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Chevalley Hedge

Highly Commended Nutritional Medicine Practitioner


Many wellness practitioners may be stepping into the space of health and food. Still, not many nutritionists come from busy corporate backgrounds with formal professional speaking experience.

Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritional medicine practitioner and health author, was previously a marketing manager at Microsoft. She truly understands the needs of time-poor corporate executives who, family or not, want health but not hassle. She is often introduced as "the modern-day nutritionist - the one who likes a bit of wine and coffee." Michele has recently completed her formal education in Positive Psychology which fuses nicely into her wellbeing presentation.

Michele’s passion is delivering well-being, keynotes, workshops, and webinars to organisations globally. Michele is an enthusiastic, good-humoured, evidence-based presenter with a unique Australian New York accent. Her winning speaker power is engaging the audience in “ahhhh ha- that is me! moments.” Not only does she exude passion and educate on the latest evidence-based research and trends, but it is imperative, according to Michele, that each engagement ends with realistic takeaways that they can begin immediately. You won’t find extremes with Michele you will not hear ‘fake news’ - you will find an inspiring human with a toolkit full of ideas to improve brain function, energy, mental well-being, immune system, energy, sleep, productivity, and more.

Michele works with many international corporations and schools - Virgin Airlines, Westpac, CBA, ANZ, HSBC, Apple, Dropbox, Dexus,, Financial Planning Association, AMP, Accenture, Dexus, Woolworths, Bankers Trust, Business Chicks, JLL, ACCOR, Westfield, Department of Defence, Australian Police Force, Tourism Portfolio, Heart Research Australia, and more. She is the keynote speaker for the Heads of Schools of Australia, PESA, and the Positive Schools Conference in Hong Kong and in the USA.

Michele is Cure Cancer Ambassador and Heart Research Institute Ambassador and consults for hundreds of international corporations. She recently sat alongside the Dalai Lama at a conference where she presented on 'Vitality, Energy and Serotonin - It's all in Your Food'.

Mental health and nutrition research is her passion and has been nominated for Australia Mental Health Awards Finals three years in a row.

Michele loves to write and has published three books along with her blog and social media.
• Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies, Wiley Publishing
• The Healthy Hormone Diet, Pan Macmillan
• Eat, Drink & Still Shrink… a joyful guide for the busy person, Pan Macmillan.
Michele also writes for Body & Soul, SMH, Good Health, Prevention, Wellbeing, Clean Eating, Cosmo, Women's Weekly, Mind Food and many more. And when Michele isn't writing or running her clinical practice, she is delivering wellbeing keynotes or even chatting away on The Sunrise Show and Today show.

Passionate, authentic, and knowledgeable, Michele has several degrees in Nutritional Medicine and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Michele is an educator, storyteller, and passionate researcher. She intertwined all her engagements with her Positive Psychology degree and Leadership Summit with Sir Richard Branson last year.

Talking Points

Health Equity, the New Wealth Economy

A vibrant brain and healthy body are, without a doubt, 2024 new form of wealth - so how do you grow yours? The evidence and research on how we nourish ourselves and how it affects our immune system, motivation, mental health, and mental resilience have always been significant, especially when we are under stress or in challenging times. There has never been a time that we need complete well-being more than now, as we transition into new forms of viruses, additional workload, and new work environments and avoid burnout.

This interactive presentation provides key learnings & takeaways on:

- Discover what we can add to your daily nutrition to improve your mental well-being. Yes, - ADD IN, not take away. Nourishment, not Deprivation.
- Identify the connection between lifestyle habits (eating, sleeping, exercise, stress hacking), leadership skills, performance habits, and professional achievement.
- Understand the four S - Sugar, Sleep, Stress and Supplements - what should be your wellness prevention and personal performance optimisation toolkit.
- Provide the latest research on food, sleep and stress that impact your mental health and brain cognitive functions.
- Focus on your “new normal” and how to navigate fridge addictions ;-), erratic eating, and how to prevent cravings. Increase energy, productivity, and mental clarity.
- Create an optimum “Day in the Life of You” - a plan with tiny hacks that lead to a lifetime of habits.

Warning! This Nutritionist likes a bit of coffee and chocolate.

The Science of Improved Sleep & Less Stress on Productivity & Energy

Have you ever met anyone who says my sleep and stress levels are at an all-time 10 out of 10? I do not think I know anyone who has ever said this - before covid, during covid, and now settling with covid. In fact, we have seen a significant upsurge in burnout. This presentation has been crafted with evidence-based research, humour and I invite you to sit back take a big expansive breath and get inspired about your wellbeing and then understand sometimes the world between brain fog and a positive mindset is sleep and stress management.

Key Learning Objectives
- Explain what, why and how is sleep affecting your wellbeing and brain function and clarity.
- Understand what, why, and who is stress affecting your wellbeing, energy, communication skills, cognitive function and more.
- Create a tangible, do-able plan of tiny health habits to incorporate daily to improve your risk of burnout, improve your sleep and manage your stress.

Is Your Gut & Brain Function Moody? The Science of what to Eat for Mental Performance

The Science of what to eat and its influence on your brain function, as well as your mental well-being and behaviour, is paramount in the workplace and your home life. Michele brings the intersection of nutrition, science and improvements together in one enjoyable, inspiring session.

Learning Objectives
- Identify and discuss the current evidence on diet and nutrition in managing mental health disorders.?
- Consider how optimal mental health and cognitive function can enhance an employee's ability to perform workplace tasks with a high level of ability.
- Understand and explore the physiological mechanisms by which diet influences mental and brain (cognitive) health.?
- Gain practical skills and knowledge on implementing dietary changes for managing mental health and optimum brain function.
- Reflect and review your current lifestyle behaviours and identify opportunities for quality improvement that can enhance your workplace well-being and high performance.

Vitality, Energy & Mental Productivity - It's all in YOUR FOOD

Life is busy… building a career, juggling family, working long hours, trying to stay fit, and it is even tricky fitting in a social life! Everyone wants to be healthy but they do not want an extreme diet, a costly approach, or to be preached at. Interesting research is unveiling how quality nutrition can not only improve our physical body, energy and sleep but also our brain function, memory, and moods.

Michele explores NON-extreme, sustainable changes in our eating habits. Michele is formerly a Microsoft Marketing Manager and understand life a working, travelling employee who likes a bit of wine and coffee. Michele will discuss current health issues and serious topics in a light, humorous fashion. Michele speaks on behalf of the World Health Organisation, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador, Cure Cancer Ambassador, Heart Research Ambassador, and was recently announced as practitioner of the Year by her industry body, The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

At the conclusion of this presentation attendees will be able to:
- Understand the relationship between food, mood, energy and sleep and its impact on productivity.
- Identify the key nutritional factors in a person’s daily routine than impact their physical and mental health-brain clarity, hormones, moods, immune system, weight, energy to exercise.
- Identify how stress - even without sugar, can manifest the same physical symptoms on the body and how to modify their risk factors.

Mental Fitness Hijackers - they could be lurking in your food

Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and simply poor brain fitness are everywhere, and it is often invisible and silent. What we do know about it is that it is scary and has many causes, but it cripples 1 out of 4 Australians. We want to be productive and energised and have top mental fitness in our careers and when we get home to our families. Let Michele share with you her evidence-based research on nutrition, mental health, wellbeing, and their connection to food. It is a serious topic, and Michele delivers it lightly with real, achievable take-home messages.

Michele is formerly a Microsoft Marketing Manager and understands life as a working, travelling employee who likes a bit of wine and coffee. Michele will discuss current health issues and serious topics in a light, humorous fashion. Michele speaks on behalf of the World Health Organisation, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador, Cure Cancer Ambassador, and Heart Research Ambassador, and was recently announced as Practitioner of the Year by her industry body, The Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Michele has been nominated three years consecutively by her peers and clients for the Australian Mental Health Awards.

Mental Health has many causes, and it is scary, silent and often leads to low self-esteem, low productivity, self-harm, alcohol abuse and more. It is difficult to control many of the causes, such as genetics, viruses, grief, and excess stress. But what we now know to be true is that nutrition is one factor that has evidence-based research on improving and minimising risk factors for this disease. Nutrition and what we eat is, fortunately, something we can control.

After this presentation, attendees will be able to:
- Understand the relationship between food, mood, energy and sleep and its impact on anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. This will include case studies from Michele’s clients and evidence-based medical research.
- Identify the key nutritional factors in a person’s daily routine that impact their mental health: brain clarity, hormones, moods, immune system, weight, and neurochemicals that create happiness.
- Identify how 6 key nutrients may act like ‘mental health hijackers" - and can manifest the same symptoms on the body and the brain and how to modify their risk factors.

Women's and Men's Health: Menopause, Andropause & Everything in Between

All male or female audience? This allows us to take a deep dive into topics like hormones, sex, and more. This 60-minute session discusses the top health conditions affecting women’s health and men’s health:
- Weight and Slow Metabolism
- Rapid Aging and Oxidation
- Damaging Inflammation

Find out how you can eat your way to:
- Ageing gracefully inside and out
- Balancing stress hormones
-Dampening inflammation
- Increasing your metabolism
- Restoring energy and vitality at work and at play
- Sex and Health
- Hormonal Balancing

Lifestyles of Leaders

Successful leaders understand that leadership in any form is not an event; it’s a process. The most successful leaders understand that success is cultivated, tweaked, and begins with their own physical and mental health. Quality leaders have daily commitments to their wellbeing, which are nourishing, not punishing. To stand out as a leader, you must create the habits that back your success, communication skills, cognitive function, energy, and good reputation. Once these habits become a part of your daily routine, you set yourself up to be well on your way to becoming the leader of your success and in helping others to achieve theirs. Join Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritional medicine practitioner and international author, for an evidence-based yet humorous presentation on wellbeing. This presentation was the very talk that led Michele to be a guest at Richard Branson’s home on Nectar Island with 20 global leaders, The Leadership Summit, in February this year.
I attended Michele’s talk titled ‘Energy, Vitality, and Happy Hormones - It’s all in your food’ at the World Positive Education summit in Texas. The title intrigued me because I strongly believe that nutrition has a huge impact on well-being. The talk was amazing Michele’s energetic style and clear messages on the importance of nutrition inspired me to ask her to speak to my leadership team in our company in Australia and now we have partnered with Michele to fill a missing link in our holistic well-being program. Accenture

Health and wellbeing is a focus for Dexus, to help our customers thrive by providing a suite of health and wellbeing services, offerings and amenities within their building and across the community building portals. Dexus wants to make it possible for our customers of all sizes to offer their employees the same services that have often only been available for large corporations. To date, we have a range of boot camps, yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes run weekly across the country and we have facilitated approximately 600 wellness related events year to date. Michele Chevalley Hedge has been instrumental in this process and delivery - making wellness realistic, light, interesting not an extreme.


At BT Select we are supporting our community’s well-being. We believe that the mental and physical health of our collective team’s is key to their success. We were fortunate to have Michele Chevalley Hedge present at our recent BT Select Principals’ Forum. Michele’s ability to articulate the key messages of the importance of managing one’s energy, sleep patterns and productivity was impactful and very well received. The group was extremely engaged, and the feedback post has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again Michele.

BT Select

Michele brings great knowledge, backed by real facts, practical tips and a great sense of humour. She brings an outstanding energy and vibrancy to the room, leaving you to feel empowered to do something really positive for your own wellbeing.


Thank you for presenting at the Department of Human Services ’Leadership - make it happen: Leading Well - celebrating workplace wellbeing event, which marked the launch of the department’s wellbeing and mental health strategies. Your talk on the importance of nutrition to improve vitality, energy and productivity aligned well with our aim to highlight the importance of personal wellbeing at work. The experiences and practical strategies you discussed were embraced by the audience. We are grateful to you for your time and effort in sharing your years of research, your depth of understanding and ability to present the subject in the most engaging way.

Department of Human Services - South Australian Government

Mental Health, emotional well-being and clarity of thinking are in my view all enhanced by a low sugar lifestyle. As a family, we’ve kicked the habit (not hard) and its awesome! The science is all moving in this direction. For our own sake and the sake of future generations we need to address the “sugar” epidemic in all its manifestations. Michele and her team know what they’re about and practise what they preach. Bravo!

Black Dog Institute

In a continually connected and ‘on’ world it is increasingly important for organisations to assist their teams to manage health and wellbeing. Michele brings to life the importance, and consequences, of not adequately managing our wellbeing. Her energy had the room captivated and wanting more. Michele’s material is relevant, practical and eye opening and her recommendations easily implemented.

Commonwealth Bank.

Michele’s style creates a wonderfully inspiring and authentic connection with the audiences she shares her messages of nutrition with. She creates simple messages that resonate with children and adults, turning empirical data into practical daily actions. Changing behavioural patterns is the key to positive mental and physical health, and Michele ignites a conversation that empowers people to make true change without fuss, and I have personally experienced just how easy it has been to sustain this conversation and personal choices as part of our daily family routine.


On behalf of JLL and the attendees of the Premium Property Management Conference, thank you so much for your great presentation last week. The team found your presentation insightful, thought provoking and entertaining. We greatly appreciate your contribution to this event.


We engaged Michele as the keynote speaker for a high-end incentive group, RAMS HOME Loans. The group were needing a relatable and inspirational speaker to cover the importance of wellness, nutrition and stress management across both their professional and personal lives. Michele successfully connected and engaged with the group, providing practical (and realistic) tips for individuals to take home. We received great feedback on the ‘Sonic’ drink mixer concept, which they used throughout the remainder of the programme. The group received Michele’s ‘Healthy Hormone Diet’ book as a gift, which was an added touch to their experience.

Unicorn Group
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