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Author, Rapid Business Growth Specialist and Conference Speaker

The fastest way to gain attention is to turn the lenses around and focus it on who you serve

For over 15 years, best-selling author and award-winning speaker Paul McCarthy has been helping conference organisers ignite the passion of their audience through his interactive and highly engaging presentations.

Every one of Paul’s keynotes offer the audience the chance to actively participate in the process and be involved in a high energy, entertaining learning experience.

By combining his vast business experience and background as a rock musician with a wonderful blend of humour and masterful storytelling, Paul is able to ensure people don’t simply leave your event informed, they leave inspired, motivated and ready to take action.

Whether your goal is to fire up your sales performance, encourage more teamwork, inspire your people to be open to change, or set some new stretch targets that you want to encourage your team to hit, Paul can craft a presentation that will give them the practical steps & self-belief they need to achieve it.

Paul’s presentations are routinely voted as the highlight of the event and he regularly receives outstanding feedback.

Talking Points

Fail Faster - The quickest way to turn excuses into results and create real momentum

Renowned for his ability to compel people into action Paul’s no-nonsense approach challenges people to become more results-driven.
One of Paul's most popular presentations, FAIL FASTER provides audiences with a fresh approach to the concept of failure and achievement.

Key Take Aways
- Proven strategies to help overcome perfectionism and procrastination.
- A plan to avoid roadblocks that have stalled progress in the past.
- A newfound confidence and belief about what is possible.
- How to quieten the voice of doubt that causes resistance.
- A four-step system for achieving goals and hitting targets.
- Comes with a 30-day action planner and accountability system.

If you are looking to inspire your people to become serious action takers, this is the presentation for you.
Whether your people need to overcome perfectionism or procrastination, this fast-paced, fun presentation will leave them eager to start firing on the things that matter most.

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.

You First - How to build a customer centred, team, culture, and business

Delivered in Paul's signature style, this thought-provoking presentation examines what it really takes to consistently deliver a great customer experience.
This high-energy, interactive presentation provides leaders and staff with the tools and techniques they need to clarify their purpose and recognise the valuable role they play in ensuring business success.

Key Takes Aways:
- The keys to developing a customer-first mindset in any team.
- A plan to identify and eliminate potential friction points.
- How to activate positive word of mouth and create brand advocates.
- 3 Ways to lift service standards internally as well as externally.
- 5 keys to improving customer retention.

After attending this presentation your staff will have a new appreciation for the role they play, and your leaders will feel more confident in their ability to work collaboratively with their teams to deliver excellence in
everything they do and build a customer-centric culture.
This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.

A Category of ONE - Four Steps to Building a Personal, Professional or Corporate Brand that STANDS OUT!

As the world continues to grow noisier and more competitive every day, the ability to stand out and gain attention has become increasingly difficult. This cutting-edge presentation reveals the secrets to building a potent personal, professional, or corporate brand that allows you to break through the noise and become the STANDOUT player in your field.

Key Take Aways:
- Discover how to identify and skilfully communicate your unique ability.
- 4 critical steps to building any personal, professional, or corporate brand.
- Why you need to apply the power of a single focus to attract attention
- How to create top-of-mind awareness for your area of expertise.
- How to use social media to help, not hinder your branding building.

In this presentation, Paul shares the crucial steps to building any brand and the common mistakes to avoid if you want to become known. Participants will walk away with a strategic map of exactly what they need to do to clarify their message and amplify their brand voice.

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.

Changing Ways - Leading Through Change

Change is inevitable and so too is the resistance that comes with it.
While human beings are naturally goal-seeking, they are also extremely reluctant to change.
For organisations to maintain their relevance they must be more innovative and adaptive than ever before. This means their people must be willing to be flexible and open to change.

Key Take Aways:
- How to develop and adopt a continuous improvement mindset
- 5 step system for creating positive change,
- How to build a culture where employees embrace & welcome change.
- The single biggest barrier to innovation and progress.
- 3 steps to breaking old habits and building new ones.

In this powerful presentation, Paul helps people to break free from their comfort zones. He provides a unique insight into the change process and the impacts it has not only on performance but also on our minds and

This presentation will arm your people with the tools, techniques, and mindset required to embrace the change process.
This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.

The Leaders Voice - How to present your ideas, influence your team and inspire people into action

One of the most potent ways to increase your visibility and authority as a leader is to stand confidently in front of an audience and deliver your vision with passion and heart.

Communication is a critical leadership skill and can be central to the success of any organisation. Without quality communication from leaders, it becomes difficult to influence decisions, form connections, drive change and motivate action.

Key Take Aways:
- How to reduce anxiety and improve the delivery of any information.
- Six elements of presenting every leader needs to master.
- A proven formula that makes presentation design quick and easy.
- How to craft a story to create maximum impact.
- A presentation design template participants can use every day.

Many leaders suffer from speech anxiety, known as glossophobia. This presentation helps eliminate the fear of public speaking and provide a framework that will allow even the most nervous person to stand confidently in front of their team, a board or an audience and deliver a message with impact.

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, or half-day or full-day workshop.

WIN WIN - The art of selling the way your customers want to buy

While sales remain the lifeblood of any business, consumers are growing increasingly resistant to the idea of being sold too.
In this real-world presentation, Paul explores the changing face of professional selling and shares his unique NO PRESSURE sales system.

Key Take Aways:
- The 5 myths about selling that could be impacting your results.
- How to build an effective sales system for your business.
- How to create a sales mindset across the organisation.
- Making the shift from convincing to discovery selling.
- A 5-step process to attract and convert more clients.

Paul debunks the myths about selling today and lays out a fresh plan to help sales teams consistently attract and convert more prospects into customers.

Whether your organisation looking to increase the comfort levels of people new to selling or reinvigorating the approach of your most seasoned sales professionals, this presentation is packed with fresh ideas and powerful insights guaranteed to positively impact your bottom line.

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.
You are a fantastic role model with proven methods for all people at all levels. For people who have dreams, you give them tools and inspire them to reach them; and for those without dreams, you help them make them. When people left your session, they do so with inspiration pumping through their veins. State Revenue Office

Paul McCarthy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Lots of speakers are motivational but it is rare for a speaker to give you the how and the why. Our team is motivated, but best of all they are putting it into action.


Paul’s presentation set the tone for an excellent conference. His ability to entertain as well as educate in the same package was extremely well received and our managers spoke of his wonderful engaging delivery technique. Our managers left the conference committed to put in to action Paul's recommendation to "stop trying, just do it" Thank you Paul.

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We have never had so much wonderful feedback about your presentation. We can't speak highly enough of your work.

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