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CEO of Mentored Media & Social Kung Fu


Matt Purcell is on mission to bridge the gap between the two worlds, helping thinkers become doers and doers become thinkers.

He is an award-winning entrepreneur and tactician who has worked with some of the biggest brands and high-profile individuals in Australia, positioning them to be the best in their fields.

He is the founder of the award-winning creative agency Mentored Media and also the founder and CEO of Australia's only Verbal Self-Defense and Confidence Training Program, Social Kung Fu and its mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 million Australian kids with verbal training against bullying and dehumanization, and to raise a generation to become more self-aware.

Matt was the host of The Examined Life Podcast, which regularly reached the #1 position in the Australian iTunes Charts.

Matt is regularly on national television and has featured in national campaigns for brands such as Ford Motors, Xero Australia, LG Australia, and many more.

Matt has been praised and trusted by many as a celebrity whisper building personal brands and creating businesses.

Talking Points

How to Create a Successful Personal Brand: The Secret to Become the Visible Expert

The number one question every expert and CEO ought to ask themselves is this: "Why should anyone choose you and listen to you over your competitor?"

The key to standing out in your industry is personal branding. The question is, how do you practically build a personal brand, and why is it so important?

Matt shares the 5 levels of personal branding and a roadmap to improve three things: your credibility, visibility, and relevance in the marketplace.

Key Takeaways:
- Understand the power of personal branding and how it can be used to build business
- The 5 levels of personal branding and what it takes to increase your level
- A roadmap and frameworks to build your personal brand and stand out in your industry

Finding Identity Through Adversity: Lessons from an Adopted Entrepreneur

As an adopted Korean Australian, Matt experienced rejection and an identity crisis for most of his life. His Australian parent separated when he was 6 years old, and he experienced bullying as a child, which saw his father intervene and enroll him in self-defense classes. Matt quickly learned that self-defense was useful for physical abuse but didn't help him with the verbal quips he was experiencing.

Despite moving house 13 times with his mother, Matt found a way to make sense of his life and how tot develop resilience and confidence through business, creativity, and philosophy.

Fast forward to now, he is a serial entrepreneur and helps young people with verbal self-defense against verbal abuse. His story of overcoming challenges and finding his identity has inspired thousands of people.

Key takeaways:

- Learn how to overcome obstacles and reframe your story.
- Matt shares his #1 verbal self-defense framework that helps thousands of people around Australia overcome verbal abuse.
- Matt teaches on the importance of thinking and doing. Thinkers need to do, and doers need to think. A formula for discovering your sweet spot.

How to differentiate yourself and your business with brand storytelling

We've got a serious problem. Most of us, whether we are salespeople, customer service representatives, marketers, or even leaders, are being ignored. The reason we are being ignored is that we are not communicating clearly. Every day, people are bombarded with information. Because they are being bombarded, they only listen to people (and brands) that communicate simply and clearly.

Why is it important for us to communicate clearly? The average person encounters more than three thousand commercial messages each day. It's getting harder and harder to get people's attention. People are designed to ignore us, but we can get them to listen to us and respond.

The solution? Story is the most powerful tool available to compel a human brain. Story formulas teach us how to position our products and services so people pay attention. In this seminar, Matt shares with you frameworks that turn ideas into stories so that your business and brand attract the right fit.

Key Takeaways:
- Learn the brand storytelling framework that can be used in your entire team to pitch, sell, and market.
- Understand the importance of having a clear message and learn to implement it to connect with customers and staff.
I must say that Matt's passion for mentoring and inspiring young people is truly impressive. Matt has a unique ability to connect with youth and encourage them to open up and explore deeper topics such as the meaning of life and vulnerability. During his sessions, he has facilitated discussions that have allowed the students to express their feelings in a safe and nurturing environment. His ability to form meaningful connections not only with the students but also with the staff has been remarkable. Over the past three years, the boys who have attended his sessions have transformed into confident young people. I believe this is due to Matt's ongoing efforts and engagement in connecting with them. Knox Grammar School

To be the best you have to work with the best. Matt is a champion story teller. Expert in digital media, Matt and his team have taken my digital presence to a whole new level. Matt is a passionate, positive, purpose driven leader, focussed on driving value and growth for every client. If you are looking to broaden your reach and expand your impact, Matt is the perfect speaker to work with.

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