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Martial Arts Expert & Courage Creator.

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Nadine Champion is a truly inspiring keynote speaker, martial arts Sensei (teacher), author and entrepreneur. She is a thought leader on courage, inner strength and resilience, having engagingly presented for a wealth of notable companies such as Facebook and Telstra.

Described by high profile entrepreneur Naomi Simson of Shark Tank & Red Balloon in her book Ready to Rise as a “role model, teacher and guide”, Nadine’s “ability to show up and share that 10 seconds of courage is what it takes to get started on the toughest battle-and we all have them”.

Nadine is an inspiring speaker with an inspiring story.

Current work

Nadine’s authenticity shines through with her life changing 10 Seconds of Courage message, a powerful call to action challenging her audience to “change their thinking” in order to succeed. Her delivery is humorous, educational and touching in equal measure.

Previous experience

TEDx: Her closing speech for TEDx Sydney 2015 is regarded as one of the most memorable of all time, with a packed Sydney Opera House audience rising to their feet in unison to applaud an outstanding performance from a very natural and gifted communicator. There was barely a dry eye left in the house.

Author: Her book 10 Seconds of Courage: How to Recognise and Embrace Life Changing Moments (Allen & Unwin 2017) covers practical yet dynamic concepts for better handling adverse situations to create positive outcomes, overcoming challenges and moving forward to a more meaningful life.

Sport: Nadine has dedicated thirty years of her life to studying martial arts and strengthening the mind. With a Gold Medal at the World Cup of Martial Arts and an undefeated record as a Title holding kickboxer, she embodies the competitive edge. As a woman in a traditionally male dominated arena, she has a unique insight into delivering under pressure and the importance of keeping a sense of humour.

A Black Belt student of a true martial arts Master, Nadine’s passion is telling colourful stories of her Sensei’s Yoda-like wisdom and how it can be applied both professionally and personally to overcome any obstacle. Having herself faced some of life’s biggest challenges such as cancer, she is an authority on facing your fears and negotiating difficult change. Through sharing her deep knowledge with anecdotes from her lived experience, she gives people tools and how to’s while motivating them to move beyond knowledge to implementation.

Talking Points

10 Seconds of Courage

In '10 seconds of courage' Nadine outlines the strategies for 'facing your fear', understanding how 'strength comes from the mind' and enabling others to be strong. Nadine also addresses the highly symbolic 'it doesn't hurt less if you close your eyes' principle, the importance of being prepared to take risks and fail; and the '10 seconds of courage' principle.

Five Keys to Winning

The key factors in winning a fight relate to most of the battles we face in life, whether professional or personal. Being well prepared, truly knowing how badly you want to win, deciding what you're prepared to do, recovering from a knockdown and being a strong finisher, are all crucial elements of winning.

Changing Your Thinking

'Changing Your Thinking' provides practical tools for improving how you think and feel about yourself and the way you make decisions and therefore live your life.

Nadine illustrates that fighting is 90% psychological: as is success in many arenas. She shows how lessons learnt in the ring translate into examples of how we can succeed with the right mindset and training.

The Warrior Code

Nadine examines Martial Arts principles and how they can be used to improve performance in all aspects of life. She outlines five main elements: Discipline, Honour, Courage, Respect and Perseverance.

Succeeding Despite Doubt, Fear and Pain

When presented with challenges we all face doubts, have fears and experience pain (psychological or physical). Nadine outlines the specific methods fighters use to overcome these obstacles and perform at their best, claiming victory despite even your own bones breaking. This address is hugely applicable to all manner of personal and business challenges.

Developing Your Inner Strength

Nadine examines what it means to have a strong mind and what it really means to be strong for men and women (it's not what you think!). The presentation focuses on growing your personal strengths, developing self-belief and how to improve your weaknesses by being unafraid to look at them. Nadine also describes internal training, as it was taught to her, by a martial arts Master.

Winning Under Pressure

Nadine asks 'Can you deliver when the pressure is really on?' Fighting has taught her to deliver success when all the odds are against her. She will explain how you use pressure as fuel to win, how to control your emotional volume (negative and/or positive) and the fighters' principles that make champions.

Lessons From a Master

20 years devoted to learning from a world renowned martial arts Master has taught Nadine some amazing lessons about self-confidence, self-discipline, humility, dealing well with difficult people and becoming her best. She passes on strategies that are easily applicable to daily life. These are lessons that she paid for literally in blood, sweat and tears (so you don't have to).

The Workshop Outline

Nadine’s passion is teaching people to harness their own incredible mental strength by providing easy to perform exercises that stay with participants for life. Having spent decades learning her craft from a Master instructor, Nadine provides both a fantastic fun physical participation exercise but also a profound mental and emotional experience. Her goal is to make each person a better, braver version of themselves both professionally and personally.

The main aim of each workshop is to physically experience the key concepts of the keynote presentation such as courage, self-belief, perseverance, determination, resilience and team work. A versatile and adept instructor, she can tailor a workshop to deliver the specific message you would like participants to receive.

Nadine is a rare teacher who offers easy to learn, simple (and often hilarious) instruction that utilises everyday movements which people already know how to do- such as pointing at someone or closing their car door. As a martial arts teacher with 30 years experience and a fully certified and insured personal trainer/ group exercise instructor with Fitness Australia, Nadine delivers a highly professional and engaging workshop experience safely tailored to the physical capacity of your group.

From starting the day at your conference with a fun group boxing workout on the beach, to a boardroom self defence workshop, training with Nadine is an experience that will leave your team truly inspired.


1- Introduction & Demonstration
2- Group warm up
3- Key Concept exercises
4- Team Building exercise
5- Cool down
6- Solidification of Key Concepts


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Firstly I wanted to thank you for a truly unique experience. I was very moved by your story and think that above being one of the most courageous and toughest individuals I have ever met, you are also the most genuine. It was very inspiring to hear your story, and yet you spoke with such humility that I found it very grounding. Thank you for making myself and others in the group realise that we probably don’t have big enough dreams, as well as the power of your inner voice and the need to remind ourselves of all the positive things we have to offer. I now think about both of these points daily and can already tell its having an impact on my life. Monsanto Australia & New Zealand
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