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Mad science meets comedy.


For over 20 years Martin has been unique performer - where his rare skills, mad science and friendly comedy collide.

Over this time Martin has perfected his unique, impossible to compare, performance. Thanks to his Elite Olympian Athlete and Coaching background he is aware of what is required to professionally prepare, entertain and captivate any audience.

Comedy incorporating Mad Science and Tailored Motivation is what makes Martin Ralph unique. Using his marvellous inventions including a self-propelled gyroscope that runs through the audience, the world’s largest spinning tops, stringless yo-yo and much more, has Martin’s audiences constantly providing him with standing ovations

Talking Points

Martin Ralph - attempting to break 2 world records!

Renowned as Australia’s friendliest comedian, Martin Ralph continues his presence at the cutting edge of corporate comedy talent. Successfully completing thousands of personalised conference presentations and a regular international cruise ship headliner. Clean and clever, Martin is a veteran of the international stand-up comedy circuit.

Has he developed the most unique act in the world or is Martin Ralph UNBALANCED???

Given his Olympic background he is always striving for improvement. Over the last 10 years he has developed a show called ‘Unbalanced’. As hilarious as ever presenting his unique stand up comedy based around things that spin.

Amazing yoyo routines, using traditional yoyos, high tech yoyos and then manipulating a yoyo that is not even attached to the string! Martin has developed many new aspects to his show including cowboy lasso and whip cracking routines, performed while delivering very clever and contemporary stand up comedy. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

A prolific inventor, Martin has designed and built a gyroscope that can self propel along a string. Without a doubt one of the most unique, original and pseudo-scientific routines you will ever see. The finale is a have-to-see-to-believe exhibition of top spinning. A rare skill taken to a new level which always leaves audiences gob-smacked.

Martin has spent years developing and building his own unique props including the largest spinning tops in the world.

“Martin Ralph attempting to break two world records”

The largest spinning top is nearly one meter high and is powered up to a speed of 2200 rpm using an electric drill. Martin has installed over 60 LED globes into this top which when spinning exhibits a dazzling light display.

This is truly the most unique show stopper you and your clients will ever see.

Motivational speaker

Martin Ralph - Tailored Comedy Meets Motivation.

Martin is a unique, experienced, motivational speaker. Having been an Olympic Athlete and Institute of Sport Coach, Martin has fine-tuned his ability to motivate and compel his audience to reach greater heights both for the organisation they represent and for themselves personally. Martin has completed thousands of tailored motivational presentations.


Martin offers “Hoaxing”. Martin is introduced as a serious speaker who subtlety converts that speech into tailored comedy suited to your organisation’s theme and objective. He can personalise his material for the well-known identities associated with your organisation. “Hoaxing” takes the audience by surprise adding to the compelling message Martin has been instructed to provide your audience.
Comedy incorporating Mad Science and Tailored Motivation is what makes Martin Ralph unique.
Being unique makes Martin a guaranteed success for your next function.
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