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Real Estate Futurist


Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, focused on preparing organizations for a tech-enabled future. She helps leaders reimagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today.

She has held leadership positions with Fortune 500’s and most recently served as the Head of Technology Strategy at QIC, an Australian investment manager with a $70 Billion portfolio of assets under management. She is the founder and global ambassador of Women in PropTech and former three-term co-chair of the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City.

Holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, Nikki’s approach brings a balance between pushing possibilities, and practicality. Nikki is a highly regarded thought leader, a frequent speaker at leading global conferences, a commentator in the press, and a recipient of numerous international awards.

Talking Points

What Buildings Will Be Like When Robots Take Over

An entertaining, tongue-in-cheek yet highly informative keynote on the role of service robots, PropTech & automation within real estate. The keynote looks at a history of innovation in the built environment drawing from case studies such as Archigram’s Cities Walking, as well as reflecting on predictions from the popular futuristic cartoon series The Jetsons. The audience is encouraged to interact with one another to discuss and explore the future that we imagine might be like.

Topics: Innovation, disruption, real estate, robotics, futurism, sustainability, humanitarianism, architecture
Learnings: Key terminology from tech, robotics and VC. PropTech to enhance operations and UX. The tech-enabled future for CRE.

1. Hear about cutting-edge technologies, and understand the disruptive impact that they will have in the future, and already having today.
2. Learn how to make the argument for why your organization cannot stand still in this ever-changing environment, leveraging Nikki’s insights from leading the technology strategy of a $17 Billion global real estate portfolio through its’ digital transformation.
3. Understand the steps that you can take today to be prepared for tomorrow’s increasingly tech-enabled future.

This topic is for real estate audiences with an interest in the convergence of physical space and cyber space, and how the design of future-places impacts on the inhabitants of generations to come.

Delivery: In-person or virtual keynote.

A New Reality for Realty

In 2019, Gen-Z (born 1996-2010) became the largest population group globally. As the first generation to not know a world without the internet, the way that they interact with the world is unique in that they blur the boundary between digital and in-person realities.

Gen-Z view products as services and expect a personalized experience from brands. They also turn to social media to search for information and trust reviews over advertising. A New Reality for Realty, explores how Gen-Z’s attitudes and expectations are disrupting the way that real estate is designed and operated, to ensure that what is delivered today will meet the needs of tomorrow.

Topics: Generational change, social media, new technologies, drones, IoT, co-working, co-living, gamification, virtual reality, robots

Learnings: Complementing physical and digital experiences. Meeting values of Gen-Z. Do’s and don’t for tech adoption

2030: A Space Odyssey

A decade of innovation has been condensed into a matter of weeks as companies im- implemented new systems in response to Covid-19. The real estate industry has been shaken up, with the places in which we work, live, shop, dine and play needing a complete rethink. While the new reality for realty now starting to take shape, there is an in-credible opportunity to rebuild with technology, innovation, empathy, and sustainable development principles to guide the way that developments are designed, transacted, operated, and occupied. How do you design for the future and operate in an environment with so many unknowns? How do you identify areas for growth and prosperity? How do you adapt assets to the new reality without degrading their core function?
What does design for flexibility look like? How do you rebuild responsibly to create a lasting legacy?

Topics: Rebuilding the industry, COVID-19, CRE, robotics, IoT, future, residential, retail, innovation, realtor, social media, PropTech

Learning: Apply designing thinking to as- sess your traditional operations. How to focus on a long-term outlook in an uncertain environment. International case studies. Design for flexibility of use. How to capitalize on disruption to breed innovation.

Towards 2050: The Future of Workplace, Workflow & Workforce

2020 saw a disruptive change in the notion of the workplace as companies all around the world moved to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, an advanced acceleration in the adoption of new remote-work technology took place which has forever altered the way that companies conceptualize work. As a move towards a hybrid way of working which encompasses both a traditional o?ce as well as remote-work possibilities is now the new reality for many companies, what trends and technologies can support such a move? How should workplaces best position themselves for this new reality? What role do advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning play in this new reality?

Nikki will provide a global analysis of best practices from around the world with a focus on New York and Silicon Valley. She will discuss both the way that workplaces have changed as a result of the global health crisis, as well as identify the issues that companies need to consider as they conceptualize their future workplace and the role that their workforce will play within this new reality. During her presentation, she will look at the changing role and growth potential that drones, service robots, chatbots, and artificial intelligence hold as part of the human capital mix, and how mega-tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are considering the future of workplace, workforce, and workflow within their own operations. Her keynote will conclude with both future projections and tangible recommendations on the next steps to take to prepare for this techno-centric new reality.

Cyber Space vs Real Space

Today, cyberspace is a direct competitor with real space. With the ever-increasing dominance of e-commerce and remote work competing with the need for physical malls and offices, the competitive landscape for real estate owners has extended beyond the physical, and into the digital realm. During her keynote presentation, Nikki discusses this notion of the ‘physidigital’, that is, the way in which the physical and digital realms converge. Here, the audience will learn ways that their spaces can be optimized for productivity within this new reality, along with the decisions that they can make today to prepare them for a digital tomorrow.

Gen-Z & the 2030 Opportunity

In 2019, Gen-Z became the largest population group globally. By 2030, 75% of the workforce will be made up of Gen-Z and Millennials. Gen-Z, as the first generation to not know a world without the internet, interacts with the world in a unique way that blurs the boundary between digital and in-person realities. The New Reality for Reality explores how Gen-Z’s attitudes and expectations will shape the way that spaces are designed and operated in the future. Here, Nikki will provide insights on how to ensure that what is delivered today will meet the needs of tomorrow.

What organizations must do today to capture the attention of the world’s largest population group, digital native Gen-Z.

Nikki will deliver global insights on the role that emerging technologies play in our digital future, and provide guidance on how to differentiate between passing fads vs true disruptors.
By understanding what matters to Gen-Z, Nikki translates trend data into actionable tips on how to design products and marketing campaigns that will appeal to the iGeneration.
As a millennial, hear from Nikki on what she believes Gen-Z has learned from the hard lessons of her generation, and understand the actions that you should take today to get into the Gen-Z mindset.

This talk is for everyone across organizations looking to build loyalty with Gen-Z, who encompass both their future customer and future workforce.

Delivery: In-person or virtual keynote.

The AnyPlace WorkPlace

The workplace is evolving. It is no longer a fixed location of workstations, meeting rooms and private offices. Instead, today’s workplace is about both bricks and bytes, where the physical space has converged with cyberspace.

During her energetic keynote presentation, Nikki will present her original insights on what workplace means today, in the Age of the Cloud. She will challenge the audience to question the rationale of traditional 9-5 work policies that precede the internet and present the approach to hybrid-work being taken by future-forward technology companies across the globe to engage digital native Gen-Z and Millennial employees. And most importantly, Nikki will challenge leaders to be bold enough to take steps to challenge the status quo, and create the conditions for their employees to do their best work.

Original tips and insights on how to make workplaces productive, preferable and profitable in the age of flexible working.

1. Understand why putting a changed person in an unchanged environment inevitably back-fires - and how to reverse the trend.
2. Learn a Human-centered approach to creating a high performance workplace culture that will serve your organization well into the future.
3. Receive tips on how to successfully embed innovation and flexibility into decision-making to get break-through results.

This talk is for leaders and people managers from organizations obsessed with creating a highly-motivated culture that leads to strong performance.

Delivery: In-person or virtual keynote.

Building a Better Future

There is nothing that is more exciting than getting a glimpse into the way that the built world is created - except of course for the vision of where the construction industry is heading. Already today, there have been incredible advancements in robotics, material sciences, ConTech and computer visioning that are driving the industry forward at the convergence of the digital and physical realities. With the invisible hands of automations working in the background to optimize construction sequencing, discover efficiencies, and prevent hazards before they occur, to the figurative robotic arms driving 3D printers, autonomous trucks, and drone site surveys; tomorrow’s worksites sound like science fiction, and yet these technologies are increasingly being adopted today. Alongside this accelerating drive to digitization, is a global push towards achieving net-zero, with the construction industry taking on a significant role. During her inspiring, high-energy keynote, Nikki Greenberg will discuss the trends and technologies affecting the construction industry and present a vibrant vision for its future inspired by NextGen technologies, insights from other industries, and global forces.

If You Can Imagine It You Can Create It

How to use Design Thinking to solve big problems and get breakthrough results.

1. Be challenged to design future-focused strategies that embrace emerging technologies.
2. Leaders will learn how to translate their vision into a tangible reality, leveraging Nikki’s lived examples as an architect on transformative, city-shaping projects.
3. Nikki will guide leaders on how to capitalize on the opportunities created during downturns, leveraging her expertise in future-focused strategic planning.
4. Gain tips on how to design organizational strategies today, to meet the needs of tomorrow.

This talk is for leaders and change-makers, looking to lead with a long-term focus in the digital age.

Delivery: In-person or virtual keynote, or in an intimate interactive session for company executives.

Happy Hybrid Workplace

In the digital realm, people can adjust their environment to their personal preferences and needs.

Whether it’s customizing their desktop image with a photo of happy memory, making the screen brighter or dimmer, adjusting the volume of meetings, or “snoozing” notifications to accomplish deep work, individuals are in control. In the physical office space, however, this optionality is not offered.
How to create happier physical spaces:
- Color theory: There is a strong link between colours and mood. Even off-the-shelf smart lights such as Samsung Hue can change the environment to support the activity being undertaken, whether it’s concentrating, collaborating, or socializing. For example, green as a low-wavelength colour promotes restfulness and calm, improving efficiency and focus.
- Scents and sounds: Similarly, scents and sounds can be used to positively influence our mood. For example, brown noise and a peppermint scent for concentration.
- Social interaction: While countless studies relay how the number one office annoyance is interruptions by colleagues (oh dear!), spaces can (and should) be designed to encourage social interactions, which counters our society’s loneliness epidemic. Providing agency for an individual to both opt-in and escape is important.
In the world of hybrid work, it has been argued that team cohesiveness and a sense of belonging have been lost.

Organizations should not just consider the impact of the design of their physical office space, but how their corporate identity can flow through to the experience for both WFH physical spaces and digital spaces including Zoom and the Metaverse.

That is to say, they should be thought of as one and the same. For example:
- Colour, scent, and sound theory: Pre-programmed settings that promote concentration, socialization, relaxation, etc. can be achieved at home by providing team members with pre-programmed smart lights and IoT equipment that the team member can adjust to their needs.
- Virtual office hours: Where a Zoom room has an “open door,” allowing anyone to drop in and chat without having a scheduled appointment, allowing for casual social interactions.
- Avatars: Let the team choose who they want to be in the digital realm. In the same way that much effort is put into corporate headshots, encourage and cultivate the development of individualistic digital identities.
To create a happy hybrid workplace, employees need an agency to create a positive environment for both their physical and digital surroundings. Organizations can play a role in equipping them with the tools, technologies, and pre-programmed settings to enable this.
Best presentation of the day! TechCrunch

The power of Nikki's message for the Real Estate industry simply cannot be ignored.

JLL New York

Nikki has the perfect blend of charisma, levity, & insight.


What Nikki said resonated throughout the rest of the [executive board] meeting. More than once, our asset/portfolio managers said “as Nikki referenced earlier”. It was really a perfect fit for us.

AEW Virtual

Nikki was so amazing and [we] are receiving rave reviews from the event attendees.

CREW (San Antonio)

I believe the audience had their eyebrows raised a few times and the leaders starting to think about generation Z more seriously. I hope that we get a chance to have [her] onboard again in another setting, great way for everyone to get up to speed on the trends out there.

CBRE Global Investors 2021 (London)

The perfect blend of charisma, levity and insight!

Global Real Estate, IBM (Washington DC)

The feedback on her session has been amazing. A lot of different people have contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it, but also have already been suggesting things we need to start doing as a business (or doing better) because of what she highlighted and discussed.

Frasers (Sydney, Australia)

I’m so thankful that we engaged Nikki Greenberg. It was such a great way to segway to talk about our organization’s future vision

Appraisers Foundation (Washington DC)

It was a great one to close out on. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about the problems of today that it's great to be challenged to look ahead.

National Association of Realtors (San Antonio)

Nikki’s topic ‘The 2030 Opportunity’ enabled us to all think about what’s coming next, highlighting mega trends that will shape the future of our industry. [We had] an outstanding turnout and insightful event, thanks so much Nikki!

Opteon (Sydney, Australia)
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