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The man behind the talent.

Elite talents don’t want 'training’. They want to bounce ideas off other smart people

Mark Dobson has been called a confidant. A mentor. An advisor. A coach. He has cracked open the talent of over 100 freak performers, in every field imaginable. He is the first person his clients call before their toughest moments … and after their greatest triumphs.

• What do you say when an executive, responsible for billion-dollar deals and thousands of staff, asks you what he should do next?

• What do you say to a sales team that’s missing its targets six months before the company floats?

• What do you say when asked to fast-track hundreds of students by two academic years?

• What do you say when an athlete is about to swim a final, knowing this is their one chance and 30 million people are watching?

• What do you tell someone who’s just been asked to memorise the Sydney Yellow Pages?

Dobbo is the man the experts call when they don’t have the answers. In these and countless other situations, Dobbo has stepped into the breach when a solution was almost impossible to imagine. He has steered individuals, teams, and companies to success. His work has been praised by CEOs, celebrities, innovators, the media, and the intellectual and cultural elite, including Bill and Melinda Gates and President Barack Obama.


Athletes under Mark’s guidance have won medals in three Olympics, two Winter X-Games, multiple World Championships, and have broken seven world records. His corporate clients such as the ‘big four’ banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, Specialized, and FleetPartners have seen company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results. As founder of the One to Ten Business Club and The One Hundred Talent Pool, Mark is connecting high-performing organisations with the partners they need.

With a toolkit of strategies as applicable to the boardroom as the starting blocks, mark has become one of Australia’s pre-eminent trend spotters for success, and a go-to strategist for anyone serious about fulfilling their ambitions. His strategies ignite personal and professional growth in any setting.

With Dobbo, success is only a conversation away

Talking Points

The Four KPI’s That Create Elite Teams And Cultures

The qualities that create an elite team and culture are often overcomplicated. The truth is there are just four qualities that make an elite community and they cost nothing to implement, take next to no effort to do, they get immediate impact and they will go viral through any organisation. Yes… they go viral.

Once again you will be disarmed by the effectiveness, elegance and simplicity of Dobbo’s approach. His four KPI’s are so simple and so addictive that once people recognise how much better it makes their life, they can’t stop doing them.
This presentation outlines those four KPI’s and how they thread them into your existing business systems and culture.

Bridging Silos to Meet More of Your Customer’s Needs

Organisations that have multiple divisions, all operating as business silos, miss huge opportunities to both serve the customer and grow the business as a whole.

Delivering more services to established customers is one of the most commercially viable business strategies as it has the most immediate return on investment while creating an even happier customer.
In this presentation Mark offers tools for both leaders and/or frontline service providers, for increasing the synergy between silos and personal performance.
Including but not limited to:
- Recognising your specific role in bridging silos
- Dissolving the tension
- Creating and leading a ‘team’ relationship between divisions
- Working together even with differing KPI’s
- Moving mindset from ‘admin burden’ to ‘customer service’
- Successful hand over and introductions (even to a bad team)
- Managing time so there is space for service & synergy

You will find Mark’s strategies highly practical, quickly adopted by the audience and alive in the organisation for years to come. Best of all, they can be acted on imeadiatly without major systems overhaul.

Time Rich - Let me give you the one thing you can’t buy more of; time.

I can’t change you and I can’t reduce all you have to juggle, but I can show you how to get your diary back on your terms. I can show you how to be more potent, more productive and have more down time in a world that is just getting crazier. I can show you how to be rich with time and live at a pace that you choose.

Real teams have less meetings - The 4 KPI’s that liberate your team and leadership

Real teams achieve things quickly, with fewer meetings, almost no trivial conflict and less communication rather than more. If you want to create a team like this there are just 4 things to measure and lead. They are so effective that they cost no money to implement, take less time than you are using no and they are so addictive that they will go viral in your organisation… without you driving them. Yep.

Above the Shoulders - How to have your head in the game when it matters most.

Some days it is ok to be off your game; you will be able to bluff your way through and no one will notice. However, there are other days that if you do not nail it, people won’t eat. Bluffing won’t be enough. You need to be mentally sharp, five steps ahead of what is going on and in the zone. I can show you how to do that, every time you need to.

How being candid will fast track your people’s ability by two full years

For 20 years I have lifted people’s ability to the next level (see bio). It does not require the client starts at an elite level, nor does it require loads of time. It requires absolute clarity in defining the steps to climb; A Performance Ladder. A Performance Ladder takes about 45minutes to set up. Then a 45 minute conversation with your employee or team, followed with a coffee chat at intervals that suit you into the future. This is how I guided athletes to seven world records and had President Obama acknowledge the fast-tracking program we set up in New York. It’s a formula any one can use.

No Script Keynote

A smart audience doesn’t want a generic, rehearsed presentation designed to please the masses; they want to bounce ideas with other smart people. They want to be in a dialogue that engages what is on their mind, today. Tell me about your delegates, let me meet a few on the day of the presentation and then give me the mic. I will customise to their exact needs and they will thank you for it.

Sustaining Long Periods of Success

When you achieve uncommon success, you also have uncommon problems; how do we remain hungry and elite after years of excellence? This is an ongoing conversation I have with many clients of mine who have dominated decades in their field. Grant Hackett, for instance, won 56 international medals over ten years. I can share with you the strategies that allowed that sort of longevity and excellence, and how you can execute them in your field.

Mindset Tools For Being At Your Best And Happiest

For someone to deliver their best on the world stage, they have to know how to access their happiness and resilience whenever they need it. To help my athletes and CEO’s achieve this, I created a very simple mental tool called Best Day Thinking. It is simple way of taking your mind from fear, to both your joy and strongest self, fast. And it does it in a way that gives you both control and confidence. Further, it is so easy that anyone can do it and enjoy the benefits of it. Whether you want to access your happiness, resilience or personal best at work, with your family, at an important moment or on a bad day, Best Day Thinking is the tool you need.

Refresh. Prioritise. Inspire. Lead - What great leaders are doing to win post COVID

Business has significant challenges in the post COVID landscape. Yet some leaders are crushing it. They are rejuvenating their people’s passion, quickly. Attracting top talent. Being creative with sales strategy. Making strategic moves to gain market share. And they are loving it!

In this session, Mark outlines what he has seen his outlier clients do to lead and win.

How to:
- Recharge yourself and your people quickly.
- Return everyone’s focus back to the strategic needs of the business.
- Book a diary that puts key leadership activities first.
- Leverage your people’s ability to move the needle.
Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance. Australian Olympic Swimming Coach

Mark's way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with clear fix to the problem. In my view it is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of its kind.


Mark was engaging, witty and hard hitting. It's rare that I walk away from a guest speaker event and make practical, tangible changes immediately to how I work. But that's exactly what happened after Mark's session.

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