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The Man Behind the Talent

Elite talents don’t want 'training’. They want to bounce ideas off other smart people

Mark Dobson’s mastery is taking ‘difficult conversations’ and turning them into inspiring conversations that drive high performance.

This skill has been critical in guiding his world class clients through tricky, sensitive, and challenging discussions before achieving medals at 3 Olympics, 2 Winter X Games, multiple world championships, 7 World Records, closing billion-dollar sales, memorising the entire Yellow Pages and building AI businesses almost overnight. (And that’s the short list.)

Mark’s astute knowledge of business, leadership and practical performance skills means he can offer your audience the mindset they need, paired with a practical skill, to achieve their outcomes. As a result, what previously seemed impossible is now within reach.

Best of all, Mark’s framework for these performance conversations is scalable! His approach is totally do-able by your audience. Actually, they will be energised by how much easier and faster his approach is.

Corporate clients (NAB, CBA, Nestle, Genlife, Specialized Bikes, Sektor, Energy Australia, Mosaic Private, Bega, FD Digital and SeizoTech) have all seen company-wide impact in accountability, synergy, morale, and results… without the drama.

Mark’s keynotes will entertain and impress the most hardened of audiences. They are loaded with funny and extraordinary stories of brave conversations that lead to amazing results. And Mark’s breadth of experience allows him to customise his keynote to what you need.

Talking Points

How to have Candid Conversations that Foster Performance

Learn how to:
• Assess when being candid is appropriate or not.
• Structure a candid conversation.
• Put tools in place so that being candid become easy and normal.
• Build synergy in critical relationships.
• Coach individuals to outcomes.
• Embrace accountability.

AI & Performance in the Face of Change

Gain confidence as you understand:
• What AI ‘is’ and ‘is not’?
• How to be ready as a team for AI.
• How to manage the cultural change arising from implementing AI.
• How to decide on big questions.
• How to prepare and get excited about your own future.

Positivity, Performance and Leadership In Tough Climates

Learn how to:
• Mentally and practically respond to uncertainly
• Remain invested and actively aligned in the vision.
• Establish a resilient culture that will deliver on the vision.
• Coach individuals to outcomes.

How to create and be an Elite Team

• The 3 traits that all elite teams are built on.
• 4 low effort behaviours that create elite teams fast.
• How to collaborate with trust.
• Tools for leading accountability.
These strategies are so simple and so effective that you will see them alive in your organisation for years.

Mastering Time - Creating a diary that delivers on your vision.

• How a Performance Diary is Built
• A totally new way to assess the tasks you are doing.
• How to free up your time, so you can free up more time.
• To stop requests that gate crash your diary.
• To say “no” without conflict and in a helpful way.
• Establish synergy with other departments.
• Gel your diary with the broader organisation.

High Performance Sales Skills

Learn how to:
• Use the four habits of elite salespeople.
• Operate and elite sales diary.
• Open and close deals in predictable way.
• Refine value propositions down to 3 words.
• Build off the back of a bad year.

No Script Keynote

A smart audience doesn’t want a generic, rehearsed presentation designed to please the masses; they want to bounce ideas with other smart people. They want to be in a dialogue that engages what is on their mind, today. Tell me about your delegates, let me meet a few on the day of the presentation and then give me the mic. I will customise to their exact needs and they will thank you for it.

Sustaining Long Periods of Success

When you achieve uncommon success, you also have uncommon problems; how do we remain hungry and elite after years of excellence? This is an ongoing conversation I have with many clients of mine who have dominated decades in their field. Grant Hackett, for instance, won 56 international medals over ten years. I can share with you the strategies that allowed that sort of longevity and excellence, and how you can execute them in your field.

Mindset Tools For Being At Your Best And Happiest

For someone to deliver their best on the world stage, they have to know how to access their happiness and resilience whenever they need it. To help my athletes and CEO’s achieve this, I created a very simple mental tool called Best Day Thinking. It is simple way of taking your mind from fear, to both your joy and strongest self, fast. And it does it in a way that gives you both control and confidence. Further, it is so easy that anyone can do it and enjoy the benefits of it. Whether you want to access your happiness, resilience or personal best at work, with your family, at an important moment or on a bad day, Best Day Thinking is the tool you need.

Refresh. Prioritise. Inspire. Lead - What great leaders are doing to win post COVID

Business has significant challenges in the post COVID landscape. Yet some leaders are crushing it. They are rejuvenating their people’s passion, quickly. Attracting top talent. Being creative with sales strategy. Making strategic moves to gain market share. And they are loving it!

In this session, Mark outlines what he has seen his outlier clients do to lead and win.

How to:
- Recharge yourself and your people quickly.
- Return everyone’s focus back to the strategic needs of the business.
- Book a diary that puts key leadership activities first.
- Leverage your people’s ability to move the needle.
Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance. Australian Olympic Swimming Coach

Mark's way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with clear fix to the problem. In my view it is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of its kind.


Mark was engaging, witty and hard hitting. It's rare that I walk away from a guest speaker event and make practical, tangible changes immediately to how I work. But that's exactly what happened after Mark's session.

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