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Big Wave Champion, Mindset Coach & Founder of The Ocean Warrior



Mark Visser is the 2014/15 Big Wave paddle-in champion. For the past 13 years, Mark has been a mindset coach to some of the world’s most successful individuals.

Working with world champions Kelly Slater and Steph Gilmore, Australian SAS, US Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, and sporting teams. Mark has also been highly instrumental in the mindset training for professional coaches, billion-dollar tech companies and two AFL premiership teams. He specializes in emotional intelligence and helping individuals connect to their ultimate self.

After many years of training, Mark Visser made history by surfing the notoriously dangerous 40-50ft waves at Jaws (Pe’ahi), Maui, in total darkness. A true world-first achievement, known globally as Night Rider.

Mark speaks from the heart with passion and humility about breathtaking events and realising his dreams. Mark is a down-to-earth, natural speaker who is infectiously energetic and engaging.

By using his own experiences and challenges as an example, Mark’s presentation covers how he and his team accomplished an inconceivable goal and proved that the ‘impossible IS possible’. This presentation includes jaw-dropping imagery and video content, inspiring his audiences to understand that any task can be achieved with the right strategy.

Mark can be engaged as a keynote speaker for individuals, teams and organisations, giving them the drive to innovate, achieve and challenge their limits. Presentations can also be tailored to draw-out company ethos and key messages to assist in focusing on brand or club-specific goals.

Talking Points

Keynote Presentations

Find an outline of Mark's presentations below.

- A brief history & Mark’s vision
- How he got there - self-belief
- The dream - redirecting goals to align with strengths and passion
- Mapping out the path, identifying obstacles and establishing a clear plan
- Eliminating limiting beliefs
- The team - how everyone’s role is crucial to success - united culture
- Training and technology - preparing for the worst and planning for the best to ensure confidence and focus
- Group interaction - Mark’s takes the audience into his world by allowing them to feel what it’s like to prepare for ‘big wave
- Surfing’. This is a fun 20-second activity that is done at their table.
- Do the work - nothing is gifted or guaranteed. You need to put in the effort
- Teamwork - the importance of members staying true to their role, if things go wrong and how to follow through
- The success - achieving a world first and realising that ‘impossible’ goals are possible
- The next big thing, redirecting your focus to go again.

Masterclass: The Backpack Procedure

Duration: 1 Hour

Identifying emotional storage that no longer serves us. We learn new techniques on how to create space and become highly efficient in both our professional and personal life.

This 1hr masterclass teaches attendees which breath patterns are needed to access specific sections of the brain, how to provide more oxygen to our bodies, minimising brain wave activity whilst maintaining a decreased heart rate. This class sets up a pattern to promote a work/life balance and enables our emotional
intelligence to connect to a 'winning on all levels' vs a 'winning at all costs' process.

Masterclass: The Mind Body Process

Duration: 1 Hour

Using an in-class simulation we explore the power of our minds and how quickly we can be led to conclusions based on the over-thinking mind or ego. We learn how to ‘feel’ and connect to our true self vs the excess noise our minds can sometimes create.

This 1hr masterclass teaches attendees to take control of the exact outcome they want, even when fear or stress is overwhelmingly present. We learn the optimal way to talk to ourselves and the most effective way to
communicate to others if they are consumed by excessive pressure or multiple tasks.

Masterclass: Who’s Holding the Mic?

Duration: 2 Hour

We take a deeper look into how we operate from day to day, what is the key mental structure driving us forward? We learn how to provide support from within and strengthen new patterns for our desired intention.

This 2hr masterclass teaches attendees awareness on what’s happening internally, how to provide emotional support, self-love, self-worth and confidence going forward. We learn that ignoring self-limiting problems, tough situations or potential roadblocks can often create bigger ones. A better approach is to pay attention to the internal process and provide support for it. This is what drives a sense of inner stability and confidence.

Masterclass: Map it Out & Tap it Out

We focus in, to get a clear view of where we are and what is needed to go forward. In this process we expose our potential fears of failure to find solutions that will light our desired path. We explore a new way to wake up the conscious mind and how to embody a positive pattern going forward.

This 2hr masterclass shows attendees how to leave no stone unturned when it comes to zeroing in on what’s really important to them. Taking accountability for our actions, we recognize we are in the driving seat and have the tools needed for sustained success.

Half Day Workshop

This ½ day workshop teaches attendees all of the masterclass sessions with additional breath and relaxation techniques applied.

Full Day Workshop

This day course includes all of the masterclasses and workshop sessions with additional water-based and/or land-based activities using core mental skills. This process breaks down the science of what we are capable of when we exit the overthinking mind. Training is adjusted and suitable for all skill levels.

Stage 1. A basic understanding of what the human body is capable of and ensuring we are all working well within our limits.

Stage 2. We learn key components required for each task's mental and physiological approach. We also go deep into specific heart rate and brain wave management techniques.

Stage 3. Water submersion section. We document each attendee’s technique in various areas to gauge each person's ability. We use the water as a practical way to disengage from the overthinking mind.

Stage 4. As we build a foundation of skills, we also break down the barriers of fear, the science of how the mind-body connection affects our performance and how to respond to situations vs reacting to them.

Stage 5. We reassess and document each attendee’s progress with a new understanding of being confident and calm in stressful situations.

Stage 6. Using specific techniques, applying the right mindset and correct physiology, you will learn to master these skills in all areas of your life.

Stage 7. Getting clear, we take an in-depth look at the process to achieving a ‘winning on all levels’ approach.
It is not often that you have the opportunity to test your boundaries at a Conference breakfast. Mark had the ability to capture everyone's attention and keep us on the edge of our seats, the room was so quiet as everyone listened intently. The content was spot on and I have gone back to thinking about his message each day since. Commonwealth Bank

He was a rockstar. So good, I would book him again in a heartbeat. Staff feedback has been off the charts epic.

Rogue & Refined

The audience was spell-bound watching some of his video clips. Mark is a driven motivator and engages warmly with guests at all levels. We would highly recommend Mark to any event organiser or group wanting a big impact keynote speaker.

Bank of Queensland

One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had! Mark captured the audience and delivered a powerful message that we can all relate to in the corporate world.


An unexpected speaker. Mark’s story linked so well to what we aspire to and gives a different perspective on the importance of team work, focus on the challenge, and being your best. We booked Mark for 4 consecutive events.

ANZ Bank

Thoroughly entertaining, everyone loved it, with plenty of chatter later around the bar and in the office today. Lots of take homes for all of us irrespective of our role in the business which was excellent as so many professional speakers only focus on the sales team, leaving the rest of us bored!

McGrath Real Estate

Mark had a wonderful session with the group and interacted with all of them at the level they needed. The presentation was bang on and it really connected for our kids on all levels. I had overheard so many different parents, athletes and coaches chatting about how great it was. An unbelievable opportunity for us all to listen and meet him.


I was really impressed; it had the hair on the back of my neck standing up!

The Chia Co

Thanks so much for making our event such a success. The team all loved Mark’s story and the key messages were totally aligned to our overall theme for the day. We loved having Mark at dinner also, was really great of him to make the time.

Resolve Finance

We had the pleasure of having Mark present at our annual Lexus of Brisbane Group’s Managers’ conference where he delivered his Keynote and ‘Who’s holding the Mic’ workshop. I was amazed by just how much went on behind the scenes to achieve his success and how much of his preparation can be transferred into both our business and personal day to day lives. Not only did our management team benefit from Mark’s presentation, but our wives and partners who joined us also greatly valued the insight into Mark’s vision and knowledge.We now look forward to welcoming Mark back to present to the greater Lexus of Brisbane Group team.

Lexus Group

Still buzzing from the leadership training day with Mark Visser. We followed up the keynote with the Ocean Warrior workshop but if all we did was the keynote, I figured we had received great value already for our team. I thought Mark’s keynote and workshop presentation was amazing, challenging and inspiring so not only served as a perfect fit to our team, but the lessons from the Ocean Warrior training dovetailed so well into our leadership development program. This experience and lessons will serve us well in our business. Could not be happier with the experience and the impact on the team. Truly world-class!

Surf Lakes

Mark was brilliant, he’s such an inspiration and had the audience captivated with his storytelling. He really uplifted the mood in the room at the end of a long day!

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