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Entrepreneur inspiring and leading to disrupt with technology and goal setting


Disrupt or be disrupted. That’s the motto behind Matt Doyle, the digital innovator who started Launchcloud.

Working in the arena of both web and app design as well as event management, Matt was often frustrated by the lack of an automated process to gather essential data, especially in the field, at an event. There was no quick and easy solution that was fun, creative and efficient to use. His decision, to try and change the situation, was the impetus for the birth of Launchcloud in 2011. Matt knew that real time situations need real time solutions, and he set out to make that happen.

Current work

As the CEO of Launchcloud, Matt aims to revolutionise the way in which data is captured, viewed and distributed, enabling the automation and improved efficiency of his clients’ business processes. By creating digital forms for tablets, Launchcloud helps clients collect richer data quickly.

Previous experience

Web development: Matt has worked as a web development manager for companies such as Sony Mobile Communications and Brian Bass, where he trained staff, developed online stores, and organised and managed events.

Talking Points

Disrupt or be disrupted - Create intrapreneurs in your organisation

Modern business can learn and grow their staff with entrepreneurial skills to create internal disruptive thinkers, your secret weapon, your intrapreneurs.

How do you out pace your industry and create a working environment you want to be part of.

Lead by creating leaders in your tribe!

Note: This can be adapted for companies, industries or individuals

Entrepreneurship guide to endurance and planning for the future

Smart autonomous cars changing trucking and delivery bots and AI replacing middle management how can we look at all this uncertainty and create a enduring plan for ourselves?

Matt will explore the future and things we can do now to plan what we want from our future reality, and how we can make an impact today!

Note:This can be adapted for companies, industries or individuals

Creative problems solving like a lean startup - Future proof your organisation or business

You can’t just react to you competitors you need to peek into the future and be constantly adapting.

Matt explores how you can hypothesize, test, learn, deploy and change. Showing what technology to use, to create a business that can adapt and grow in this fast pace global market.


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