters this curiosity in other students and industry motivating them as a role models and constantly encouraging exploration.

Current work:

Macinley is the co-founder of Passionately Curious, a not-for-profit that exists to provide students with equal access to STEM in order to improve the diversity of tomorrow’s STEM community, today.

Recognised as one of Australia’s top young scientists, Macinley is a passionate ambassador for STEM education, their work is focused on increasing representation for marginalised groups and youth engagement in STEM. Alongside studying at university, Macinley brings a personal understanding when speaking to students encouraging the pursuit of STEM and their own curiosity.

Macinley is an international award-winning inventor, being the first Australian to place 1st at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Translational Medicine and, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize presented by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. They still avidly invent, continuing to give back through their practical approach to research and product development.

Recognised as the 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year, Macinley is a sought-after speaker for students and corporate audiences alike, providing a unique and fresh perspective by asking thought-proving questions and challenging current perceptions by forging new paths.

Previous Experience:

Speaking: Macinley has extensive experience speaking, delivering a TEDxYouth@Sydney talk when they were only 16 years old. They have also given workshops to students, provided professional development for teachers, advised at government conferences and widely spoken to industry regarding their personal stories and further inclusion of young generations in the new world.

Macinley has worked with companies such as YouTube, Lenovo, Nintendo, Samsung and Acer reaching and inspiring all those who hear their story. Additionally, they were one of 80 people chosen globally to attend the Research Science Institute, where they performed research alongside professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Awards and Accolades: The past couple of years have been especially significant for Macinley, being recognised as the 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year, InStyle 2019 Woman of Style and Next-Gen Award, 2019 Marie Claire Glass Ceiling Awards Future Shaper, 2019 Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Innovation and Technology Recipient and placed in the 2018 Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence.

Talking Points

From Seven to STEM

Growing up, Macinley may not have known of 'STEM' but was certainly familiar with the word why. This simple question shaped their childhood, as inventing became an integral part of life and their passion for STEM grew as they did. Follow Macinley's journey as they recount how one goes from first developing a pair of sunglasses at age 7, to inventing a device to improve radiotherapy breast cancer treatment when they were only 16.

Driven by a natural curiosity and with more than 6 devices under their belt from a diverse range of scientific areas, Macinley describes their experiences in failure, perseverance and pushing boundaries. In the midst of the Information Age and digital revolutions, Macinley advises how we can better utilise our resources in order to advance STEM and improve our world together.

As an advocate for gender diversity and youth representation, Macinley's presentation also explores current perceptions of STEM and young generations, challenging what is currently considered possible in our world and leaving the audience inspired to be the change they want to see.

Being Informed in ‘The Information Age’

In a world of overwhelming information, this powerful resource has the potential to shape the future and growing up with the world literally at their fingertips; young generations are in a prime position to do so.

Research comes second nature to Macinley as they have been inventing much of their life, allowing them to make advancements in STEM which have challenged previous perceptions of truth.

Macinley describes the growing dependence on STEM and advises how we must position ourselves for the future, by questioning data we are exposed to daily.

Explaining how modern factors such as social media and informal learning are becoming increasingly influential, Macinley also prompts reflection on what we each blindly accept as truth.

Aligning with the scientific method, audiences will end up with more questions than answers and can be sure to be thinking long after the presentation concludes.

5 Steps to NOT Overnight Success

A wave of critical thinking has stormed the world, and many developers have credited the process coined Design Thinking' for much of their success. A unique approach to tackling our challenges, it has the potential to unlock new secrets and global advancements throughout many sectors.

Be taken through the fundamentals of Design Thinking, as Macinley shares their personal experiences and how this process is intertwined with their work. Macinley has often utilised this practical method as they find it allows for scientific creativity to be combined with technological development innovatively, whilst maintaining empathy for humanity throughout all work.

Audiences will explore cognitive concepts involved in Design Thinking, which expand opportunities for innovation and be encouraged to pursue this line of thinking in their daily and work life.

Who is this for: this can be delivered as either a speech or workshop and tailored to suit schools or corporate.
It has been my great pleasure to work with Macinley in publicising the new HSC Extension course. She was a wonderful person to have in front of the camera; her confident, independent and friendly manner is an asset to her. Macinley has been awarded NSW Young Australian of the Year 2018 in celebration of her ongoing achievements in Science and Technology. These achievements have spanned more than a decade and I have witnessed Macinley receive many awards for her efforts. Macinley has a long career ahead of her not only in scientific work but also as an ambassador and role model for women in STEM. I wish her the very best in the future. NSW Education Standards Authority

Macinley is a rare breath of fresh air and has a natural talent for connecting with the audience. An engaging storyteller with an innate ability to read the room and inspire important ideas that lead to necessary conversations and considerations for our future. The entire room was blown away by Macinley’s clarity, wisdom, intelligence and achievements. I hope to have another opportunity to work together soon.


Macinley Butson is a confident and engaging speaker. We received so much positive feedback not only on her presentation and the amazing things she is doing in the world of STEM for women and girls but also her infectious enthusiasm left many of our audience wanting more.

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Let's talk, enquire with Nina now

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Senior Consultant

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