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Martial Arts Expert & Courage Creator.

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Change your thinking. Change your experience.

Nadine Champion is a rare speaker who makes such a profound impression, your audience will still be talking about her long after the event.

No doubt because they have adopted her key messages to create their own culture of courage. Her life changing concept, 10 Seconds of Courage, is a powerful call to action that challenges people to change their thinking in order to create their own success. Having overcome life threatening challenges, Nadine’s story of perseverance is truly unforgettable and filled with instantly useable mindset tools.

The protégé of a legendary master, she is the winner of a Gold medal at the World Cup of martial arts, an undefeated champion kickboxer and a cancer survivor; experiences which contribute to a unique perspective on adapting to change, overcoming obstacles and winning against all odds.

The grand finale of Nadine's speech is an audience participation experience famous for making people laugh, cry with pride and enthusiastically cheer for one of their own. Nadine’s offering is more than just a presentation, it is tailored to your ideal amount of audience participation and includes priceless advice on "how" to easily implement winning strategies. In these competitive times, Nadine is a fresh perspective, using the metaphor of what it takes to win in the ring, that will provide your team with the mental edge to win in their personal and professional lives.

Nadine has been trusted by industry leaders such as Facebook, Zendesk, Telstra and Google to provide their teams with a fresh perspective. Using the metaphor of what it takes to win in the ring, Nadine will provide your team with the mental edge to win in their personal and professional lives.

Nadine’s mission is to leave your audience feeling uplifted, focused and incredibly motivated to succeed. She is a highly sought after thought leader on courage, inner strength and resilience with a delivery that is hilarious, educational and touching in equal measure.

Talking Points

10 Seconds of Courage

In '10 seconds of courage' Nadine outlines the strategies for 'facing your fear', understanding how 'strength comes from the mind' and enabling others to be strong. Nadine also addresses the highly symbolic 'it doesn't hurt less if you close your eyes' principle, the importance of being prepared to take risks and fail; and the '10 seconds of courage' principle.

Five Keys to Winning

The key factors in winning a fight relate to most of the battles we face in life, whether professional or personal. Being well prepared, truly knowing how badly you want to win, deciding what you're prepared to do, recovering from a knockdown and being a strong finisher, are all crucial elements of winning.

Changing Your Thinking

Business can feel like a full contact endeavour. Having the “mental edge” is often the key to success.

Why is it important to Change Your Thinking?
Research shows that we have approximately 48 thoughts per minute, which translates to almost 70,000 thoughts per day. We have a positive-negative asymmetry in our thinking process, so left unchecked our brains will focus more on the negative. Are you directing your thoughts or are they controlling you?

The only person who has the power to change your thinking is you.

Most humans share the same five fears:
Extinction, Mutilation, Loss of Autonomy, Operation and Ego Death.
Knowing this creates an opportunity to gain experience with moving beyond the fear towards courage.

It is important to avoid a fixed and static mindset in order to avoid being left behind due to an inability to seize the ever changing moment.

10 Seconds of Courage is the tool to use so you don’t miss opportunities due to natural human hesitation, doubt or trepidation.

No matter the size of the challenge (or metaphorical opponent), we can develop an inner dialogue of courage and resilience even against the greatest odds.

When we strive, we all reach a point of fatigue mentally and physically. Rest, recovery and accessing support are just as important as the ability to push yourself.

The times that leave us with sore mental muscles, bruises and scars are often the exact moments we become mentally tougher & more resilient. Used well, these marks of experience will aid you and add to your skillset.

Who is in your corner? Whose corner are you in?
Having the conversation can lead to a change in thinking.
Success in individual sports (or for brokers) still requires a good team in your corner.

Who else’s voice have you programmed into your thinking?
Have you chosen a strong mentor to aid your growth and challenge your least precision thought patterns?

On your best days, your thoughts are what drive you to greatness.
On your worst days, your thoughts will either break you or be the making of you.

If you can’t control the situation or the outcome, often the only thing you can control is how you respond to it. Change your thinking.

The Workshop Outline

Nadine’s passion is teaching people to harness their own incredible mental strength by providing easy to perform exercises that stay with participants for life. Having spent decades learning her craft from a Master instructor, Nadine provides both a fantastic fun physical participation exercise but also a profound mental and emotional experience. Her goal is to make each person a better, braver version of themselves both professionally and personally.

The main aim of each workshop is to physically experience the key concepts of the keynote presentation such as courage, self-belief, perseverance, determination, resilience and team work. A versatile and adept instructor, she can tailor a workshop to deliver the specific message you would like participants to receive.

Nadine is a rare teacher who offers easy to learn, simple (and often hilarious) instruction that utilises everyday movements which people already know how to do- such as pointing at someone or closing their car door. As a martial arts teacher with 30 years experience and a fully certified and insured personal trainer/ group exercise instructor with Fitness Australia, Nadine delivers a highly professional and engaging workshop experience safely tailored to the physical capacity of your group.

From starting the day at your conference with a fun group boxing workout on the beach, to a boardroom self defence workshop, training with Nadine is an experience that will leave your team truly inspired.


1- Introduction & Demonstration
2- Group warm up
3- Key Concept exercises
4- Team Building exercise
5- Cool down
6- Solidification of Key Concepts

Win your Fight

The most important fight to win is within your own mind.

Nadine Champion has specifically designed a powerful new keynote presentation in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Her speech is the perfect fuel to re-energise your team with fresh mindset tools & strategies.

The global events of the last year have for many resembled a full-contact fight. Leaders are managing weary teams who are striving to deliver their best despite unpredictable & often chaotic circumstances. The pace hasn’t slowed but the pressure has increased.

Each new crisis brings more stress, fear & uncertainty. Nadine will be in your corner as an experienced coach, sharing pivotal strategies when your team needs them most.

Key Mindset Tools & Strategic Outcomes:
- Revitalise energy despite fatigue.
- Avoid negativity & build optimism.
- Rapidly overcome any setbacks.
- Choose courage over fear.
- Claim victory over challenges.
- Lead with a resilient fighting spirit.

Success is often 90% mental in business & life.

Winning the Good Fight Within - Mindset tools for pride & wellbeing

Nadine Champion is a powerhouse speaker who proudly promotes acceptance and support for the
LGBT+ community. Her career as an out gay athlete (as quite literally a fighter for equality), helped
to raise awareness of the LGBT+ community. Whether discussing Equity and Belonging or the
importance of Inclusion, Nadine champions corporate Diversity with her proud commitment to

In this inspiring keynote, Nadine shares empowering insights from her lived experience on the
profound influence small moments of courage can have to improve lives - both personally &
professionally. She shares key lessons on how embracing our true selves (from sexuality to mental
health & wellbeing) can meaningfully contribute to a positive culture that is geared towards success.
With decades of experience teaching engaging mindset tools straight from the heart, Nadine has the
unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Loved for being genuine, funny, authentic
& articulate - Nadine’s presentations pack a punch full of touching moments that are both
educational & thought-provoking. As the former Head of Security for Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi
Gras, Nadine has always stood up for her community and is a courageous leader in encouraging
others to do the same.

Embrace LGBT+ inclusivity, mental health & wellbeing in your workplace with Nadine by having her
present at your next event. She is known for delivering equally impactful keynote presentations both
virtually & in person. Nadine is experienced in creating bespoke talks that have the maximum value
and lasting impact for your audience.

- The power of fighting for you & what you believe in.
- Mindset tools for life-changing moments (from coming out to aiming higher in your career).
- Recognising your “Resilience Resume” & using the tools you currently possess.
- Mental health & wellbeing - practical strategies for challenging times.
- 10 Seconds of Courage at work - speaking up & shining bright!

Virtual audiences, Corporate audiences, business leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners,
women’s events, IWD audiences & LGBT+ audiences.

Personally signed copies of Nadine’s book 10 Seconds of Courage: How to recognise & embrace those
life-changing moments are available as a further resource to compliment her presentation. When asked by family if she was going to include in her memoir that she was gay, Nadine’s resounding answer was “YES, it’s such an important part of how I found my courage”!

Nadine went down very well with our group - she came in during a challenging part of the day (back end of the afternoon), where a lot of the team was already drained from a day’s worth of content. She well and truly restored our energy levels with a highly entertaining, engaging and energising block of content (which was totally on point), reading the team expertly and adjusting her style, tone and delivery to bring us all on the journey with her LinkedIn

To set the tone and engage our people in the year ahead, Nespresso engaged Nadine Champion to share her experience and expertise in managing change. With a new brand platform to launch, and at a time where the business had come off a successful yet challenging year, we needed an external voice to help drive excitement for the year ahead. Nadine came in and showcased her 10 seconds of Courage platform to help communicate the new brand values We Act, We Care, We Inspire and left the audience completely enthralled from start to finish. Her incredible passion came through in every minute of her talk, and the team unanimously voted her contribution to our overall offsite as the most impactful and enjoyable. Nadine has an incredible knack for levelling with her audience, making her experience relevant to all, and providing that thought-provoking motivation to do more, to reject fear, and be more. We were incredibly fortunate to share Nadine’s story with the team, and thank her for her time and 10 seconds of Courage!


Nadine was sensational. She encouraged self-reflection amongst a very broad and wide-ranging group, in terms of skills and development areas, and was so inspiring. Everyone took something valuable away from it on both a personal and professional level. Her message is simple and her story is incredible - the engagement levels of our team with her was something we hadn’t seen before and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to teams and businesses wanting to make a step change. Thank you for giving us 10 seconds of courage - it is something we have lived and breathed in and outside the business since that moment.

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