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Dr Neryl

Expert in Communication, Crisis & Reputation Management

Be heard. Stand out. Command influence.

If you want to build a stand-out reputation for yourself and your organisation, you want to learn from someone who’s been a leader in that arena for more than three decades. Dr Neryl East’s deep expertise in media, marketing, influential communication and credibility spans the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Current Work:

In a world full of hype and fake news, Neryl brings her unique blend of down-to-earth, warts-and-all experience, considered and insightful perspective and irreverent humour to events.

Who else could bring so much life to a story about an anti-corruption case that the audience is laughing while they learn the lessons?

And because Neryl has many years of experience both as a professional speaker and a television reporter, she’s equally at home speaking from a stage to a large audience or through a camera lens to a virtual community. Whether your event is in-person or online - or a hybrid of the two - you’re in very safe hands with Neryl as your speaker.

Neryl works with leaders who want to be heard, stand out and command influence.

She has a PhD in Journalism and is the author of five books, including an Amazon best-seller.

Neryl is also a Certified Speaking Professional - an international designation awarded to only a small percentage of professional speakers globally.

Previous Experience:

Neryl started as a cadet journalist in the (then) male-dominated environment of radio, and remembers being told to wear high heels so she could “kick the TV cameramen” if they got in her way during all-in media interviews.

She moved to the world of television and for ten years reported and presented every conceivable type of story - from grisly murders to over-sized vegetables and everything in between.

Neryl then “crossed to the dark side” into corporate communication where she quickly realised organisations knew very little about how to manage issues before they spiralled out of control, and many completely floundered when it came to putting their best foot forward in a crisis.

In 2000, she took to the microphone as an Olympic announcer where her voice was heard by hundreds of thousands of people.

Moving into government, Neryl thrived on the daily barrage of contentious issues and dramas that came her way - in fact she likens her role to juggling hand grenades while pedalling a unicycle across a flaming tightrope suspended over a crocodile-infested gorge!

One morning she was meeting with the CEO of a local council when his PA came to the door and informed him, “Some people from the Commission Against Corruption are here to see you”. What followed was a snowball of events leading to one of the biggest sex and corruption scandals ever seen in Australia. Neryl later wrote the book about that infamous episode, Named and Shamed, which was serialised in the media.

Talking Points

The New Way of Leadership

How to rebuild trust in a changed world through clear and credible communication

Today’s world requires a seismic shift for leaders and their organizations.
• Research shows trust is at rock bottom.
• There’s intense pressure for results despite a huge amount of disruption.
• Employees want an even stronger focus on well-being and balance.

Pre-pandemic ways of leading will no longer cut it.

In this keynote, Dr Neryl East presents her latest research that identifies the key for executives and leadership teams to not only navigate these challenges but redefine themselves as leaders in the process.

Audiences take away specific action steps to magnify their communication performance - so they’re clear, open, compassionate and highly effective, including:
• How to be a steady anchor for your team in a world of uncertainty
• A framework to ensure you’re authentically clear every time you communicate
• Tools to be people-focused and compassionate without compromising strength and competence
• How to have platform dexterity so you’re an outstanding leader in any environment, whether face to face or online
• How to lead teams into a better future through forward inspiration

Ideal as a stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half day workshop program.

Leading in the Spotlight

How to be a transformational leader who commands attention through outstanding communication

At a time when trust in leaders is at rock bottom and people feel disconnected and tired of turmoil, it’s crucial to be a clear, credible and influential communicator.

The foundation of a transformational leader is exceptional communication skills.

Whether it’s in media interviews, public presentations or high-stakes internal communication, it’s never been more important for leaders to step up with certainty, especially when the pressure is on.

Dr Neryl East brings her own extensive experience in the spotlight to this vibrant and insightful presentation. Audiences take away:
• How to stand out (for the right reasons) when the pressure is on, the stakes are high and the outcome really matters
• The keys to turning reputation risks into communication triumphs
• Communicating under fire: What to say in a crisis, whether in a media interview, on a stage or in the boardroom

Leading in the Spotlight is ideal for leaders in any sector or organisation serious about creating and sustaining an outstanding reputation. It can be delivered in-person, virtually or in a hybrid environment and can be tailored to any keynote length or extended into a workshop.

Ignite your Influence

The keys to communicating with confidence and credibility so you’re a champion influencer in business and life

With hybrid workplaces here to say, confident, credible and influential communication is vital for high performing teams and effective leaders.

From the secret stories we tell ourselves to powerful lessons learned in a career spanning TV, the Olympics and some of Australia’s biggest public scandals, Neryl takes audiences on an enthralling journey that awakens the influential communicator within us all.

Audiences take away:
• How to build trust so that when you speak - online and in-person - others sit up and take notice
• The secrets to communicating so clearly that you get your message across the first time, every time
• How to say goodbye to your fear of conflict and get excited that friction is essential for outstanding results

Ideal as a stand-alone keynote or half-day workshop.

Be Extraordinary, One Choice at a Time

How to take more action, break through obstacles and achieve beyond expectations

After having the world turned upside down, what does your future hold?

Long before COVID-19, each of us faced different kinds of disruptions. For Neryl East and her husband, Mike, that involved a life-altering accident.

Rather than accepting a bleak “new normal”, they went from their darkest night to an incredible triumph - all through small, moment-by-moment choices.

In this joyful, compelling and invigorating presentation, they share how setting a “giggly goal” changed the course of their lives - and how you can take a similar approach to transform your business, relationships and life.

Audiences take away
• How to use the momentum of negative experiences to propel you to the next level of success in any area of life.
• The keys to making high-quality choices that will shape your extraordinary future
• A clear path of action to take your results beyond what you dreamed you could achieve

After hearing Mike and Neryl’s story you’ll realise you can, at any time, disrupt your own life and create the extraordinary.

This presentation can be tailored to any length between 30 and 120 minutes. It can be delivered by Dr Neryl East alone or with her husband, Mike.

Harness the power of AI without killing your credibility

AI can save time and resources but use it unwisely and your credibility will take a hit.
This keynote unveils the sweet spot, where the time-saving brilliance of ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI can co-exist with your personal and business reputation.


Your audience will:
• Implement a new awareness of generative AI tools, well beyond ChatGPT
• Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the benefits and risks of using generative AI in their business
• Take away a framework for how to use generative AI to speed up tasks without impacting human relationships or reducing trust with clients and customers

What we know
ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI offer businesses incredible opportunities to save time and money - and they also come with risk that needs careful management.

There’s a good chance staff in your organization are using ChatGPT and other platforms as time-savers and research tools- most likely under the radar of any regulation.

Regardless of your sector, it’s essential to be aware of what’s available and the implications of this emerging technology, so you can harness its many benefits while protecting your organization’s credibility and reputation.

What this keynote will cover
ChatGPT is just the beginning; there are now close to 100 free, publicly available tools that use generative AI in everything from creating spreadsheets and corporate reports to translating documents, manipulating images, generating voice-overs, editing video and much more.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on the rules required to manage these tools to address risks such as data security, privacy and copyright - let alone ethical issues and potential damage to reputation.

Dr Neryl East’s presentation gives you an essential snapshot of the breadth of generative AI tools already available (with more coming online every day) and how to use them to enhance, not destroy, your reputation.

This content is ideal as a stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half-day workshop program.

This new communication era is truly a game-changer. Start your AI credibility journey now by engaging Dr Neryl for your conference or event.
I've not come across anyone with the range of skills and experience that Neryl offers. Shellharbour City Council

Very motivating, inspiring, funny and full of fabulous advice.

Australian Local Government Women's Association

Insightful and dynamic!

NSW Trade & Investment

We highly recommend Dr Neryl East.

CPA Australia

Very motivating, inspiring, funny and full of fabulous advice.

Australian Local Government Women’s Association

A fantastic presentation!

Professional Conference Organisers Association

Neryl is no doubt the best speaker I have ever heard.

Somerset College, Gold Coast
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