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Get in the Go Zone!


Mark McKeon is the designer of the innovative and widely practiced ‘Every Day Counts’ and ‘Go Zone’ Wellbeing and Personal Effectiveness programs.

Mark’s quality information and entertaining style have been rewarded with numerous international presentations, including the British XTC. He is one of few Australians to be awarded this honor. Mark’s personal mission is to share the Go Zone and his other programs with 50,000 people each year.

Current work

He is now a Director of MMA training specialising in Leadership Development, Resilience and Workplace Effectiveness.

Previous experience

AFL: Mark’s background includes 18 years in the AFL first as a Player, then as a High Performance Coach, including 5 years with the Victorian State of Origin Team. Mark is a recent inductee into the Collingwood Hall of Fame.

Author: He was a long time Magazine Editor and is the Author of 4 books, with 15 international reprints or translations.

Talking Points

The Go Zone

Doing the important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zone). Developing a habit to get more done, while enjoying periods of lower intensity (Slow Zone) and total recovery (No Zone). Much more than time management, work effectiveness, ageing well and getting every drop out of life.

The Go Zone will teach you to do the things you need to do even when you do not want to!? ?The GO ZONE is an elevated level of thought, behaviour and action that can be available to us when we need to be at our best.??

Embracing Change

Change is inevitable (except from vending machines). Don't just deal with it, embrace it. Only when you embrace that change is inevitable will you be in a position to reap the rewards that change can bring!

Denial (the Titanic can't sink) and Resistance (It's not fair, I'm staying on board) are outmoded. We teach how to move straight to Adjustment (better check for lifeboats just in case) and Acceptance (better here in the lifeboat than back on the sinking ship).

Steps to Resilience

Stress is NOT the problem, the problem in lack of RECOVERY!

Humans perform at their optimum when they experience periods of higher and lower arousal! Athletes train hard then recover, play hard then recuperate. Corporates just keep working! Sound familiar? Learn the power of recovery, and how to schedule it so it actually works for you and those around you.

Learn how to use adrenaline to your advantage. Control your own adrenaline tap!

Knowing Yourself - Knowing Others

How to communicate effectively with all types of people and personalities; be they dominant, interactive, steady or cautious.
This is an interactive and engaging session that boosts self awareness and demonstrates practical ways to deliver your message in the most appropriate way, to have the maximum positive effect on the people you are dealing with. Ideal for anyone who needs enhanced skills in personal communication to fulfil their work role effectively. Very lively and involving and suited to a group that are tired or have been bound to a seat all conference.
“Mark is wonderful, he epitomises professionalism and the audiences love him and the Go Zone, with Mark at the helm I am totally confident” National Employment Services Association

“Blown away, Mark was awesome…So motivating and relevant, it would be great to hear more of Mark”

Medibank Private

“Mark was excellent. The participants rated his session as the #1 module in the entire program. Outstanding.”

Lumo Energy

“Mark was funny, cheeky and entertaining. He was a great ‘lift’ to the audience and he had a great message to take away, and yet he made it cleverly entertaining. He obviously left an impression as everyone was talking about it on the way home”


“Your ability to get a firm message across in a light hearted manner is a gift and highlights the importance of looking after yourself as a leader in our organisation.”

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