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Master of creativity, innovation and overcoming adversity

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The future belongs to those that believe in the power of their dreams.

So, what can we learn from the country's most successful magician?

“It’s Show Business. There’s no show without the business,” says Cosentino. It’s the most important ingredient for any entertainer that is so often misunderstood, glossed over, or simply forgotten.

Cosentino’s personal story is astounding and inspiring.

Learn how Cosentino, a boy with learning difficulties, overcame adversity, beat the odds to reach his dreams and turn a boyhood hobby into an international success story and pioneer a dying art-form in the process.

Newscorp’s Stellar Magazine calls Cosentino more than a magician but rather an “international empire builder”.

A best-selling author, with a signature line of magic products in major retailers, the first Australian magician to create 8 of his own prime-time TV shows airing in over 60 countries with over 500 million viewers and the star of an international touring act with over 1 million tickets sold globally, Cosentino can inspire your team to do the impossible, reach new heights, spark brand new ideas and release their inner creativity.

But Cosentino does more than just inspire your team. He focuses on the key topics of creativity, misdirection motivation and self-awareness ..the tricks of the trade for building a successful business or career. Cosentino reinforces his actionable insights by weaving his magic into the presentation to exemplify each point.

His keynote is mesmerising throughout.

Talking Points


How I create a unique, never before seen magical experience for the audience using what I call the 8 fundamentals of magic (Appearance, disappearance, transposition, levitation, penetration, transformation, restoration, predication) to create an original effect.

How I managed to diversify my niche brand and expand it across the nation and the world. From fiction to non-fiction books, magic kits, playing cards, cartoon series, TV Specials and live touring.

50% of future jobs haven’t been created yet. So how do we educate the generation of tomorrow for something that doesn’t exist? This is about the true importance of creativity and why it is the most underestimated human resource.


“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but that gets boring, so I go back to being me”.

I unpack how I developed an understanding my uniqueness and difference, and how I learned to leverage it. Also, believing in what my true value is.

Teaching techniques to understand “what everybody is saying” through body language and posture.


How to get motivated. My 3 motivating factors (success, fear, becoming disturbed) and how to channel them positively for lasting results.
Cosentino’s keynote address was inspiring to the 400 educators attending our conference “Teaching Today for Tomorrow”. Cosentino shared his touching story of how he pursued his creativity to become the outstanding talent that he is today, reminding educators that students have creative needs that need to be nurtured and fostered so that they are prepared for the future. Ignite, Innovate, Integrate - ICT Conference

Cosentino’s story of how he has achieved his success was particularly inspiring. He also effectively related the story to the audience of teachers, lecturers and general staff that support students. The audience were completely focussed on his presentation for the entire time. The mix of magic and presentation suited the event perfectly.

TAFE Western Sydney

Cosentino shared his story in a very genuine and honest manner. It resonated with our audience and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The combination of story-telling and magic was a perfect combination.

Chisholm Institute of TAFE

Cosentino is a phenomenal performer and humble entertainer. Not only was our audience completely silent and engaged but amazed at his quick slide of hand skills. This story was intriguing, and really resonated with our guests. Humble and open about his journey to where he is today, and we would highly recommend him.

Liquor Marketing Group

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from all staff from the day. Both him and Adam were very easy to deal with and provided a high quality show. We kept him a secret initially from the audience, and the gasps of surprise when we announced him were fantastic. Paul has a great reputation and really captivated the audience and inspired a lot of people with his message.

City of Casey
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