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Empowering Teenage Girls to Become Unstoppable Women


Mandy Kota is the CEO & Founder of Flourish Girl. Flourish Girl is a preventative mental health program for teenage girls. They currently deliver their programs in schools and run mother-daughter programs across Australia. Mandy is an ex-speech pathologist, TEDx Speaker, Model and an Australian Accredited Facilitator.

Current Work

She recently became named as 2018's Young Social Pioneer from The Foundation for Young Australians. Mandy is the firstsenior female facilitator at The Rites of Passage Institute and is paving the way for their school programs for teenage girls.

Mandy worked alongside leading youth experts such as Hunter Johnson and Dr Arne Rubinstein and within youth-led organisations such as Game Changers Australia and Little Dreamers Australia. To date, Mandy has worked with over 2000 young people across Australia to educate and provide preventative mental health tools for their current and future emotional wellbeing.

Mandy also recently became a model with an aim to bring more cultural diversity into the industry. She hopes to use it as a platform to empower girls, helping them to realise that they don't need to take their clothes off to feel empowered. She has seen become the face of big brands including Supre.

Previous Experience

Speech Pathology: Mandy's passion originated from being a speech pathologist, where she empowered children with a range of communication disorders to find their voice. Towards the end of 2016, Mandy found that the rate of depression, anxiety and eating disorders amongst teenage girls were on a rise. It was in that moment that she found herself shifting her passion and focus towards giving teenage girls a voice and space to become all they can be.

Talking Points

The Hidden Life of a Teenage Girl

After working with 1000s of teenage across Australia. Mandy is going to break down the main insights that girls have when it comes to building their self-confidence, navigating body image, social media and identity issues and creating healthy friendships and relationships, Mandy is bridging the gap between what teenage girls really need by communicating to their respective communities (educators, parents etc) around what they really need to feel empowered.

Diversity in Colour

Growing up an Australian Sri-Lankan in Sydney, I share my personal experiences from shaming to finally embracing my culture. This will allow people to question, enquiry further and create a deeper sense of cultural identity

Define Beauty on Your Terms 

In today's world, we are surrounded by the typical standards of beauty - white, thin, blonde hair etc. I share my journey from being a woman of colour entering the modeling industry. I share how I've created my own criteria of what it means to be beautiful and I make healthy decisions that align with my values. People will leave this feeling empowered to not follow the crowd and make decisions that make up who you are and not what people want of you.

How to Best Support your Teenage Daughter During COVID-19

How to Best Support your Students while they learn online

The COVID-19 Flourish Girl Wellbeing Program

Right now is a really tough and unsettling time for teenage girls. With social isolation and mental health issues on the rise, how can we empower our girls to build the social and emotional tools they need to flourish at home during this season of life?!


The COVID-19 Flourish Girl Wellbeing Program is a program that will allow teenage girls to:

- Share deeply their personal concerns around COVID-19
- Learn how to build more trust & safety with their friends, family and teachers
- Develop the social and emotional tools they need to work through this time of crisis
- Create a vision of the young women they want to be during this time.
- Create a support action plan of what they need from their family, friends & teachers right now.

What’s does this look like?

- A 90 min interactive online session for the teenage girls, which will be facilitated by our highly trained, relatable and passionate Flourish Girl Facilitators. *Multiple sessions may be required dependent on the number of students in each year level.

- 60 min training for parents on how to best support their teenage daughter during COVID-19.

- 60 min training for teachers on how to best support their students online.

Harness your feminine power in your leadership

Celebrating the power of feminine energy and bringing this more into leading different areas of our lives. This talk will allow you to take away key insights, such as:

- The pathway to harnessing and leading with your feminine power
- Busting the myths that masculine traits lead to success
- Becoming a woman of influence in your industry.
- Embracing community over competition.

Live a Purpose-Driven Life

In this keynote Mandy shares her story of how she left my old career as a paediatric speech pathologist to start an organisation that focuses on empowering the next generation of female leaders, Flourish Girl. Here you learn how to:

- De-clutter the roadblocks to activating your purpose
- Dive deeper into your relationship with self
- Eliminate imposter syndrome and chase your dreams
- Letting go of your inner critical voices.
Mandy is highly professional, insightful and a dynamic speaker who was able to harness the power of women truly supporting each other to face their own individual challenges. As a Psychologist anda mother, I highly recommend her. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share this experience with my teenage daughter and am very grateful for the positive impact it has had on our mother-daughter relationship. Rachel, Mother of a Teenage Girl

I know how to be a better version of myself now after being with Mandy. I can't thank you enough!

Maddi, Year 8 Teenage Girl
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