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The difference between Management and true Leadership.


How do you successfully run a $1 billion business? By starting out as a roof tiler obviously!
Mike’s core skills of collaboration, influence and negotiation allow him to deliver a strong message about how the next generation will join the workforce, how they will understand the generations before them and their way of working, their interpersonal styles and vice versa. Given his own children are just looking to enter the workforce, Mike has some first-hand experience to draw on from both a personal and professional perspective.

Current work

It is a 24/7 social world for Mike. As a senior executive he is ‘always on’ - how has he managed to balance that with raising a family and driving for sporting achievements? Mike is a sporting champion too, with many running and cycling titles to his name, including still holding the record for completion of the City to Surf while pushing a pram! Add to this a stable family environment and you have a well-rounded person who is able to offer insight on the balance needed to achieve a holistic life.

Previous experience

Business: Mike Foster is just that - a successful business leader who started his working life as a roof tiler and transformed himself into a corporate success. He quickly realised that roof tiling was not where he saw his future, and so went back to University. He notched his educational qualifications up to include Physical Education, Law, Economics, a Diploma in Education, 2 Graduate Diplomas, and an MBA.

Jobs His journey has been interesting and varied, from Roof tiling to Sales to executive management and CEO. Through these challenges and changes he is able to provide insight into how you too can embrace the opportunities life presents and make yourself or your company stronger. Mike is able to show how you can follow your passions and if you invest in improving yourself anything is possible.

Salesman Above all else, Mike is a Salesman. He realised he had an ability and enjoyed it and proceeded to develop it. The key attributes that manifest from this experience are influencing, negotiation, collaborating, thinking on his feet and resilience (dealing with knock backs). Some would say that this is just the domain of sales but these skills are used everywhere in life… as father, partner, and CEO. Moving into leadership roles, these core skills have remained an important tenant of Mike’s success.

Technology Through his career, Mike has predominantly worked in technology-related industries. In today’s world, technology is changing the way we live and work and who better to give insight into how you can embrace this change that someone with first-hand experience.

Talking Points

The Difference Between Leadership and Management

Many people get to be in a senior management position in a company, but how many actually lead one? There is a big difference between leading a business and managing one. Do you know the difference?

What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School

P&L’s, Balance Sheets, HR practices, how to release a product……all these things are taught in business school. But what are the real things that will impact you over your career, that were never mentioned at Business School?

How to win a Billion dollar deal

Do you and your team have what it takes to win a major deal? Do you know the difference between being shortlisted to win a deal and how you will win a deal? How do you get your business to step up to win big deals?

Work/Life Balance - How to Manage it?

Working too hard? Waiting until you retire before you do the things that you want to do? How do you run a successful business as well as doing the important things for you and your family.

Diversity, Change Management, Workplace Flexibility, Employee Engagement - What does it all mean?

How do you address all the issues that need to be focused on as well as run a profitable business? What tools and methods to you use to address these important issues as well as keep your eye on the bottom line?

How To Run The Best Sales Teams

Are you happy with your sales performance? What do you do to raise the bar? What do the best companies sales forces do that make them different from the rest?
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