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Media Personality, Host & Mental Health Advocate

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A tiny positive habit, repeated daily over time, builds an unshakeable foundation on which mental health will stand.

Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities and has been a guest in Australian living rooms for over 25 years.

From his work on Channel [V] in the early 2000’s to seven seasons on Australian Idol, Osher was the first (and at this stage still the only) Australian to host live network prime time TV in the USA when he fronted CBS’ Live To Dance.

Osher celebrated his 30th year in broadcasting with a Gold Logie Nomination for hosting both the Masked Singer and The Bachelors on Network10.

In the audio space, Osher can be heard on his podcast “Osher Günsberg: Better Than Yesterday”, making it better every week since 2013.

In 2023, Osher returned to radio with his long-time collaborator Yumi Stynes to bring to life the world’s first 24/7 Music Trivia station on ARN.

Aside from his broadcast work, Osher Günsberg is a passionate advocate for positive conversations around mental health and climate action.

The release of his memoir “Back, After the Break” became an instant best-seller and was nominated for a 2019 ABIA for Best Biography Book of the Year which was accompanied by a live show of the same name which sold out a national tour.

Aside from his regular TV work, Osher recently moved into hosting and producing documentaries - with spectacular success. His first film “Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death” (produced with Lune Media) was met with enormous acclaim and went on to win the coveted “Golden Goddess” for Best Documentary (one- off) at the 2022 Asian Academy Awards. His upcoming film, “My journey into a world of pain” explores the treatment of chronic and persistent pain.

In the live space, Osher recently completed a second season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, with the acclaimed satirical news show he created “NTNNNNN”, where along with his talented cast they create an entirely new hour of comedy every night.

Off-air, Osher is a regular columnist for Men’s Health, and an in-demand keynote speaker. He currently serves on the board of We Ride Australia after having previously served on the board of SANE Australia, and is a proud ambassador for Movember.

Talking Points

Self Care: Substances

You are the most valuable asset in your career.
As you get more responsibilities, how will you cope if your coping is destroying everything?
A deeply personal narrative of overcoming the adverse effects of unhealthy coping mechanisms, particularly in the context of handling work stress, trauma, and mental health challenges.
A journey from using harmful substances like alcohol and drugs to numb pain and work anxiety, the full devastation that this destructive cycle creates, and how to cope in a healthier way…

Key Takeaways:
- Understand the misconceptions about addiction and avoidant behaviour
- Learn the power of seeking help
- Accessible and zero-cost coping strategies
- Feel the profound sense of possibility once a new way forward is found

Self Care: Action Stations

Help (And Seeking It)
We all got hired because we were the best people with the best skills at the time.
Our lives outside of work contribute to who we are and the quality of work that we do. When things fall apart, who we are and the work we do falls apart too.
This is an authentic conversation about how seeking help for issues in our lives is in fact a strong move, a smart move and a powerful career move.
Employees have never been more supported.
However, there’s still a stigma around accessing support and seeking help.
Using his own career as an example, Osher reveals how help-seeking played a crucial role in his work, with never-before-seen footage to show the exact moments when interventions took place.

Key Takeaways:
- Break down the stigma around accessing support and help
- Feel empowered and informed about help that is available
- Understand how help-seeking can (and should) progress careers


Resilience in the face of uncertainty is a superpower.
“So What, Now What” is a real-life method for getting through the toughest moments with empathy, compassion and possibility.
The great news is that resilience is a learned skill, a muscle that we can strengthen like any other through the repetition of evidence-based exercises.

Key Takeaways:
- A set of tools and techniques to fortify (or begin) their resilience practice
- Behind-the-scenes insights into moments in Osher’s life where he has successfully deployed these tools.

Bringing the Whole Self to Work: Pain

In an effort to better understand those who we live and work with who live with this condition, this keynote serves as a primer to what should be general knowledge to the whole community and is a companion to Osher’s next documentary film, which explores chronic and persistent pain.

One in five adult Australians suffers from chronic pain, which is pain that lasts for three months or more. That’s 3.5 Million of us. Pain costs billions in healthcare costs and lost productivity.

Pain ruins relationships and careers. It wasn’t until Osher experienced long-term pain that he realised how little he knew about how pain works and the best ways to manage and treat it. (Here’s a clue - it’s not always drugs).

Key Takeaways:
- Understand the widespread nature of chronic pain and its impact on businesses and communities
- Tools to help support team members and loved ones who may be suffering from chronic pain
- Learn about evidence-based strategies and practices for managing chronic pain

Bringing the Whole Self to Work: Different Brains

Osher Gunsberg is a man living with a complex mental illness. Based on the best-selling book “Back After the Break”, this is a warts-and-all lived experience story about grappling with this condition.

One in five Australians are affected by complex mental illness. Eight people will die by suicide in our country today, and six of them will be men.
Everyone in the room has been touched by this, and the time to ‘not mention it’ is over.
This is a journey through anxiety and depression all the way to psychosis and suicidality (don’t worry, it has a happy ending).

Key Takeaways:
-The red flags to look for in yourself and others who may be in trouble
- How to support those struggling
- A true message of hope

Speaking & Presentation Skills

Minimum Duration: 90 minutes

A truly transformational session.

Over 30 years of broadcasting at the highest levels in the world has taught Osher a thing or two about public speaking.

In the space of a single session, he will lead the audience through the fundamentals of speaking in front of others. This session culminates in three audience members being randomly selected and supported as they each showcase their new skills.

MC & Host

Osher has been called “the safest pair of hands in television”, so it’s no surprise he is a polished and professional MC who is guaranteed to inject your event with star power.
With over three decades of experience hosting live events in front of thousands, and in live broadcasting viewed by millions he has seen and done it all.

Osher prides himself on being the easiest part of your event. He is meticulously prepared while also being able to adapt at a moment's notice. With a background in live broadcast, you won't be surprised to know that, he has never let an event run over time.
Many in attendancethanked me for enabling this special event to happen, and that is immediate feedback from our community. The most common comment from those who spoke to me last night was how relatable Osher’sstory was as he gave his presentation in language that ordinary people can identify with. Robinvale Network House

Thank you so very much for joining us yesterday and contributing to THE ICONIC R U OK? Day event. Your transparency, authenticity, and passion for mental wellbeing was received so well by our people, and many have reached out to say how grateful they are to you for sharing your personal experience.


Osher was fantastic today. We have nothing but great feedback from everyone. They just loved it and how honest he was. IT really made our RUOK Day brilliant. I already don’t know how we can do anything better for the day next year. A big thank you Osher


Osher is a really great speaker to work with. Not only is he very professional (and obviously media trained) but also very down to earth as well to our entire team, and on camera too. The content he provided was very suitable to our specific audience and to the topic of the event, and he was able to hit all the specific points we'd asked of him. We would love to have him as a speaker again.

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