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Behavioural Profiler - you will either want to sit next to her at dinner or not look her in the eye!


Any position you inhabit, claim your space. If you don't, others will feel justified in taking it


Milo Wilkinson is an international award winning Behavioural Scientist who specialises in analysing human behaviour in order to predict likely outcomes.

As a Behavioural Scientist, criminal profiler, high-performance sporting, and corporate coach and mindfulness advocate, Milo has studied CEOs, top athletes, psychopaths, criminals, sales agents, change managers and everyone in between. She has seven degrees in the areas of cognitive and clinical neurosciences, criminal sciences, psychology and psychotherapy.

Milo has also completed a world first co-design project with Harvard University Neuroscience Department secretly discovering the functions of the unconscious brain and has been the Peak Performance Behavioural Scientist for some top Sporting Teams across the globe including the Sydney Swans.

Her ability to dissect behaviour to actionable chunks for change makes her keynotes a very unique experience as they are highly interactive and incredibly unique in their content and delivery.

Talking Points

Brain 101: Mental Acuity = Resilience

Embark on an enlightening journey into the intricacies of neuroscience and uncover the profound dynamics of your mind. Despite the universality of possessing a brain, few grasp its intricacies, needs, and the key to optimising its functions.

Join us on a captivating exploration of your primal brain - the silent orchestrator behind over 90% of your choices. Through an immersive real-world "experiment," you'll be at the forefront of discovery, engaging directly with the mechanisms that shape your consciousness and decision-making.

Discover the workings of the subconscious mind, delving into its primal instincts and habitual patterns that influence daily actions, decisions, self talk and resilience. Practical strategies will be explored to sharpen mental acuity, fostering a state of neuro-balance essential for optimal functioning.

This keynote offers a unique fusion of scientific insights, experiential learning, and actionable takeaways, empowering you to gain profound insights into yourself and unlock your boundless potential.

Becoming Memorable

Explore how brief, impactful experiences can transform and elevate us, and learn to intentionally create such extraordinary moments in both life and work. This session examines the psychological constructs of memory, revealing why certain moments and people remain vividly imprinted in our minds for up to 20 years.

In a world filled with challenges, we often seek comfort in certainty, but true vitality comes from embracing uncertainty. We'll delve into the concept of 'breaking the script' to consistently shape and enhance our own lives, as well as the lives of our staff, clients, and customers. Join us to uncover the secrets of creating powerful, lasting impressions through the lens of memory psychology.

Hardwired for Change: The Human Capacity to Adapt and Transform

Challenge the norms, question the status quo, and step into the paradox of human adaptability!

This provocative exploration confronts the long-held belief that humans resist change, instead proposing an alternative reality - what if we are, in fact, naturally inclined to adapt and evolve?

Does merely considering this question unsettle your established beliefs or challenge your existing knowledge? What if the real fear isn't change itself but the potential loss that the change might represent?

In this enlightening keynote, we dive deep into the physiology, neurology, and psychology of change. We dissect our physical capability to regenerate and adapt, explore the neurological underpinnings of our response to change, and delve into the psychological aspects of our perceived resistance to it. Through this comprehensive approach, I aim to unravel the true essence of our relationship with change.

Join me as I debunk myths, shatter misconceptions, and discover our innate ability to embrace change.

This keynote is not merely a presentation; it's a journey to rediscovering our inherent adaptability and resilience. So, are you ready to embrace the truth of your evolutionary journey?

Generational Leadership: Embracing Age Diversity in the Modern Workforce

Generational identity, though often overlooked, plays a significant role in shaping our experiences, perspectives, and interactions in the workplace. The era in which we were born influences our world views, social trends understanding, economic realities, behavioural norms, and interpretations of leadership.

Today, five distinct generations coexist in the workforce. A rapidly evolving landscape, where approximately 40% of us report to younger managers, and the power dynamics are increasingly shifting towards youth, largely driven by Digital Intelligence (DQ).

This keynote delves into the complex interplay between generational diversity and leadership. We'll examine evidence demonstrating that gender, ethnic, and age diversity contribute significantly to an organisation's success. However, we'll also confront the challenging realities of age diversity, exploring strategies to navigate and leverage these differences effectively.

By understanding and appreciating the unique strengths, perspectives, and challenges each generation brings to the table, we can foster more inclusive, productive, and dynamic workplaces.

The WHY when People BUY: The Psychology of Sales and Trust

Delve deep into the inner workings of the human mind, unlocking the hidden secrets behind what drives us to trust, engage, and ultimately BUY? Join us for an illuminating session that will take you on a psychological and neurological journey using lab tested techniques providing rare and unique insights into human sales behaviours.

The keynote will look at:

The art of Storytelling and positive affects on our Neurology and Psychology
The Power of Trust
Reciprocation – The Art of Giving to Receive
Commitment and Consistency – The Pathway to Persistent Engagement
Social Proofing – Harnessing the Herd Mentality
Forging Genuine Connections and the Psychology of Human Connection
Authority – Embracing the Power of Expertise
Scarcity – Amplifying Demand through Exclusivity
Integrating Principles for Sales Mastery

Join us to master the art of influence, sales, and trust, and discover the neurological WHY behind every BUY. Be prepared to unlock doors to a new era of sales success, where understanding the human mind becomes your most potent tool.

The Future of Human Behaviour: Psychological Insights from a Futurist’s Perspective

As we stand on the brink of unprecedented change, understanding the trajectory of human behaviour through a psychological lens is crucial for any organisation aiming to stay ahead. This keynote offers a visionary look into the future of human behaviour, guided by the insights of leading psychological futurists.

Delve into the emerging psychological trends that will shape our societies, influence consumer behaviour, and redefine workplace dynamics. From the rise of digital intimacy to the increasing demand for mental well-being, discover how these shifts will impact every facet of our lives.

Consider, for instance, why teenagers are drawn to figures like Taylor Swift. She speaks directly to their psychological angst and evolving sense of identity, creating a deep emotional connection that transcends mere fandom. Such insights can help organisations understand and anticipate the psychological drivers behind consumer loyalty and engagement.

We will also explore the profound impact that global conflicts and wars have on humanity’s collective psyche. Examine how escalating anger and frustration, driven by social and political upheaval, are reshaping interpersonal dynamics and societal norms. Understanding these emotional undercurrents is essential for predicting future behavioural trends and preparing for their effects on communities and markets.

Organisations will gain valuable foresight on how to adapt strategies, innovate products, and create environments that resonate with the evolving psyche of humanity. Join us to anticipate the future and prepare your organisation to thrive in the coming era of profound psychological transformation.

Behavioural Profiling: The dynamics of human behaviour

Using a criminal and behavioural profiling tool, we look into the four quadrants of the brain and their functions. This is a powerful tool to understand how we communicate, what drives the way we think and how directly and personally we interact with others when we are happy and how drastically this may change when we are stressed.

The tools we use focuses on showing people how to use their whole brain—not just the parts with which they feel most comfortable. It is scientifically designed to help people learn to think better and is widely used as a draft recruitment tool across global elite sporting teams.

By identifying your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking, the session is a catalyst for inspiring individual, team and organisational development, promoting more effective thinking and driving innovation.

Over two-million people have undergone this form of analysis worldwide, and it's used by nine out of ten Fortune 100 companies.
Milo gave us all a deeper understanding of the what and the why that lies underneath a person’s behaviours. Her OUTSTANDING ability to creatively educate a group THAT CONSISTED OF A WIDE VARIETY OF AGE GROUPS added another CRITICAL layer for this IMPORTANT ASPECT of high performance –relevant in any profession. Sydney Swans

Milo was really engaged with our people. Milo took the time to understand our business and the key outcomes we were looking to drive. She was insightful, thought provoking, pushed attendees out of their comfort zone and provided practical advice. The delivery of this content was outstanding and displayed Milo's extensive education and experience.

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