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& Rosanne Stuart

World’s first successful professional adult model with Down syndrome.

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Rosanne Stuart is one determined fighter. She’s had to be. Ever since her only child Madeline was born 22 years ago with Down syndrome, she has faced prejudice and many battles to raise her daughter to be the best version of herself. Now, Madeline is the world’s first successful professional adult model with Down syndrome.

A gifted public speaker, Rosanne now creates awareness that people with disabilities like Madeline can still achieve their dreams. She says, “I want to create more community awareness and acceptance, to change the stigma about people with disabilities in society. The more you see something, the more you become accustomed to it, which is why I think it’s fantastic that Madeline has become such a well-known public figure.”

Current work:

Madeline and Rosanne are advocates for inclusivity and diversity, not just on the runway but throughout society. They advocate to change the stigma attached to disability.


Roseanne recalls when Madeline was first born, saying, “The doctor told me she would never achieve anything or mature mentally past a seven-year-old. He told me how ‘hopeless’ the situation was and how I had ‘options.’”

Fast- forward to a day in 2014 when Madeline and Rosanne saw a fashion show at the local fair together. After seeing the models on the runway, Madeline suddenly turned to her mother and said, “Mum, me model!” Since then, the pair embarked on a health and fitness journey.

A few months later, Madeline lost an incredible 20kg and had her first photo shoot done. Rosanne created a ‘public figure’ Facebook page and put the photographs on the internet. The pictures received 100,000 likes and over seven million views in just one week. From there her career took off.

Madeline has since featured in major campaigns, international fashion shows, including the past seven seasons at New York Fashion Week, magazine editorials and countless TV appearances. Her success has been nothing short of remarkable.

“She’s so professional, understands it’s a job and is serious about it. She loves the catwalk and having her picture taken,” says Rosanne.

Talking Points

Early Life

Rosanne speaks about what it was like when Madeline was born, and how she reacted to the news of Madeline having Down syndrome. She recounts what it was like when she found out Madeline required Open Heart Surgery soon after her birth, and the ups and downs of being a single mum.

Madeline’s weight loss journey

Rosanne speaks briefly about the reason why Madeline decided to lose weight, how it impacted her life and why it’s important to share Madeline’s weight loss journey with others.

Madeline’s career

Rosanne speaks about how Madeline’s career began, what it was like to ‘go viral’, the ways it has changed their lives, and why they continue to do it. They speak about modelling in New York, London and Paris. Here they also touch on the message of diversity and inclusion that they are spreading while travelling the world.

Rosanne’s work life/other businesses

Rosanne speaks briefly about her building surveying business, their dance company and 21 Reasons.

Rosanne as Madeline’s manager

Rosanne speaks about how she has played the role of both mother and manager to Rosanne. She goes into detail about how this relationship has worked and the difficulties she has faced playing both roles.

Difficulties/barriers they have overcome

Madeline and Rosanne take the audience on a journey through some of the obstacles they have faced within the industry, and what they have done to overcome them. They speak about the ups and downs and take you through some of their most memorable and rewarding experiences so far.

Madeline’s achievements

Rosanne and Madeline speak about some of the world firsts Madeline has achieved, and how this has paved the way for others to follow in her footsteps.


Rosanne briefly speaks about parenting children with disabilities. She speaks about her experience and gives advice on not holding your child back because of your own fear.

Future goals and plans

Rosanne speaks about what she and Madeline have in store for the future, and how they plan to continue their journey of advocacy on a much larger scale.
It was a very inspirational meeting Madeline and Roseanne the amazing, strong woman behind her. I couldn't wait to talk to my daughter about Madeline's journey. Delegate, AHRI International Women's Day Event 2019

Hearing from Madeline and Roseanne was very inspiring. I thought it was a very beautiful but powerful message.

Delegate, AHRI International Women's Day Event 2019

Excellent and uplifting session. Exceeded my expectations and gave me a perspective and learning around the power of diversity and its link to inclusion.

Delegate, AHRI International Women's Day Event 2019
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