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Social Impact Leader Helping Brands Become a Profitable Force for Good


Natalie Simmons spent 21 years in the corporate sector leading award-winning global businesses.

Recognising the shift to purpose-driven brands early, Natalie, pioneered solutions for purposeful business while delivering bottom-line growth, higher employee engagement and meaningful customer solutions.

Current Work:

In 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Natalie embarked on a new venture, building a group of businesses with a focus on creating impact, for people and the planet - Barefoot Citizens Consulting.

Natalie has been working with corporations all over the world to redefine their corporate purpose and integrate an actionable and measurable program which has proven results both for employees and customer engagement. Barefoot Citizens Consulting’s work clearly demonstrates that by focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17 - Partnerships For The Goals - anything is possible.
Natalie’s story is personal, telling, and above all inspiring for any company or individual looking to understand how we each can contribute to achieving a common goal.

Talking Points

The Company that Stands for Something is Something

In an ever-changing world where companies are recognising that purpose needs to no longer be on the periphery of their strategy but at its core to thrive, there are still many unanswered questions.
How do you integrate meaningful purpose into corporate purpose, engaging both your employees and customers while driving profitable growth?

As now famously quoted by Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO, “Caring for our planet is not in conflict with running a successful business.”

Even prior to the pandemic, it had been shown time and time again that the most successful companies that put purpose at their core are able to redefine the playing field and reshape their value proposition, overcoming the challenges of slowing growth and declining profits. Covid-19 has accelerated the divide between purposeful businesses and those that have not made the shift, a trend which is gathering momentum and will continue to do so as we see the newest trends challenging businesses today - The Great Resignation now followed by Quiet Quitting.

Natalie will take your audience on a journey of impact and inspire individuals to take personal action while growing brand loyalty.

Topics covered:
- Purpose Driven Companies
- Impactful Investing
- Motivational
- Sustainability
- Innovation
- UN Sustainable Development Goals
Nat and the team at Barefoot have been fantastic. They helped us build capacity to crystallise our strategic direction and get our team onboard. Their team displayed a depth of knowledge on values-based leadership and culture development. I truly believe we have created a long-term relationship that will continue to strengthen our business. Your Food Collective
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