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Communicating with influence for results.


Renowned for achieving results through learning and laughter, Michelle Bowden is an authority on Persuasion and Presenting in Business.

She is a consultant to a blue chip list of international clients, and has been for the past two decades.

She’s one of only thirty five female CSPs in Australia - this is the highest designation for speakers in the world.

Michelle is confident she can create behavioural change for all your delegates no matter the group size, every time.

If you are looking for a speaker who can energise, entertain and provide fundamental business skills for your conference group so that their brilliance shines out and you reap the profits, then Michelle is the perfect speaker for you.

Previous experience

Nominations: For the past seven years she has been nominated for the Educator Award for Excellence (PSA).

PRSI: Michelle is the co-creator of the PRSI - a world-first, brand-new psychometric indicator that reports on your persuasiveness at work.

Educator: A Master educator (MEd. Adult Ed.) - she believes learning must be theory-based, entertaining, and highly interactive in order to transform.

Author: On top of all this, Michelle is the best-selling, internationally published author of How to Present - the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley).

Talking Points

Persuasive Presenting

89% of executives admit to daydreaming during important meetings and conversations.?75% of people say they believe they would gain greater respect for their knowledge and expertise if they were better communicators.?And sadly, when asked about the most recent meeting they had attended, only 28% of people did anything with the information presented - 72% went back to their desk and changed nothing….let’s make sure this doesn’t happen in your meetings ever again!

- Would you like your team members, colleagues and clients to say ‘yes’ to you more often?
- Are you sick of feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall in meetings or one-on-ones?
- Are you keen to better present your ideas and showcase your professional expertise so you get what you want and accelerate your career?

It’s entirely possible to learn how to create a message that sticks in your stakeholder’s mind so they are compelled to take the action you require. This is a fun presentation that will have your delegates laughing and learning all at the same time. Attend this best practice, high energy, interactive session and try the communication techniques that actually work.

Speak Up and Influence People

- If you’ve ever thought you’d like to improve the way you communicate with the people around you so your relationships become easier…
- If you’ve ever thought there must be a way to get people on side so they agree with your ideas or sign-off your proposal…
- If you’ve ever laid in bed awake at night worrying yourself silly because you just don’t know the best way to say that important thing to your boss, partner, friend or client…
- If you just want to hear the word “yes” more often in your life, fast track your sales cycle or manage your people more respectfully…you’ll love working with Michelle Bowden - Australia's persuasion expert!
We persuade and influence people every day of our lives. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. Want to win more?

Speak Up and Influence People is a high energy, research-based, interactive session that shows you how to transform yourself into a more persuasive communicator at work, at home, all the time, no matter the circumstances.

This session teaches you the 3 x Ps of Persuasion so you hear the word ‘yes’ more often in your life. And the great news is that Michelle increases your delegate's behavioural change by tailoring all her examples to your industry and workplace. They will practice better managing their every day communication challenges.

PLUS, all delegates will be invited to complete Michelle's world-first psychometric profiling tool prior to attending to better understand their current persuasiveness strengths and weaknesses. This is an industry first and makes all the difference to your ROI.

Your delegates will laugh, learn and most importantly they will demonstrate an immediate behavioural change.

Virtually Persuasive

Covid-19 has caused stress and uncertainty for most. If you’re a leader how do you persuade your people to stay motivated, focused and productive? If you’re in sales, even though your sales messages might have changed a bit, how do you keep selling and doing business during Covid-19?

When your interactions are virtual rather than face to face, how do you keep people up to date? How do you show them what’s still possible? Should you change what you say? What do you do about the fact that you’ve lost the art of reading body language? How will you get under people’s skin so they can’t say no to you?

The words you say are way more important than they used to be in this new environment. When you get the words right, you’ll have less arguments and conflict, you’ll build stronger relationships with your clients and team members, you’ll sell more, and you’ll have less meetings, with less backwards and forwards, less politics, and less objections so you’ll get things done.

Key messages:
1. There is an art and science to persuasion that anyone can learn.
2. You need to get right into your people’s shoes.
3. Rapport is the key, doing it online is slightly different to face-to-face.

Key take-aways
1. Learn how to get people to trust you, support you and endorse your ideas or suggestions.
2. Learn how to use the right words to build rapport.
3. Learn how to diffuse conflict and manage objections so your people love you again!

This is a 45 minute session via zoom for your remote teams.

Virtually Compelling

In this new virtual world, how do you structure what you need to say so that you captivate people, communicate your key messages and motivate them to stay productive?

Most of us are zoom fatigued! We are attending on-line meeting, after on-line meeting, with little personal connection and a serious lack of engagement. We are staring at a photo of our own face from one meeting to the next instead of connecting properly with each other. And then there’s the constant interruptions of people logging in late, bamboozled by the technology, and distracted by their cat or home schooling!

This live, interactive, online session will show you how to easily structure your messages for on-line meetings. You want your people or clients engaged the whole time you’re talking, and you also want to inspire them and compel them to take the action you require so everyone stays pumped, purposeful and productivein a remote environment.

Key messages:
1. There’s an easy formula to follow that works!
2. Anyone can do this - face-to-face, on-line or even via email.
3. If it’s your meeting, then it’s your job to ensure you get the outcomes you want!

Key take-aways
1. Learn how to captivate people from the start so they lean in and want to listen.
2. Structure the message to engage anyone, no matter the subject or audience type.
3. Learn how to compel your people to action so your meeting achieves your desired results.

This is a 45 minute session via zoom for your remote teams.

Virtually Anything

We all have our own unique and specific challenges when presenting or facilitating our meetings, trainings or conferences. Some people are nervous presenters and would do anything to avoid speaking up in a meeting and being ridiculed. Some people have never been taught presentation skills and just copy what their boss does, hoping for the best. And then there are people who are seriously skilful and want to be even more masterful and captivating!

How will this session work?
Bring your burning questions to this fully interactive, remote session and let Michelle answer everything you need to know to solve your communication problems right now!
Simply ask your questions and she’ll teach you on the spot how to fix it.

Michelle Bowden is the best-selling author of the internationally-published book, How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley).She’s run her 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass over 890 times for many thousands of people around the world. She’ll bring her two decades of experience to this session so you can speak up and influence people starting with your very next meeting!

Key take-aways
1. Feel confident and persuasive the next time you speak up in a meeting.
2. Understand the formulas that work for ANY issue you have.
3. Appreciate for once and for all what is, and is not, best practice.

This is a 45 minute session via zoom for your remote teams.
Tremendous. The business leaders in attendance described your presentation as energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, practical and thoroughly entertaining with a deep understanding of your topic, a true expert in your field. We can put your material to use immediately. You were one of the best speakers we have had this year! FLAME: Business Leaders

“Time and time again, Michelle Bowden never fails to deliver a first class session! A sincere thank you Michelle, for being part of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand conference program in 2014. As always, a pleasure working with you. We put on over 50 Professional Development sessions across 5 conferences nationally and you were our top performing presenter for 2014. A brilliant and well deserved result! You produced a professionally delivered, engaging session with clear key messages and loads of energy and interaction. Our delegates loved it and it’s no surprise they want to see you again!”

PD & Programs Specialist, Lifelong Learning, Chartered Accountants ANZ

"A high-energy, entertaining speaker, Michelle sold selling to the 'sellers' during a recent presentation to the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA). Marketing and creativity is the bread and butter of our business, but Michelle was able to teach us a thing or two about the gentle (and subtle) art of persuasion. Michelle's knowledge of promotional products demonstrated her impressive commitment to research and the result was a memorable presentation that had many APPA members asking for more."

Interim CEO APPA

"On behalf the AMP PA Network Committee we would like to thank you so much for your engaging enthusiastic presentation at our PA conference. We were blown away by your energy and you certainly left us all feeling so empowered to take our communication techniques to the next level. We have already had such positive feedback on your session and hope that we can work with you again in the near future. We hope you enjoyed the session also."

Executive Assistant to Director of Customer Strategy & Experience, AMP

"Wonderful! It was such a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to gain so much insight from your presentation at our Conference. In the weeks since, we have received so much positive feedback from the attendees who raved about how inspired they were and how beneficial your techniques are in relation to their daily lives!"

Executive Assistant, Infrastructure, AMP Capital

We have won hundreds of millions of dollars of ongoing business using Michelle’s strategic pitch formula and her 13-step presentation system. Her approach and content bridges cultures, gender, age and prior experiences. She has made a material positive impact on our business and our associates’ capabilities and careers. This has translated into significant benefits for our clients. She always brings an impressive amount of expertise, fun and challenge to her work with us. Highly recommended.

Tata Consultancy Services

WOW! Completely life-changing. Michelle's ability to captivate from the start and provide practical tips you can use the minute you leave her session to build your confidence and your business is unparalleled. Highly recommended.


Michelle ran a fantastic 1-hour session via zoom for my clients who are CFOs and Finance Directors. She captivated the audience from the start. She really hit the mark with the content and audience and she was described as 'great, awesome, passionate, fantastic, worth listening to, informative, relevant, engaging and practical'. My clients were very impressed with the amount of practical information they could implement immediately. She is definitely someone worth listening to in an area that is so important.

Tobin McClintock

Michelle - honestly I don’t think today could have gone better! I couldn’t be more pleased. My only regret is that we didn’t get to do a full day with you - as the content was sensational. You did well to jam everything into an hour. The feedback has been tremendous.

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