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Worimi Man, Author, Storyteller & CEO of Callaghan Cultural Consultancy


Paul Callaghan is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people, located on the coast of New South Wales just north of Newcastle.

Paul has 20 years of experience at the senior management, executive and CEO level with qualifications in surveying, drafting, commerce, training and development, executive leadership, company boards, and executive/organizational coaching.

In addition he has over 20 years of cultural learning through going bush with Elders.

Current Work:

A desire to focus on community and individual wellbeing compelled him to start his own business, Callaghan Cultural Consultancy which provides a diverse range of services with Aboriginal Culture, cultural contexts, cultural protocols and cultural translation embedded in all aspects of delivery.

In addition to consultancy work, Paul is a motivational speaker, a storyteller, a dancer and an author. His first book, Iridescence: Finding Your Colours and Living Your Story, published in 2014, has received numerous, heartfelt testimonials from around the world and his most recent book The Dreaming Path, written with Uncle Paul Gordon, shares ancient wisdom and the power of Aboriginal spirituality as a profound source of contentment and wellbeing for anyone willing to listen.

Previous Experience:

Paul has experience across a number of industry areas including civil engineering, community services, culture and heritage, custodial services (Juvenile Justice and Correctional Centres), disability services, education, environmental land management, farming (aquaculture and cattle), government (policy and service delivery), health, home care, job services and employment, mental health services, mining, primary health care, social housing, university (teaching and strategy), vocational education and training, wellbeing and youth services.

Talking Points

Authentic Leadership - Learning from the World’s Oldest Living Culture

Organisations are forever seeking better ways to lead. From an Aboriginal perspective, they all continue to get it wrong. Through this presentation, Paul provides an alternative view on leadership that has been successful for over 60,000 years. Many of the insights he provides are applicable in the contemporary business world.

Key takeaways:
- Western leadership theory is too narrow in its scope
- Aboriginal leadership provides a new way of viewing the leadership role
- The Aboriginal way of leading can change the world in a good way

Two Worlds Together

Target audience: Anyone wanting to know more about Aboriginal culture and how it can create a better place (workplace, home, community, region, country and world)

Western culture has created many things that give us enjoyment every day such as hot showers, coffee, timely transportation and the ability to talk to someone we love on the other side of the world in real-time. At the same time, there are many people who feel like something is missing. Through this presentation, Paul explores key values of the Western world and Aboriginal world and explains how bringing the two worlds together can be a good thing for everybody.

Key takeaways:
- The Western world has much to offer but we often don’t see it
- The Aboriginal way of seeing the world can help you better navigate day to day life
- By understanding Aboriginal ways of being, we all have a chance to sit together in unity and fellowship and better appreciate the beautiful land we are blessed to live in

Work Life Balance - Making it Real

Despite promises two decades ago that our personal world would be one of increased leisure, most people find high-level stress to be a workplace norm. We all talk about getting balance in our lives but few of us know what to do about it. Through this presentation, Paul provides insights from the Aboriginal world and the Western world on how to make the changes necessary to get your life back.

Key Takeaways:
- Work can be a good thing but we need to set boundaries
- Work Life balance can be achieved but it requires discipline and self-responsibility
- You owe it to yourself to get balance in your life so you can ‘live the best story possible’
It doesn't matter who you are or where you've come from, there is something truly universal in the wisdom and life lessons shared by Uncle Paul Callaghan. Whether it's an intimate, interactive session or captivating keynote presentation to a large audience, people hang off every word and are deeply moved by Paul's story, perspective and authenticity. Gone Bush Adventures
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