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The man behind the talent.

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Mark Dobson will masterfully engage your audience as he delivers high-performance insight and strategies customised to your briefing.

Even before COVID hit, Mark was already migrating his CEO and Executive clients to leadership models that would work for remote teams.

Current Work:

Mark guided CBA’s Third Party Banking conference to go virtual six months before COVID and it took their broker audience from 700 to 12,000 for 15% of the cost of their previous model. When COVID did hit, CBA Third Party Banking was light years ahead of the industry.

“In our data we also noticed higher engagement scores and higher productivity as a result of not having to travel for the event.”

Adam Croucher CEO - CBA Third Party Banking

For several government departments, through COVID disruption, Mark has been facilitating multi-day online conferences that navigate complex discussion around departmental vision, purpose, culture and strategy. These conferences have 60+ senior leaders attending, utilising Zoom and Mural for engagement. All feedback is that participants aren’t at all tired at the end and that Mark’s energy, coaching and models are invaluable.

In the peak of lockdown, Mark was regularly presenting to audiences of 1500 to 4000, using his experience of leading remote teams to effectively deliver quality content with high engagement.

His invention of The Micro Library - concise business strategy training videos for teams - both pivoted his own business and resourced leaders to coach, train and align their remote teams within a few minutes of recognising a problem. The Micro Library model is so efficient and effective that it is a brilliant option for companies that are fast-moving or have a reduced annual training budget since COVID.

Mark really, truly understands how elite performance and leadership intersect. He has been an advisor to elite performers for 20 years across the fields of sport and business.

Athletes under his guidance have won medals in three Olympics, two Winter X Games, multiple World Championships, and have broken seven World Records. He has been a trusted advisor to CEOs and Executives at NAB, Specialized Bicycles, CBA, Melbourne Festival, FleetPartners, The Practice and to over 100 SMEs as well as the Australian Swimming Coach Ian Pope and in turn his swimmers Grant Hackett, Matt Targett, Marieke Guehrer and others. He has delivered keynotes to companies such as Toyota, P&O, Canon, Phonak, ProLoan and Leagues Clubs.

When Mark presents at your company he brings wisdom of how to implement high-performance theory into practical situations and he will apply it specifically to your audience's situation.

Oh.. and he is quite funny. But don’t tell him we said that.

Talking Points

The Four KPI’s That Create Elite Teams And Cultures

The qualities that create an elite team and culture are often overcomplicated. The truth is there are just four qualities that make an elite community and they cost nothing to implement, take next to no effort to do, they get immediate impact and they will go viral through any organisation. Yes… they go viral.

Once again you will be disarmed by the effectiveness, elegance and simplicity of Dobbo’s approach. His four KPI’s are so simple and so addictive that once people recognise how much better it makes their life, they can’t stop doing them.
This presentation outlines those four KPI’s and how they thread them into your existing business systems and culture.

Get Your People Thinking Like A Start Up

People fit into two categories, they are either great with implementing Method or they are great at Starting something. For centuries we hired and designed business around method people and their job was to implement the established systems in the business.

Then practically overnight business and the world changed. Those same method employees are now asked to be starters. To innovate, problem solve, go to the customer, break down silos, collaborate, think big and embrace change. This is not in their nature and they will not be able to think like a starter until you teach them how to be as agile as your business needs them.

Finding A Way To The Seemingly Impossible

Motivation in people increases and decreases relative to how clearly they can see ‘how’ they can make their goal happen. To increase drive and the likelihood of success the primary skill required is the ability to critically assess and invent strategy. We need to understand how things work so we can recognise which levers to pull to get a result. When people can ‘see a way’ they get motivated.

Hitting sales targets, implementing new business plans, meeting deadlines, winning pitches and brilliant leadership are all the result of strategy above drive.

In this presentation Dobbo will walk you through how a world-class strategist navigates obstacle to achieve an outcome. You will be rejuvenated by the endless library of strategies and how applicable they are to your present goals.

7 Conversations For Liberating Dormant Talent

After 25 years advising elite performers around the world, Dobbo has found that there are just seven conversations that ever need to happen to unlock what someone is truly capable of.

No confrontation required, no tough love, no calling out someone’s attitude and no clichés. Instead you will fall in love with the genius, elegance and simplicity of these conversations; quickly discovering that you too can now unlock the ability you see in your people, with less effort and more impact.

This is a master class in liberating the talent in yourself, your team and the people you love.

Bridging Silos to Meet More of Your Customer’s Needs

Organisations that have multiple divisions, all operating as business silos, miss huge opportunities to both serve the customer and grow the business as a whole.

Delivering more services to established customers is one of the most commercially viable business strategies as it has the most immediate return on investment while creating an even happier customer.
In this presentation Mark offers tools for both leaders and/or frontline service providers, for increasing the synergy between silos and personal performance.
Including but not limited to:
- Recognising your specific role in bridging silos
- Dissolving the tension
- Creating and leading a ‘team’ relationship between divisions
- Working together even with differing KPI’s
- Moving mindset from ‘admin burden’ to ‘customer service’
- Successful hand over and introductions (even to a bad team)
- Managing time so there is space for service & synergy

You will find Mark’s strategies highly practical, quickly adopted by the audience and alive in the organisation for years to come. Best of all, they can be acted on imeadiatly without major systems overhaul.

How to lead and hit sales targets in a COVID climate

We all know the market is stuffed, but those focused on the impossibility won’t win. The way through is blind obsession on your outcome.
The path to sales success at the moment is:
- Zero empathy for your position - we know it’s stuffed for you, it is stuffed for everyone, the game is who can get through how stuffed it is.
- Make a financial case for your product or a version of it - if it can still make people money or save them money they will buy.
- Data! You need data to make your case. And you need better data than your customer has. You need to show them something they didn’t realise.
- Anticipate that your customer will need to hear your pitch four or more times before they register the value you are proposing - they are in a routine and won’t see your vision initially.
- Remember that everyone is accessible at the moment - video calls make the sales process faster than it’s ever been. So, make that call.

Apply these sales insights to your business, and many more, when Mark shares with you how his community of elite sales performers go about their craft and win.
Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance. Australian Olympic Swimming Coach

Mark's way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with clear fix to the problem. In my view it is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of its kind.

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