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How to start a creative revolution


Mykel Dixon is an award-winning speaker, author, musician & globally recognised authority on creativity, leadership and the human future of work.

He shows fortune 500 and ASX 200 listed companies how to identify, nurture & liberate the next generation of creative & cultural leaders within their business. Fusing live music, spoken-word poetry, improvisation and audience interaction, his live learning experiences unite teams, ignite creativity and invite participants into a bold new world of possibility.

Current Work

A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce non-conformist and prolific anti-perfectionist, Mykel leads a new wave of entrepreneurial savants showing forward-thinking companies how to stay relevant in a 21st-Century Renaissance. His clients include Google, Youtube, CBA, Jassen, Schneider Electric. Intuit. Bayer, IAG, CBA, Telstra, Origin, Lululemon, Laminex, Seek among others.

Mykel is a co-curator of the global event series, ‘The House of Beautiful Business’ based in Lisbon, Portugal, and was named Australia’s Breakthrough Speaker of The Year in 2018 by the Professional Speakers Association.

Talking Points

Everyday Creative - How to start a creative revolution in your company and why you need to.

Australian businesses are at a crossroads. The economy is stalling. Old models of growth are becoming less relevant. And our people are more disengaged than ever.

If we are to succeed in the current economic climate we need to rethink our approach to team and talent development and find more effective ways to attract, retain & leverage independent thinkers. But our ability to think and act differently is hindered by an unconscious and pervasive view that Creativity still belongs in the band room and not the boardroom. In the sandpit and not on the spreadsheet.

Everyday Creative is a keynote about finding the courage to seek, nurture and liberate original thinking. It redefines Creativity for the 21st-Century by making it an accessible and essential skill for all people, regardless of title or department.

Audiences will learn how to:

- Activate and amplify the full creative potential of their people (and themselves).

- Cultivate dynamic team environments that are safe to explore dangerous ideas.

- Recognise unconventional talent and stimulate more originality at every level of the organisation.

- Influence a high-level cultural and strategic pivot toward more creativity in their company.

Black Sheep Rising - How to win and work and life by breaking all the rules.

When did work (and life) get so…boring. Compliance, regulation, assessment. Don’t step on the grass, don’t colour outside the lines, don’t speak unless your spoken to. Is it any wonder we’re in the midst of a global Creativity Crisis. We’re all so focused on fitting in, ticking boxes and getting approved that we’ve lost our ability to express ourselves.

But if we’re to keep up with the pace of change, consistently deliver unique, relevant value to our customers, and build workplaces that inspire the full potential of our people, we need to shake the tree and reimagine the way we work with each other and for our customer.

Organisations today need more risk-takers, rule-breakers and mischief-makers. They need fabulous folks who are unafraid of stepping on a few toes, ruffling a few feathers and building something beautiful beyond the bottom line.

In this highly entertaining and enlightening keynote, Mykel inspires audiences to find and follow the black sheep that lives in all of us. Giving them tools to bend and break rules, igniting passion, curiosity and courage which will in turn push their company to new level of performance.

Audiences will learn how to:

- Develop the confidence to speak up, share unpolished ideas and colour outside the lines.
- Empower others to recognise, nurture and liberate quirk, uniqueness and individuality.
- Shift the way their teams perceive their circumstances through micro-shifts in their work environment.
- Harness an appreciation for risk while getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

There Are No Wrong Notes - Turning Mistakes Into Melodies

The challenges we face today are too complex to be solved in isolation. Collaboration & co-creation are essential for the emerging landscape of work. And our ability to foster diverse, innovative & inclusive teams will define the quality & consistency of our output.

As enter the fourth industrial revolution, the skills required to thrive are beginning to resemble those used by musicians to create and improvise on the fly. Agility, curiosity, openness, self-awareness. Originality, interdependence.

In this highly interactive keynote, audiences learn how to listen for, lean into and leverage differences in their team or conflict in a project as a source of innovation. They’ll learn to seek and embrace tension as a catalyst for movement. While discovering the infinite opportunities that exist in business when adopting a Jazz mindset.

Audiences will learn how to:

- Develop their own ability to improvise, no matter what job title they hold.
- Establish team dynamics that foster curiosity, creativity and risk taking.
- Break free from traditional thinking and uncover vast new possibilities.
- Expand their ability to deal with ambiguity and recover from setbacks.
- Adopt techniques used by jazz musicians to build a symphony of innovation teams throughout their
As a business, we cannot recommend Mykel and his band enough for your next corporate event. From the moment they came on stage there was an infectious energy in the room which resulted in the most effective and enjoyable business session we have ever run at our annual reward and recognition event. Mykel took a careful and considered approach when planning the session to ensure that we achieved the right outcomes and that everyone involved was comfortable with the direction he was going to take the group. The feedback we have received has been nothing but positive and Mykel has set the bar very high for next year’s event, we don’t know how to better it!! Hudson Australia

I've never experienced as talented and thoughtful a speaker and facilitator as Mykel. His meticulous preparation, early building of trust, ?exibility to adapt to the group's evolution....and his own humilityand openness was a powerful catalyst to the most effective group leadership session I have ever encountered in my career. Mykel's easy charm and use of a range of techniques to appeal to his participants' untapped senses is both compelling and highly in?uential. Mykel stands tall amongst his peers and is a greatly valued contributor to outstanding leadership conversations.’


After seeing Mykel speak and being blown away by his originality, I knew he was the perfect guy to help me with the Australian Open Rally. This is the biggest team event on our calendar and we needed it to be bold, audacious and thought provoking. If you need someone fresh to help you create something different, then he’s your man. Mykel was so easy to work with. Always happy to come in and work with the team prior to the event. And the way he weaved live music throughout his presentation was just brilliant. It gave our event an edge and our audience something they’ve never seen before. I can’t recommend him enough.

Tennis Australia

Mykel played a pivotal role in shaping a long, emotional day. We could not have created such a memorable day without him.

Google Australia

I can confidently say after the many hundreds of speakers I have managed in my years as a conference producer that Mykel is a solid golden egg who informs, entertains and inspires audiences.

CPA - Congress National Roadshow,
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