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Change, health and well being, MC


On the way to creating his 11 books (and counting) in the bestselling What I Wish I Knew series, Marty has interviewed over 1000 inspirational people on how to do business, and life, well. From footy coach Wayne Bennett to a Buddhist Nun who works with prisoners on death row in L.A., from Comic Anh Do to a mother of eleven children, from a 9/11 survivor to chef Maggie Beer.

In his speaking work he distills all that wisdom down, adds in his own scientific research, and delivers the result interwoven with laugh-out-loud stories as only a former Australian Comic of the Year could.

This makes his presentations incredibly human and instantly relatable to a wide variety of audiences.

The Speaking Circuit's 'Mr Muscle', Marty Loves the Jobs They Hate.

Marty’s hilarious, high-energy style is perfect for opening your conference and getting your people out of their work mindset. He is superb at closing your event and sending everyone home buzzing, and he is just the ticket for those low-energy spots all the other speakers hate. Give Marty the "day three, after lunch" spot and watch the crowd start grinning again.

Because Marty is also a sought after MC and After Dinner Speaker, he can give a keynote, MC your awards night, and seamlessly compere for your event, giving you incredible value for money.

Previous experience

Speaker: He has spoken to over 520,000 people since he first conquered his nerves and leapt up on stage in 1997. In his first 12 months Marty won Australian Comic of the Year, appeared on The Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time stand up. He returned home in 2007 and is now a powerful business speaker.

Talking Points


The Science of Being Resilient Through Times of Change

*Able to be delivered as a Webinar

THEMES - Change, Innovation, Future, Leadership

This keynote is perfect for:
• Sectors being bombarded by the need to adapt to new technologies
• Leaders needing to convince their people of the benefit of (sometimes even the need for) new systems and structures.
• Businesses feeling battered by constantly changing regulations
• Companies in the middle of change programs being resisted by their employees
• Sectors buffeted by the constant appearance of disrupted new business models
• Conference organisers wanting to energise and inspire delegates and get them to open up to the nuts and bolts of the rest of the agenda.

Some of the topics covered:

When you refuse to change, you don’t hold onto the past, you just lose the future.
- With advancing technology, connected customers, continual changes in regulations and the constant appearance of new, disruptive business models, accepting and even embracing change is the ‘price of admission’ to a successful business.

Your business can’t embrace change until your people do.
- Other speakers deal with change from an intellectual, left-brain perspective, like it’s a system to be laid down on top of your business. But even the best change management models often fail because they ignore the fact that they’re being implemented by human beings with doubts, fears and emotions. Marty helps your people embrace change on a deeper, unashamedly more emotional level, getting them to accept WHY change is necessary in the first place.

“You can’t train people who are terrified.”
- Thanks to the forces of evolution, being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking and makes us want to revert to ‘what’s always worked before’. This blocks our ability to even listen to ideas that involve remembering new steps and processes. You have to acknowledge, validate and deal with your people's fear of change BEFORE they can embrace new software, new systems or new company structure.

“If success has a flavour, it’s not ham & pineapple.”
- Because relentless change is an undeniable truth, continually getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the path towards business success, and a full and meaningful life.


THEMES - Leadership, Influence, Presence, Culture

*Able to be delivered as a Webinar

Some of the topics covered:

This keynote is perfect for:
• Executives leading people through difficult times
• Leaders needing to convince their people of the benefit of (sometimes even the need for) new systems and structures.
• Businesses with people who are feeling overwhelmed
• Companies in the middle of change programs being resisted by their employees
• Sectors where business is tough and this is impacting on company culture
• Conference organisers wanting to energise and inspire delegates and get them to open up to the nuts and bolts of the rest of the agenda.

We Are Drawn to People Who Laugh
- on eHarmony EVERYONE puts down GSOH, Good Sense of Humour, we are naturally attracted to and influenced by people who laugh
- Those who can keep a sense of humour through stressful times show a greater sense of authority and seem to be more in control
- Being funny is a risk most people are scared of, so in the business sense we are hugely drawn to those who do it well

We Trust People Who Laugh at Themselves -
- being able to laugh at yourself shows huge emotional maturity and comfort in your own skin - which is also very charismatic and trust building
- Sharing laughter = shared meaning and human connectedness
- This also means more productive meetings. One study found that humour was found to “facilitate a transition from a feeling of tension and defensiveness to a realization of relative safety and playfulness."

Leading with Humour Aids Retention
- In one survey of over 1000 people, Ipsos asked employees to rate their boss’s sense of humour. Those who rated it above average were 90% likely to stay in their job for a year, those who rated it below average were only 37%

Great Places to Work Outperform the Average by a Factor of TWO!
- In the Annual Great Place to Work survey - fun and humour ranks very tightly in correlation with being an Employer of Choice, and the annual 100 best places to work outperform the Fortune 500 by a factor of 2

We Admire Funny, We Hire Funny (or Double your income by doubling your people up with laughter)
- The Harvard Business Review ran an article on a Hodge-Cronin & Associates survey of 737 CEO's of major corporations that showed an amazing 98 percent said they would hire a person with a good sense of humour over someone who seemed to lack a sense of funny. It also found that executives with a great sense of humour earn more money than those who are sticks in the mud.


How to Help Your People Achieve Work/Life Balance, and Why It’s Great for Your Balance Sheet.

This program is perfect for
• Businesses whose people overworked and overwhelmed
• Employees who are performing at a high level and need to make sure they can keep it up
• Divisions that need a boost because performance is dropping
• Teams where absenteeism on the rise, and disengagement has become the norm
• People who would love to feel a bit of TLC from above because they’ve been working their butts off lately
• Teams who could benefit from some simple strategies to improve their work/life balance

Some of the topics covered:

Work Isn’t Meant to Be a Holiday - The Difference Between Working Hard and Burning Out
- All jobs, and all lives, go through tough times. As the old saying goes ‘Problems are an opportunity to give your best.’ Marty explains how we can tell if we’re coping - even growing - through our hardships, or if we’re hitting the wall and hurtling towards burnout.

Face Your Stuff, Don’t Stuff Your Face
- In spite of what advertising tells us, you actually can’t really Eat/Drink/Smoke/Shop/Facebook Yourself Happy. Marty explains why our “avoidance coping strategies” and other addictions actually push us towards burnout, and how facing the underlying causes of unhappiness makes all those bad habits seem unnecessary.

How To Set Health Goals You Can Actually Keep
- If you want to get healthier - in fact, achieve anything - you will have to set some goals. Yet almost none of us have learned the scientific basics of goal setting. In 14 minutes Marty will run through 7 revolutionary new ways psychologists have discovered about setting goals that maximize your chances of success.

The Seven Psychologies Of Resilience - Questions For Leaders To Keep The Team Going On The Inevitable Bad Days
- When it really is hitting the fan, here are seven questions that open up psychologically proven ways to build resilient thinking.


*Able to be delivered as a webinar

25 years of research proves that mental resilience is only 10% down to what happens to us, but 40% HOW WE THINK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS. So in this program Marty gives your people a super-quick methodology to quickly get back to inner peace and productivity. He runs through SEVEN PSYCHOLOGICALLY PROVEN QUESTIONS you can ask yourself when things are REALLY hitting the fan.

N.B. This program comes with a cheat sheet you can stick up on your wall to remind you of what to do on the bad days

1. “Who has already lived through this that might have some advice?”
Psychology: Being humble enough to ask for help

2. “Will this last forever?”
Psychology: Differentiating between permanent and temporary setbacks

3. “What’s one thing we could do right now, however small, that would move this towards a better outcome - even just a little?”
Psychology: Bias for action

4. “Does this problem mean EVERYTHING is ruined?”
Psychology: Containment thinking

5. “At first glance this looks totally, but what are two OTHER ways to look at it?
Psychology: Flexible thinking

6. “What’s the lesson in this?”
Psychology: Positive reframing

7. “Is this totally out of my control?”
Psychology: Acceptance


*Able to be delivered as a webinar

Teach your people the psychologically proven principles of behaviour change, while leading them on a path to better health during the lockdown.

Over 3 separate sessions Marty splits up his 15-step digital program and teaches you and your people how to use the psychologically proven principles of behaviour change to stay on top of your mental and physical health goals through the lockdown. And uses our past efforts to get healthier as a metaphor to explain how we can best adapt to change now.

(or How to Choose the Right Goal for Right Now)
Why we make bad choices in the first place and how we can get the right mindset to dive into healthier habits

(or How to Set Goals You Can Actually Keep)
How to set goals that fit in with our personality type, and how to express them so they are far more motivating

(How to Stick To Your Goals In The Real World)
How to make far better choices when stressed, and how to enrol those around us to get healthier too


How can you keep all your remote workers engaged? How can your leadership team keep coming up with ideas for weekly and even daily zoom meetings? This is totally out of your skillset - but it’s something Marty Wilson has been doing for 10 years. So let him do it for you!

So many businesses are running out of ideas to keep their people connected with clients and each other - so let Marty interview
- you,
- your leadership team,
- your people
- even your clients,
and cut it together for a series you can drip feed out to everyone working from home…

Marty Wilson has interviewed over 1200 people for his books, and his two online summits. Let him keep your people motivated by professionally interviewing them, your clients, or your leadership team - and cutting it all together into an interview series for you.
Marty Wilson is the teacher we all wish we had at school. He has that rare ability to deliver belly-laughing stand up with mind expanding concepts. Forget teaspoons, he gives the audience two or three heaped tablespoons of sugar to help the medicine go down. A session with Marty always leaves a crowd inspired to live fearlessly, communicate more openly and take themselves - and life - more lightly. I strongly recommend him to you as an exceptional speaker in the areas of change, leadership, motivation, and removing the stress of uncertainty from the workplace. Photon Group

In 17 years of business few people have made such an incredible instant impression on me as Marty Wilson. He is a unique talent who keeps the audience laughing out loud while leading them on a path towards a deeper understanding of how to get the absolute best out of themselves and their colleagues at work. I have seen Marty achieve incredible results in just one hour His Newfeeling Day initiative is the perfect example of someone making enormous creative plans while still having the enthusiasm, commitment and leadership skills to pull it off. These are the abilities he can pass on to your people. Marty is wonderful... work with him now before he becomes President of the World.

Messenger Marketing

Marty Wilson is someone I’ve seen perfectly nail the delicate balance of the MC’s true role - to orchestrate, not dominate; to give presenters a head start, not set them up on a high wire; and to mold an event into a continuous whole, rather than a series of set pieces. Marty seems effortless in his approach; his experience as a comic was honed in front of some of the toughest audiences in the world, and it shows. He’s great at putting the crowd at ease, pushing the boundaries to break down the walls, and getting audience members to connect with each other and to the speakers. He distills the meaning and the objective of an event, and accelerates the process of its participants getting there.

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Consulting

We were very fortunate to have Marty speak at our National Foodco Conference in October 2016. Marty is an energetic person with a powerful message for all business owners. He speaks with knowledge and wit, which put the audience at ease and as such enabled them to absorb the key messages. I was delighted to see the level of attentiveness and engagement from over 700 staff and franchisees. He helped us understand that Change isn't something to frightened of, that it should embraced and whilst there's truth to the yiddish poverb of Men plan and God laughs, there's nothing to fear from change but fear itself. Its just part of the journey of life. Great fun and powerful messages from one of the best corporate speakers around today…

Managing Director, FoodCo

If you are leading a team of people who are fearful, defensive, even a bit resentful about some change initiative that just has to happen, get Marty Wilson to speak at your next event. It was incredible to watch how the emotion of the room changed as they watched him poke fun at the natural human tendency to be wary of change. As people laughed along with him and each other, you could feel all the tension drain from the room, and by the end of the day he had them all back thinking like a team again. And this effect has lasted long after our conference finished. I have to admit we had to stretch to reach his fee, but now that I’ve seen him in action he’s worth five times what he charges."

Department of Family and Community Services NSW
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