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Elite Performance Coach


With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam Baldwin specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance.

He continually explores the achievement of success in high-pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

Current Work:

Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.

Nam Baldwin finds his greatest meaning in life when doing things that he loves doing, well; in creating a good effect in the world and finding his best self in the process. When Nam is working with you, you’ll have his complete support and undivided attention.

Renowned for helping his clients to reveal what allows them to be their best selves, Nam encourages them to ‘lean in’ to areas of discomfort as that’s where they really grow. With so many of his clientele already performing at high levels he uses an extensive variety of methods & environments to find the ‘gaps for growth’. In return he asks for commitment, honesty and an open mind.

Nam’s personal habits & practices are of the highest standards, and he has been consistent with them for a very long time. He knows what works, and he’s being doing them long enough to have faced any number of hurdles. He knows how to tackle tough times and come out better for it! He has no problem in taking others into uncomfortable territory if required - there’s no tip toeing around in these sessions.

Nam’s work has gained much attention with the results of his skills being seen regularly in the public arena; his enviable list of current and retired legends include 3 x World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning, 7 x World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore, tennis legend Pat Rafter, Richmond Tigers, Sydney Roosters, numerous Australian national sporting teams plus Olympic & World Champion Gold Medallist kayakers, snowboarders & wake-boarders also proving his methods. In 2018 Nam began his role as the Elite Performance Specialist for Surfing Australia’s Olympic campaign, heading towards the 2020 games in Japan.

In the corporate arena Nam is working in a one-on-one capacity with elite individuals, and running highly interactive workshops for businesses that understand the importance of creating healthier individuals who understand themselves better; those who know that this leads to more connected, passionate & productive teams.

One of the reasons Nam is such an engaging & fascinating speaker is that he can share diverse life experiences that many only dream of: his thirst for knowledge, adventure & achievement has been highly recognised through several disciplines, he is an avid waterman who has held his breath for 7 minutes, a Kung Fu instructor, and lover of travel & different cultures.

Despite his many accolades, Nam’s humble, honest and simplistic approach to life is a breath of fresh air and is what makes him so loved by his audiences and his friends alike.

Talking Points

Keynote: The Road to Excellence: How to Prepare for High Performance

In today's world, so much of life has become results based & it’s detracting from our ability to perform at our best. We place excessive expectations on ourselves & we have slowly let our attention be consumed by things we can’t control. The opinions of others to overly dictate the way we think & feel, and whilst we worry solely about performance results, we are not present for the process where the real magic happens.

Too often, we are in hyperdrive, our thoughts & feelings are burning us out, and we are being left depleted and uninspired for high performance.

What do we need to shift to get back into the game of high performance?

Nam's keynote shares stories of incredible humans whose journeys took them from debilitating low-performance states to making this shift to being their best selves and ultimately becoming world champions, Olympic gold medalists and the top 1%ers in their craft.

Nam’s gift is in simplifying the complex science, strategies and methods behind high performance & he will share 3 techniques that can be used in under 3 minutes to shift you from a low to a high-performance state. You will leave inspired, empowered and hungry to take your performance to the next level.

Key Objectives and Takeaways
• How to dig yourself out of low-performance states
• How to consistently step up and lean into performance
• How to focus on growth opportunities instead of obstacles
• How to get your brain in an optimal state to perform at your best
• Knowing what a high-performance mindset actually is & how you start to build one
• How to use your strengths to overcome your natural negative bias

Other highlights include:
• Seeing a ‘live’ demonstration of how pressure & stress impacts your heartbeat & how that’s communicated to your brain & body - and how to use your breathing to pull yourself out quickly.

Workshops: Breath Enhancement Training

Breath Enhancement Training (BET) is our internationally renowned flagship program, developed originally to help big wave surfers deal with the anxiety and pressure of being held underwater for extended periods of time. Fast forward 17 years & thanks to many world class athletes and entrepreneurs sharing their insights with us, the program has now been adapted for all walks of life.
Just like pro-athletes, corporate professionals work under considerable pressure & the stresses and expectations affect the body and mind in the same way, so learning the skills that support us, especially when under significant or prolonged pressure will have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance and ultimately, well-being and happiness.

The knowledge and techniques shared can be easily applied and will lessen each individuals day to day experience of overwhelm, anxiety and pressure. We’ll also be covering what needs to be in place to ‘switch off’ after a demanding day, supporting one’s mental health & another of our most important health pillars - sleep quality.

Breath Enhancement Training has infiltrated the corporate world with a proud reputation of ‘excellence’ amongst super successful execs & companies. This particular workshop is remarkable at creating an immediate shift in how participants feel, mentally and physically.

One area that stands out in the performance of the world-class many athletes and execs I work with is how they handle pressure, and this workshop helps to equip participants with the knowledge & understanding of how they respond to stress, pressure, and how they can improve the experience by using their breathing - the most effective ‘foundational’ performance practice. Being able to manage pressure better is handy in all walks of life, whether that means having the ability to stay calm when someone cuts you off in traffic first thing, improving your 5km run time, or managing your workload more effectively. It’s useful before, during & after any stress or challenge.

- How breathing effectively directly improves the quality of your physical & mental energy
- How to use breathing to regulate your thinking, emotions & anxiety
- How to breathe correctly at rest & in high pressure & high stakes moments
- Learn how to ‘switch’ from a stressed or intense state into a calm state quickly
- See ‘live’ how your breathing directly affects your heartbeat, nervous system & all of the above
- Common breathing mistakes to look out for
- A breath check to see if your current patterns are helping or hindering you
- How to implement the practice in to your day to boost energy, minimise stress & improve sleep quality
- Helping leaders to exude a calmer presence during chaotic moments, creating a ripple effect in teams

Workshops: Ultimate Well-Being & Performance Program

All modules of Nam’s Virtual Ultimate Well-Being & Performance Program Modules which focus on improving your physical, mental & emotional well-being, can also be delivered face-to-face. In recent times you have been traversing through uncharted territory, facing uncertain & challenging times in lieu of so many uncontrollable factors. This means it is now more important than ever to be focusing on the things that can be controlled, your well-being practices & how you are showing up each day. Embedding these practices in to your daily lives provides certainty, it strengthens your resiliency & boosts your energy so you’re able to ‘strive & thrive’ day to day.

6 AREAS OF FOCUS over 8 individual interactive sessions.
60 MINUTE VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS (75 minutes for the 1st module only).
FUNSHEETS - interactive worksheets to make each session even more enjoyable.
HEALTH HABIT CHALLENGES - realistic & achievable challenges are set in each session.
FOLLOW UP RESOURCES are shared after every live session to reinforce learnings and help your team to implement into their busy lives. These include:
- Audio Podcasts - summarising each module so that you can revisit the content again at any time in the future or share with family or friends.
- Support Materials that can be saved/printed/watched such as routines, check-lists & programs.
- Nam’s Notes - Visual Recordings from Nam as he enjoys keeping connected between sessions.
- Q + A - Should Nam be unable to facilitate all questions during the Zoom time slot, send in your questions and he will answer during the week.

Mastering Performance Under Pressure

This keynote will appeal to an ambitious audience that is constantly navigating stress & pressure in the pursuit of growth and progress. Whilst they know that this stress is inevitable & they are keen to
master their performance under pressure - the question remains… have they armed themselves with the skills to navigate the expectations, fears & self-doubt that accompany it?

A blend of scientific evidence and real-life experience of working with world-class athletes and execs, Nam will empower the audience with practical tools they can incorporate into their daily lives to triumph over their own challenges. He will share the stories of these legendary athletes who only achieved their greatest personal & professional success after their own debilitating journeys of performing poorly under pressure.

- Three techniques in under three minutes.
The audience will be equipped with 3 powerful techniques that can be employed in under 3 minutes, which empower individuals to navigate pressure effectively & enhance their ability to perform at
their best.

- Live Demo: The instant impact of your breath when pressured.
Witness a captivating live demonstration that will leave you with no doubts about just how important your breathing is in the management of stress & pressure.

- Inspiration and Timeless Wisdom
This experience is more than a keynote; it's an experience of inspiration, interaction and timeless wisdom. By drawing upon the remarkable stories of athletes who have conquered pressure, and
by arming you with those same tools, the audience leaves knowing how to take steps towards becoming the best version of themselves.
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