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Live & Lead with Courage


Dr Margie Warrell is a global authority on courage and unlocking the potential that fear holds dormant - in individuals and organizations.

A 5x bestselling author, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry and keynote speaker, Marge combines her diverse international business experience, doctoral research and contagious passion to deliver transformative programs that ignite purpose and accelerate growth.

Current Work:

Since growing up in rural Australia, Margie has walked her ‘live brave’ talk countless times, living in multiple countries around the world from PNG to Singapore. Now based in Washington D.C., Margie is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree, Forbes columnist, media commentator (CNN, WSJ, Today Show) and sits on the Forbes School of Business and Technology advisory board. Her clients include Salesforce, Google, Amazon, NASA, Dell, Oracle, United Nations Foundation.

An avid hiker, amateur barista and advocate for women in leadership, Margie recently summited Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and four children. Her insights on embracing uncertainty and de-risking failure have never been more relevant or required.

Talking Points

Brave Leadership

How exceptional leaders harness the potential in themselves and others

Empower your leaders with a deeper sense of purpose, passion, courage and confidence. Drawing on the latest research in leadership and neuroscience, plus interviews with some of the world’s most respected change makers, Margie will get to the heart of what undermines leadership effectiveness, sharing science-based strategies to:
- Engage people around a compelling ‘Why’ that taps ingenuity and counters anxiety
- Foster a ‘risk-ready’ growth mindset to thrive under pressure and fail forward faster
- Identify blind spots that undermine effective decision making
- Embrace vulnerability to engage in the crucial conversations too often avoided

Make Your Mark

Finding the courage to pursue the boldest vision for your life
One of the key regrets of the dying is that they lived too safe and risked too little. In this inspiring keynote, Margie will draw on her diverse life experiences and hard won wisdom to inspire your audience to take action to live bigger, braver and more meaningful lives.
- Power and presence: Align your language, focus and physiology to bring your best self to your biggest challenges
- Three questions to discover your ‘Why’ and live on purpose
- Quiet your inner critic and get comfortable being uncomfortable
- Upgrade your mental maps to get back ‘on course’
- Forget perfect: How to get off your own back and begin anew

Brave Women Rising

For women who want to do more & be more but too often doubt they can

Despite the compelling case to have more women seated at decision-making tables, too few still are. The reasons for the ‘leaky pipeline’ are many and the solutions complex, yet one thing is certain: empowering women to challenge gender norms and step into their power as change makers is not just the right thing to do, it’s commercially smart. Margie will draw on her PhD research and personal experiences of challenging gender norms to provide strategies to:

- Align the three fundamentals of power to speak with impact, power and presence
- Embrace authentic leadership to counter gender bias and double-binds
- Identify your blind spots that fuel imposter syndrome and perpetuate self-doubt
- Sponsors and mentors: diversifying your network to open crucial doors
- Elevate the sisterhood: amplify the collective female voice

You've Got This! Take the Lead, Stop doubting, Start Daring and Take the Lead the Charge on Change.

No one is immune to fear. Yet too often those who have the ability to lead change - for themselves and others - let their doubts call the shots driving them to second guess their decisions, underestimate their abilities and hold back from taking the actions that will produce better outcomes and bigger possibilities.

Drawing on the latest research as well as Margie’s extensive global experience emboldening leaders to trust themselves more deeply and doubt themselves less often, this keynote will amplify the impact of your employees as change-agents - in their teams, organizations, and beyond. Attendees with learn proven strategies to:

- Dispute self-limiting doubts and combat imposter syndrome
- Build confidence by embracing discomfort as a pre-requisite for success
- Stay grounded amid uncertainty and harness emotional contagions to spread calm and can-do optimism
- Connect more authentically and build stronger, high-trust relationships- Play from one’s strengths and thrive under pressure
- Create rituals that build resilience to stay on purpose, thrive under pressure and fail forward faster

The Resilience Advantage

Expand ‘bandwidth’ to thrive under pressure & amid uncertainty

Resilience isn’t we have, it’s what we do. Responding to challenges with greater resiliency in ways that foster creativity, maintain optimism and promote self-efficacy is vital to mental wellbeing and securing a competitive edge.
- Disrupt default ‘fight or flight’ response to keep anxiety at bay and
- Embed ‘resilience rituals’ into daily routines to bring their ‘best selves’ to work
- Harness emotional contagion to spread calm and ‘can-do’ optimism
- Play from strengths to build self-trust, beat self-doubt and thrive under pressure
- Harness neuro-linguistics to rechannel stress in positive ways

Leading Through Disruption

A leader’s ability to bring out the best in others under pressure is proportional to their ability to lead themselves. Empower your leaders with practical strategies to keep remote teams engaged, solution
focused, and leveraging their individual and collective strengths.

- Master the 3 Cs of remote leadership - clarity, communication, connection
- Stay grounded in ‘self-certainty’, role modelling behaviors they seek to encourage
- Make better decisions, amid uncertainty, unconstrained by past paradigms
- Identify the blind spots that undermine leadership effectiveness
- Foster a ‘culture of courage’ that fosters innovation and fuels passionate engagement

Courageous Connection

People perform at their best when they feel connected, included, empowered and appreciated. When unable to come together physically, maintaining a strong sense of connection and shared purpose becomes mission critical.

- Understand the DNA of effective communication and human connection
- Bridge silos and get everyone pulling behind the same mission
- Listen beyond spoken concerns to address conflict and build collaboration
- Engage in critical conversations in ways that build trust, erode silos, foster ingenuity
- Build a culture of accountability and manage conflicting commitments
Margie sets herself apart with a powerful and inspiring message, paired with her energetic, down-to-earth, and disarming delivery. Inviting her to speak here at the United Nations Foundation helped me bolster my personal vision for a candid, collaborative, and forward-leaning workplace. Margie reminds us about the hidden costs of inaction while offering a refreshing and realistic perspective on how we can challenge ourselves and others to be more courageous, take more risks, and find more success. Feedback from her program was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. We would welcome her back any time! Kathy Calvin, President & CEO, The United Nations Foundation, Washington DC

I’ve been meaning to write to thank you very much for your wonderful presentation. The room were highly engaged and the content was relevant to both genders. I know we will be reaping the positive rewards from this event and your words of wisdom for a long time!! I often hear around the office, when someone is delaying doing something, “now come on, be courageous” Thank you very much for delivering perfectly what we discussed and giving the team the courage and push they needed to be brave.

Senior Marketing Manager, Illumina

Margie facilitated an outstanding program with my Asia Pacific leadership team. She connected immediately and had everyone fully engaged and participating. Even the skeptics in my team were very impressed with her approach and style and we all left inspired to execute action plans to improve their leadership effectiveness. I recommend Margie to any company seeking to up the ante on their leadership capability.


Margie is a true expert in her field who immediately captivates an audience.

Marriott International

Margie is a truly sensational speaker. She had our audience hanging off her every word - her thought provoking, engaging and professional presentation style along with her unique ability to be down to earth was truely refreshing and motivating. I would recommend Margie as a keynote speaker anytime.”


Margie’s keynote on creating a culture of courage was dynamic, passionate and thought provoking. The feedback from our top 100 leaders was overwhelmingly positive. We will all go forward a little bolder and braver than before!


Margie’s insights and ability to deliver thought-provoking and empowering sessions for leaders of all levels from diverse backgrounds is impressive. I've since engaged Margie for many leadership events, always with incredible feedback.


If you are looking for a powerful yet practical message to inspire our team to take action, Margie is the speaker for you! The audience feels the positive and personal message she delivers with credibility as a best-selling author and global leadership authority. She is also a joy to work with!

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