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Author, Rapid Business Growth Specialist and Conference Speaker

The fastest way to gain attention is to turn the lenses around and focus it on who you serve

For over 15 years, best-selling author and award-winning speaker Paul McCarthy has been helping conference organisers ignite the passion of their audience through his interactive and highly engaging presentations.

Every one of Paul’s keynotes offer the audience the chance to actively participate in the process and be involved in a high energy, entertaining learning experience.

By combining his vast business experience and background as a rock musician with a wonderful blend of humour and masterful storytelling, Paul is able to ensure people don’t simply leave your event informed, they leave inspired, motivated and ready to take action.

Whether your goal is to fire up your sales performance, encourage more teamwork, inspire your people to be open to change, or set some new stretch targets that you want to encourage your team to hit, Paul can craft a presentation that will give them the practical steps & self-belief they need to achieve it.

Paul’s presentations are routinely voted as the highlight of the event and he regularly receives outstanding feedback.

Talking Points

Turn the Camera Around: Why the Only Voice that Matters is your Customers

Marketing has hit a turning point, especially social media marketing. The strategies that once gained attention and generated sales are now failing to garnish attention.

If you want to remain relevant. If you want to stay in the game. If you want customers to give you their attention. It’s time to change the perspective. It’s time to turn the camera around and share your customers voice!

In this compelling, entertaining and eye-opening presentation Paul McCarthy (award winning speaker and best-selling author) reveals why businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers need to shift the way they communicate if they want to be heard.

The revolution has begun.

With constant adjustments to algorithms making it increasingly difficult to be seen organically, companies are spending more to reach fewer people. We have hit an impasse and the only answer is to change the narrative and the strategy being used if you want to reach your audience.

Today the customer is controlling the message and they have made it clear they are tired of the endless self-promotion and constant bombardment from advertisers. They are no longer willing to listen your story. They have found their voice and they are speaking out. If you aren’t ready, or willing to listen to your customers, then it’s likely they won’t be your customers much longer.

The customer has a story of their own and it’s the only one they truly care about. They are no longer interested in being spoke at, lectured to, or actively persuaded. They want to be part of a conversation that matters to them. They want to be heard. And they want to find brands who are willing to play the guide not the hero.

In 2020 marketing and especially Social Media Marketing is set to take a sharp detour. Only the brands who are ready to adjust their strategy, story and customer experience will receive the attention they crave.
It’s time to put the self-sticks away and turn the conversation from being about what you do to who you serve. It’s time to place the customer at the heart of the conversation. It’s time to ask rather than talk and to invite your customers out of the dark and into the spotlight so they can share their story.
You are a fantastic role model with proven methods for all people at all levels. For people who have dreams, you give them tools and inspire them to reach them; and for those without dreams, you help them make them. When people left your session, they do so with inspiration pumping through their veins. State Revenue Office

Paul McCarthy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Lots of speakers are motivational but it is rare for a speaker to give you the how and the why. Our team is motivated, but best of all they are putting it into action.


Paul’s presentation set the tone for an excellent conference. His ability to entertain as well as educate in the same package was extremely well received and our managers spoke of his wonderful engaging delivery technique. Our managers left the conference committed to put in to action Paul's recommendation to "stop trying, just do it" Thank you Paul.

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