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Van Rijmenam

Strategic Futurist



Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a revered strategic futurist and innovation speaker, is entrusted by top companies and governments to guide them through the evolving landscape of emerging technologies, including AI and the metaverse.

His exceptional insights inspire teams to adopt and responsibly harness innovative technologies, maximizing efficiency and future-proofing their operations.

Having captivated over 100,000 managers, directors, and C-level executives in >25 countries across all continents, Dr Van Rijmenam's influence spans the globe. He received the Certified Speaking Professional and Global Speaking Fellow accreditation.

His latest venture, the Futurwise Institute, is dedicated to fostering a just and inclusive digital future for all.

Talking Points

Leadership 4.0: Thriving in the Synthetic Age

How to thrive in the age of AI.
We are living in the most transformative era in history, where machines and humans converge like never before. As emerging technologies, such as (Generative) AI, the metaverse or quantum computing, continue to reshape every industry and workforce, the need for visionary leaders who can harness its exponential power and unlock new opportunities has never been greater.

In this impactful and inspirational keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a renowned expert in technological leadership, reveals how visionary leaders can harness the power of emerging technologies to shape their businesses and prepare for tomorrow.

In this insightful & strategic keynote, audiences discover:

- How to achieve an EXPONENTIAL MINDSET to harness, adapt and guide transformative technologies RESPONSIBLY.
- How to ELEVATE DIGITAL AWARENESS within your organisation to ensure a thriving digital future for all your stakeholders.
- The secrets to THINK LONG-TERM, especially with AI, as decisions made today have long-lasting impacts that define your digital legacy
- Delegates will leave equipped with the strategies, insights, and foresight to navigate the complex terrain of Leadership 4.0, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Leadership 4.0 is an essential conference keynote for any forward-thinking leadership event or an immersive half-day workshop.

Metaverse Mastery: Decoding Reality in an Immersive World

How the metaverse will change business forever.
As the boundary between digital and physical continues to blur, businesses and individuals must ready themselves to operate seamlessly across both realms. In this cutting-edge keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a digital innovation trailblazer, unveils the metaverse's transformative potential for business, work, and daily interactions.

The metaverse can be seen as the next iteration of the internet: a version that supports immersive, interactive, and persistent online digital experiences. It is not a single place, let alone one specific virtual world, but it will affect every industry and every organisation.

In this futuristic & engaging keynote, audiences discover:

How to cultivate a METAVESE-FIRST mindset, ensuring adaptability in this rapidly-evolving digital era.
Navigating challenges in ETHICS, PRIVACY, and SECURITY within immersive digital experiences.
Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the metaverse's role in shaping the business world and the tools to master it.

Metaverse Mastery is the perfect keynote for tech summits, business conferences, or an extensive half-day seminar.

Building a Bionic Business: Constructing AI-Driven Organizations

Why embracing AI is no longer optional but a necessity.
Generative AI has taken the world by storm, but within the next decade, only organisations that embrace AI at all levels within their organisation will survive. Embracing AI, digital twins and robotics within your business will result in human-machine collaboration, creating a bionic business ready for tomorrow.

In this fast-paced and inspiring keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam demystifies the journey of transforming organisations through generative AI, digital twins and robotics, illustrating both its profound benefits and inherent challenges.

In this futuristic keynote presentation, audiences will discover:

Strategies to integrate AI while ensuring ETHICAL USAGE, TRANSPARENCY, and EMPLOYEE INCLUSION.
Overcoming common roadblocks in ADOPTION, SCALABILITY, and TRUST.
Attendees will walk away with a roadmap for creating a bionic organisation, ready to face the future confidently.

Building a Bionic Business is an indispensable session for business leaders and tech enthusiasts or can be tailored to a detailed half-day workshop.

The Digital Renaissance: Reimagining Work and Collaboration

Why the future of work demands reinvention in the face of digital transformation.
The future of work revolves around three megatrends with significant implications for the employee experience: data, decentralisation, and automation. As we experience a digital renaissance, how we work and what we do will forever change.

In this enlightening keynote, renowned futurist Dr Mark van Rijmenam charts the course of work and collaboration in a world where decentralised systems, autonomous agents and the metaverse are becoming the norm, disrupting the future of work and collaboration.

In this insightful and highly-relevant keynote, audiences discover:

How to foster a culture of INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY, and INCLUSIVITY in a decentralised work environment.
How to attract GEN Z to your organisation, be it as an EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMER
Participants will depart with a blueprint to reshape their organisations, ensuring they remain competitive in the Digital Renaissance.

The Digital Renaissance is a tailor-made keynote or half-day workshop for professionals and business leaders that want to prepare their businesses for tomorrow.

Unleashing the Generative AI Genie: A Dive into AI's Promises and Perils

Why understanding generative AI's dual-edged sword is crucial.
Generative AI is a form of AI that can create original content, such as text, images, and entire virtual worlds. In the coming years, technologies such as large language models or machine learning will disrupt entire industries and societies.

In this captivating keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam delves into the ground-breaking realm of generative AI, exploring its potential and the cautionary tales it brings. He might even bring his digital twin to the stage to energise your audience.

Generative AI is transforming industries, but with great power comes great responsibility.

In this forward-looking & thought-provoking keynote, audiences discover:

The ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS and potential pitfalls in deploying generative technologies.
How to balance INNOVATION with RESPONSIBILITY, ensuring generative AI serves humanity and not the other way.
Audience members will be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the promising yet perilous waters of generative AI.

Unleashing the Generative AI genie is a must-attend for tech innovators, and ethical thinkers, or can be turned into an immersive half-day workshop for executive leaders.

Data-Driven Destiny: Harnessing the Power of Information

Why mastering the art of data is a prerequisite for success.

In a world awash with information, true leaders know how to decipher, harness, and act upon the tsunami of data coming their way. This requires digital awareness and digital literacy across the organisation.

In a world dominated by big data, leaders need to think exponentially. In this compelling keynote, data strategist Dr Mark van Rijmenam unravels the transformative power of data, showcasing how businesses can utilise it to innovate, optimise, transform, and lead.

In this in-depth & strategic keynote, audiences discover:

Techniques to extract MEANINGFUL INSIGHTS, ensure DATA INTEGRITY, and protect PRIVACY.

How to foster a CULTURE OF DATA LITERACY and drive decisions grounded in robust data analysis.

Participants will leave with the strategies and tools to truly harness the immense power of data in their respective domains.

Data-driven destiny is the go-to session for data enthusiasts, business strategists, or an expansive half-day seminar.
Mark was our keynote speaker at a recent Dealer Tire Enterprise Data Analytics Summit. His presentation was highly relevant and very inspirational. He incorporated many examples throughout his talk and tied them directly back to our business. Perfect pace, excellent delivery, great content. I would highly recommend Mark as a speaker, particularly for anything related to cutting-edge tech strategy. Dealer Tire

This was an awe-inspiring session with Mark van Rijmenam and Nestlé leaders. We are very grateful for him sparking curiosity and sharing a glimpse of what the metaverse entails, and the fact that some elements are not tomorrow but today. Mark captures the audience's attention with his simple messages and engaging content. Time for questions felt short, testament of the interest of the audience; we could have stayed another 30 minutes… A must to re-watch and spread the word on how we prepare for the metaverse.


Recently, Mark provided a state-of-the-art lecture to our most senior MBA participants. What I found remarkable is his deep expertise on the future of work and the metaverse and how he is able to explain these abstract concepts in an easy-to-understand yet thought-provoking way. The session was highly interactive and he showed us some glimpses of his forthcoming book 'Step into the Metaverse.' Preparing for the future has always been relevant, and I think Mark is the right person to stimulate organizations and individuals to do just that when it comes to technology and society.

Nyenrode Business University

On behalf of INAA, I want to personally thank you for your presentation on the Metaverse. Your presentation was extremely informative and interesting, and it provided a glimpse of things to come with this aspect of social media. In fact, the examples you provided demonstrated how this media will be used in advertising to reach the next generation of consumers for us as accountants and business owners But more than just advertising, the merging of the physical and digital world, as you explained, will open up opportunities for new applications and products which we as accountants will be able to develop and market. Even now, just two weeks after hearing your presentation, I have seen and heard news and other clips about the Metaverse. It seems to be arriving just as quickly as you indicated. Thank you for such a foresightful and thought-provoking presentation.

INAA Group

Dr. Mark is a fantastic and engaging speaker. He spoke at EY's APAC MSL Forum, bringing to life the world of metaverse for our Asia-Pacific senior leadership team. Dr. Mark created an engaging session covering both theory and real-life examples that made it simple to understand a difficult and conceptual topic. I highly recommend Dr. Mark if you want someone to demonstrate the art of the possible with new technologies in an easy to understand and entertaining way.

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