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AFL champion.


Nathan Buckley's journey from a young boy with stars in his eyes to the pinnacle of Australian Football is a story of both hard work and talent and is a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities, strategic insight, and unyielding commitment to excellence.

Born in Adelaide, Nathan spent his youth travelling around Australia spending his formative years in the Northern Territory; Nathan's diverse background instilled in him adaptability and a unique perspective that he later brought to his leadership roles. While his initial years in the SANFL with Port Adelaide and entry to the AFL with the Brisbane Bears were marked by commendable personal achievements, his time with the Collingwood Football Club truly showcased his leadership mettle.

As the Captain of Collingwood from 1999, Nathan demonstrated an innate ability to lead by example. His commitment to the side was unwavering, leading them to multiple Grand Finals and leaving an indelible mark with 161 games as captain. Beyond his playing days, Nathan's insights into the game's intricacies made him a respected media analyst and commentator figure.

But leadership transcends the playing field. Nathan's transition to coaching showcased his strategic mindset and adaptability. As Senior Coach for Collingwood, he demonstrated his aptitude for nurturing talent and building cohesive teams, leading them to the finals multiple times, including the unforgettable 2018 Grand Final.

Nathan's drive for better, in himself and in others, saw him constantly evolve as a leader, inspiring and driving his team and club along the way. Having dedicated nearly 500 games over 25 years to Collingwood as a transformative player and a visionary coach, Nathan transitioned his leadership acumen to the corporate world. As an esteemed speaker, he shares his extensive leadership, team dynamics, and strategy knowledge with business executives, empowering them to excel in their domains.

Talking Points

Authentic Leadership: Field-Tested Strategies for Success

Drawing from hard-fought experiences on the football field and in life, Nathan Buckley unpacks the essence of transformative leadership. In a surprisingly atypical manner; Nathan presents with a unique blend of authenticity, vulnerability, and a depth of understanding gained from elite sports, constant critical self-assessment and transformative personal relationships. Further, Nathan underscores the critical importance of self-awareness and how it can and does underpin the ability to create deeper, more meaningful connections within a high-performance culture and at every interface with the outside world. This session is not just a discussion on leadership; it's a compelling roadmap for embodying values, passion, and collaborative spirit in every leadership endeavour.

Key Takeaways:
- Courage in Authenticity: Understand how embracing vulnerability can reshape team dynamics and catalyse success.
- Beyond Perceptions: Navigate and overcome external pressures, realigning with your core values and sense of self.
- Trust as a Foundation: Practical steps to deepen trust, fostering an environment of shared accountability.
- Mastering Active Listening: Techniques to amplify communication, bolstering collaboration and valuing diversity.
- Broad Vision Leadership: Embrace the 'Hydrangea Effect' - the ability to see the larger picture, appreciating the collective while fine-tuning the details.

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Vicki Stone

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

Let's talk, enquire with Vicki now

Vicki Stone

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

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