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Australia's 'real world' business futurist.


Morris Miselowski knows that the next 10 years will see the equivalent of 100 years of change.

He knows that in 2020, 60 per cent of the workforce will be doing jobs that don't yet exist, in industries that haven't been created.

And he knows that all of that change will come through people, not technology.

As a successful entrepreneur and past lecturer in marketing in management who spends every day immersed in the future, Morris has the kind of real-life business experience that helps him understand the possibilities for every client - no matter how complex - and translate them into simple, practical, actionable, profitable insights they can use immediately.

His presentations are audio-visual feasts: always accessible, always exciting, always thought-provoking and always customised to their audience.

They highlight his uncanny ability to demystify misconceptions, provide anthropological foresight and shift mindsets in a way that inspires organisations in every industry to get out of their comfort zones and embrace the infinite opportunities the future offers, before their competitors do.

Morris will take you on a tour of tomorrow's world: a world where we will live much longer and work, play and consume in a way that is unrecognisable today.

In the near future, we will be online 24/7 and the computer keyboard and mouse will be dead. Things like social media and crowdsourcing, virtual worlds, augmented reality, gamification, geotagging and new technologies - disruptive, nano, convergent and divergent - will be part of everyday life. Management and marketing paradigms will evolve to include more iterative and open-source styles as well as robots in the workplace.

With this avalanche of knowledge, influences and choices, everything will change - our lifestyle, our belief systems, our habits, our opportunities, and the way we experience and interact with the world.

Whatever business they're in, Morris' audiences always walk away inspired, with a clear understanding of what their industry will look like, what consumers and employees will want from them, where opportunities will come from, and how to take advantage of them.

Previous experience

Background: By the age of 22, when all of his contemporaries were still at university, Morris Miselowski had already built and sold his first business.

Business: Since then, he has accumulated 30 years' experience in business and strategic future forecasting for a wide range of public and private organisations through the consulting firm he founded in 1981, Success Through Focus, his equity partnership firm Futurevation and his speaking business Eye on the Future.

Speaker: As a speaker, strategist, consultant and mentor, he provides prescient, practical advice to CEOs and decision-makers at organisations around Australia and the world. His clients have included small businesses and associations as well as blue-chip companies like Allianz, Visa, nab, Mercedes Benz, HBA, UBS, Toll, RMIT, Ernst & Young, Danone, Phillips, Toshiba and IGA.

Radio: He is also in demand as a media commentator with weekly radio shows on ABC Australia across Asia Pacific and 6PR in Perth, a podcast show on the world's premium content network CBS Interactive, regular appearances on television, radio, print and online media, and a feature interview in the best-selling Australian business book Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed.

Lecturer: All of this, as well as his many years as a lecturer in marketing and management, means he has the inside edge on how to captivate and educate an audience.

Talking Points

futurevation: the tomorrow and beyond of business

Blow away misconceptions and fears, and grab hold of an exciting future with this customised keynote presentation from Australia's 'real-world' business futurist.

Morris will open your mind to a brave new world of possibilities that line the road ahead for your business.

Depending on your needs, he can cover everything from new industries, products and technologies - like the amazing world of claytronics, the 3D-model fax of the future - to evolving management styles where control-based techniques give way to more iterative, open-source approaches.

How will you embrace these changes? How will things unfold for your industry? What will tomorrow’s consumers and employees want from you? How can you use new technology to engage, get to know and reward them? And most importantly, how can you profit from all of this?

Let Morris help you get on top of what the world will look like for your business in the near future.

breadcrumb innovation: creating future opportunities now</b> (workshop, duration: 90 minutes to one day)

These days, innovation is rarely about that one ‘big idea’. It’s about a series of smaller ideas that add up over time and generate real revenue, right now.

That's what BreadCrumb Innovation™ is all about. This intensive, fully customised workshop will take you to the bleeding edge of tomorrow to see what's on your horizon and how you can capitalise on it.

Following a detailed brief, Morris will research your industry exhaustively, review your competitive landscape and draw on the collective wisdom of his global team of thinkers and futurists to come up with a set of insights, opportunities and challenges that are specific to you.

He will then take you on a thought-provoking virtual tour of his findings, and immerse you in all of the possibilities that lie ahead in the near future. Topics canvassed depend entirely on your needs, but some examples include new industries, new products, online reputation management, social media, virtual and augmented worlds, convergent and divergent technologies, remote workforce management, nano and bio technology, robots in the workplace, iterative thinking and much more.

The debate that follows is always passionate, energetic, interactive and - importantly - practical, so you can agree on a strategy about how to start profiting from the future in small steps every day.

Morris' audiences always walk away from this unique experience as a newly reinvigorated, forward-thinking, cohesive tribe of decision-makers who have seen firsthand the potential that lies ahead, and have a pile of BreadCrumb Innovation™ ideas they can action instantaneously.

in-house strategic advice

Morris joins your strategy team to collaboratively build a vision of your industry, marketplace, consumers, staff and business as it could be in the future and then together moves on to plan what you need today and beyond to start moving towards this new profitable future vision.


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Your presentation was incredible; I wish I had seen you earlier. We have made such monumental changes in such a short amount of time, and it is absolutely because we saw, and now see, our business through your eyes. It is the most profitable time we have ever spent and we look forward to working with you on going - what a return on our investment. Foley's List
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