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Founder of PepTalkHer, Tech Entrepreneur, Journalist and Equal Pay Advocate.

People pay the price you put on yourself.

Meggie Palmer is a confidence creator. Her infectious positivity motivates everyone she interacts with - the CEOs she coaches, the audiences she speaks to globally and the millennials she trains to overcome imposter syndrome.

A high energy leader, facilitator and inspirational speaker, Meggie is on a mission to close the pay gap. She is the Founder & CEO of PepTalkHer - a passionate and devoted community of more than 15,000 people globally.

Current Work:

The PepTalkHer app was launched with Vogue in 2019. It helps track wins, improve mindset & supercharge career success using artificial intelligence. Meggie works in house with corporate clients through PepTalkHer, running training programs globally for brands including JP Morgan & Revlon training them in overcoming imposter syndrome, retaining female talent & confidence.

Meggie writes about gender & diversity for Vogue & Marie Claire and has worked internationally as a foreign correspondent from Syria to Zimbabwe and beyond for BBC World News, CNBC, SBS Dateline, Channel 7, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and others. In 2017, she travelled to Damascus for Dateline to produce a World Exclusive interview with Bashar Al Assad, which was nominated for a 2017 Logies Award. She's dodged falling buildings in Nepal, investigated the justice system for teenagers. uncovered corruption and money laundering in Papua New Guinea and interviewed thousands of people from all walks for life.

She’s been awarded multiple times for her work in journalism including a Walkley Award, a New York Festival TV & Film Award, a UN Media Award and was Queensland Young Journalist of the Year.

An accomplished global speaker, Meggie has hosted Nico Rosberg’s GreenTech Conference in Berlin, was the keynote for Vogue Codes & headlined PayScale’s Conference in the USA.

A second time founder, Meggie started her first company, Sliding Door Media, as a side hustle. Sliding Door Media trains Executives from across the world to harness the power of story to communicate like superstars.

Meggie lectures at Columbia University and Barnard College in the United States and sits on the board of several not for profits.. She is a passionate volunteer lifesaver and proud member of The Wing.

Talking Points

Mind the Gap(s) - Using Technology to Drive Change

There are Gaps are everywhere - opportunity, wealth, education. But what level of responsibility do we each take for our role in closing these gaps we see in the world around us?

After her own experience of inequality in the workforce, Journalist and Entrepreneur Meggie Palmer decided to put her anger aside, and harness her frustration for good.

Her keynote explores how the gaps in perception, ownership & our value, guide the level of success we can have in business and in life.

When you identify a problem, how can you reframe that to drive transformational change? Her inspiring keynote touches on stories from journalism to the tech world. Her free App, PepTalkHer, was launched with Vogue & helps tens of thousands of people globally know their worth & negotiate, including one user who scored an $80,000 raise using the App!

If we don't close the gaps, who will?

An Upskilling Revolution: How to Power - and Empower - Employee Growth

The World Economic Forum stresses the need for a reskilling/upskilling revolution. “Valuing human capital not only serves to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to systemic shifts, it also empowers them to take part in creating a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.” As Meggie Palmer explains it, the skills employees need to advance aren’t just about technical or digital prowess, but also the soft skills like presentation, communication and negotiation skills.

Through anecdotes and analytics, Palmer shares actionable insights for building and retaining a more talented, diverse and happier workforce. She leaves the audience with tools that instil the confidence that creates growth - for the individuals and the institution. Yes, she wants employees to leave empowered and skilled to negotiate for themselves - but these skills are also valuable for the business. She has seen staff use the principles to negotiate a raise as well as save millions of dollars negotiating a deal on a procurement process. Palmer stresses that investing in initiatives to upskill and advance employees’ development doesn’t stop with promotions. Speaking to HR leaders and executive audiences alike, she explores what it takes to create programs, processes and policies that help ensure success at every level - and a culture that sustains it.

Trust Yourself: Closing the Confidence Gap Leads to Higher-Performance Teams

If you have ever felt inadequate or been plagued by self-doubt at work, you are far from alone. Seventy percent of us experience “imposter syndrome.” It’s a phenomenon that holds back a growing number of high-achievers and is not only crushing the confidence of individuals but hurting the performance potential of teams. Meggie Palmer is a confidence creator and an expert on imposter syndrome and how to fix it. “When people hold back and don’t put their best selves forward - whether in internal meetings or high-stakes negotiations - it affects more than your personal psyche,” argues Palmer. “It compromises trust.” And trust, especially in today’s economy, impacts everything: revenue, brand reputation, team performance, authentic leadership, diversity of talent and more. In this presentation, Palmer presents her framework for avoiding and overcoming imposter syndrome and shares actionable advice for elevating team performance and building trust. Drawing from real-world examples, she proves how closing the confidence gap leads to improved negotiation skills and retains diverse, high-potential talent.
The presentation blew the entire room away! Phenomenal Vogue

Meggie is a phenomenal source of wisdom and an invaluable resources for companies. Not only is she well versed in what it takes to be a great leader in today’s economy, she’s an expert that takes the mystery and confusion out of the challenges women face in the workforce. I have found Meggie incredibly sensitive and insightful when it comes to speaking to our employees, leading coaching and training and has been instrumental in helping our employees find their voice.


Meggie is a dynamic speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Her international experiences help her to develop content suitable for any audience. Meggie was a keynote speaker for the 2019 Stateof Talent Conference and received praised-reviews from ouraudience. It has been a pleasure working with her.

State of Talent Florida

Meggie Palmer is a vibrant and engaging speaker! For her most recent engagement with QUT, she managed to create a strong connection with an audience of several hundred teenage girls and boys at the end of a long day ... no easy task. She was refreshingly honest and gave hilarious anecdotes about her career in journalism. Her ability to laugh at herself was appreciated by the students. Her vulnerability in sharing her own hardships as a teen struck a chord with the audience. Meggie took instructions from us and stuck to the brief we provided. She was on message yet still creative in her approach to her story and how she interacted with the audience We would have no hesitation in recommending her to other corporate organization.

Queensland University of Technology

Thank you so much for partnering with us on the Dreamforce keynote this year! From telling your origin story to leading the Essentials demo to sharing your keen insight on the CEO panel/podcast your contribution was truly invaluable and you knocked it out of the park in every respect. Over a thousand attendees were in the room, over 236K tuned into the Twitter Livestream, and they loved you - you are the top-scoring speaker at this year’s SMB Keynote! Talking about the gender gap and being authentic in showcasing our products are some of the things that customers most loved about the keynote and we couldn’t have done either of those without you. We really appreciate your strong endorsement of the Salesforce brand and spending countless hours working with us. You’re amazing to collaborate with and we couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring leader and presenter to partner with.

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