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Clinical & Corporate Psychologist



Martyn Newman is a clinical and corporate psychologist with an international reputation as an expert in emotional intelligence (EQ) leadership and mindfulness.

Martyn has held senior academic positions at leading universities in Australia and Europe, and has helped thousands of executives improve their leadership effectiveness.

Current Work:

Martyn has worked as an advisor to senior people at many leading companies for over 25 years.

He is the author of the international bestseller, Emotional Capitalists -The Ultimate Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, The Mindfulness Book - Practical Strategies for Living a More Mindful Life, co-author of the Emotional Capital Report™ - the global benchmark for measuring EQ and leadership performance, and the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory - the world’s first psychological inventory to measure how EQ supports elite sports performance. His research in the area of psychometric assessment has been published by the American Psychological Association.

Martyn chaired a symposium at the British Psychological Society’s Centenary Conference on the application of psychological assessment to business practices; was the keynote speaker at the Psychological Society of Ireland’s National Conference, speaking on The Power of Building Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, and delivered the keynote address on EQ and leadership at the International Conference on Emotional Intelligence in London.

Engaging, inspiring, humorous and passionate, Martyn is known for his capacity to captivate an audience through sharing compelling insights and story-telling. Whether he is delivering a keynote, facilitating an executive team, or coaching an individual, Martyn shares practical strategies that people can deploy to enhance the quality of their lives - both personally and professionally.

Talking Points

Using Emotional Intelligence to build resilient workplaces.

The 10 Key Competencies of the most successful leaders.

How we can build workplaces that support mental health.

5 insights to protect mental health in the current crises.

The 5 keys for boosting mindfulness in the workplace.

For years, Martyn Newman has been an immense hidden resource of intelligence and clarity. He has been a powerful influence in shaping our understanding of organizational consultation, leadership and emotional intelligence. Jim Urquhart PhD, Former Head, GBS, DIT

When it comes to cutting edge thinking on leadership and emotional intelligence, Dr Martyn Newman and RocheMartin are true leaders in the field.

Melbourne Business School

I've spend the last 20 years working as an executive coach with blue chip organizations in the UK, USA and Ireland and I wish I had come across this 20 years ago.

Dr Douglas B. Young, Member, ECM&C

If Daniel Goleman is the covered-wagon pioneer in emotional intelligence, then Newman is the builder of log cabins.

Adventure Associates USA

For years, Martyn Newman has been an immense hidden resource of intelligence and clarity. He has been a powerful influence in shaping our understanding of organisational consultation, leadership and emotional intelligence.

Jim Urquhart PhD Former Head, Graduate Business School, DIT

Martyn Newman was top notch. I specialise in EI work hence my particular interest. It's rare that an academic bridges the communication gap so effectively. It was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Wellness Insights Ltd

A captivating session delivered to an enraptured audience... the emotional capital concept as a basis for leadership and personal development captured the hearts and minds of our staff...

Monash University

You presentation was excellent, evidenced by the number and calibre of questions from participants. Feedback from this session has been excellent. Thanks for lending your time and expertise.

Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Martyn was an engaging and inspiring speaker who has reignited my passion and enthusiasm in this subject. My only regret is that an hour just wasn't long enough!

Chaucer Syndicates

Experiencing emotional intelligence with Martyn Newman is a masterclass in understanding how to realize our own true potential. The man is an EQ Genius!

Grant Thornton

Martyn's insights are very powerful. His ability to articulate complex psychological concepts is very impressive. A real expert.


Martyn Newman is an inspiring authority on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership and has supported a significant transformation at Sky by co-developing and facilitating our ‘Better Self’ Leadership Programme.

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