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Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.


Paula Constant walked over 12000 km through eight countries between 2004 and 2007, including two years walking through the Sahara with her own camel train. She walked without vehicular support and used only local nomadic guides, planning, conceiving and executing the expedition solo apart from local assistance. Her expedition remains the longest of its kind solely on foot through the Sahara by a woman alone. The two books she wrote about her journey, Slow Journey South and Sahara, are published by Random House in Australia and have recently been released in India.

During her years walking Paula learned a lot about staying true to her dreams, and setting realistic goals to make them come true. She has continued to follow her own pathway to becoming a writer across genres.

Paula consistently rates highly with audiences both in Australia and internationally. She has addressed corporations in London, Edinburgh, Madrid and Granada, speaking in French, Spanish and English, and brings humour, warmth and strength to any event. With a background in primary teaching, she relates as easily to children as she does to a corporate audience. Her message is one of mental focus and determination that both inspires and gives practical application for achievement, and Paula will happily work with you to tailor her presentation to your objectives.

Using the dramatic journey through the Sahara as a backdrop, her talks are dynamic and engaging. Stepping out of the customary 'adventurer' tag, Paula looks deeper into what truly constitutes success, and how to live it internally in order to create it externally.

Current work

Paula is the owner and operator of Sowilo Soul Centre in Fremantle, Perth, which is dedicated to combining mainstream professionalism with mindful wellbeing to empower women to become the best they can be.

Previous experience

Teacher: In 2014, after living in Spain for three years where she trained in Kundalini yoga, flamenco, and classical astrology, Paula returned to Australia to open a centre dedicated to helping women unlock their own potential and manifest it to become personally and professionally successful. Combining her background in school teaching with mindful practices, she has since developed a variety of programs to empower women financially, physically, and emotionally. She teaches in her centre daily, creates bespoke product lines and coaches personal clients for self-development. She also speaks to corporate, school, and private audiences on consciously creating success, and mindful living.

Talking Points

The Power of Enough

You are already enough: recognising the power of the moment and how to seize it The Sahara is the backdrop to discovering how our own imperfections are our best guide to what will become our greatest achievements. Paula deconstructs success and distinguishes it from achievement, helping her audience to think through the way in which their own human needs are creating the future in every moment.

Half Day Workshop - The Pot of Gold

The gift of imperfection: Acknowledge what isn’t working and turn it into your greatest asset. Understanding what makes us angry, fearful, and uncomfortable is the first step in creating our greatest success. Only in finding a way through that which we perceive as our own faults or shame can we begin to truly shine in our greatest capacity. Paula takes your brand, team, or individual circumstances through a carefully devised strategy that uncovers imperfection, identifies core needs, and reconstructs your picture of success from the ground up.


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Paula's presentation at our NBCF Pink Ribbon Breakfast was incredibly inspiring and moving - not to mention at times humorous! Her passion and motivation to complete her walk despite the hurdles she has encountered reminded us all of the importance of believing in ourselves and not giving up on our dreams - even when life knocks us around a bit. Hallmark Australia
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