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The Churn Man. Slow churn. Keep talent. Develop leaders.


Pete is a mentor and presenter to many. His book ‘The Art of Strategic Marketing War - Pearls of Wardom,’ due for release on February 28, 2019, gives Gen Y millennials and Gen X the insights, tips, techniques to re-accelerate their career and growth through professional development and education.

Pete is also a Director at growth-project leader - SMO - delivering difficult and complex growth project leadership.

He’s a facilitator at the Australian Institute of Management MBA School of Business; and sessional lecturer and tutor in Asia Pacific Business, Human Resources Management and “The Leadership Challenge” in the MBA Program at Charles Sturt University in the face-to-face and online environments.

Talking Points

Staff Churn….Business’s underbelly.…Incentivating Talent to Stay and Grow

Sometimes openly highlighted in annual reports, staff churn is a very serious issue. It’s the underbelly of business we arguably understand poorly and perhaps handle badly?

Staff churn rates are a strategic issue for any organisation. Costs are potentially huge. Losing key talent can be disastrous in the short term.

Today, employers have to offer much more than competitive rates of pay and benefits. Today, employees expect their employers to be socially responsible.

Today, employees will leave if the organisational culture doesn’t meet their expectations.

Mastering innovation….Are We Really Creating Value ? ….Why Disruption is Here to Stay

Many of Australia’s most significant organisations have formalised innovation resources and activities. Some don’t. And, at the SME organisational level, how many outfits are pursuing innovation as a platform for success? No-one really knows.

Innovation and its peripheral issues like product development and disruption seem to have little standardisation around best-practices processes, techniques, tools and evaluation.

Worse still, disruption gets lip-service in corporate arenas; largely because few actually understand the power of this concept. Disruption will become common-place. Those that avoid adopting disruption as a core activity will disappear.

Key Takeaways

• map your markets first to find serviced and un-served customer/product/service segments
• map your customer segment’s unsatisfied needs
• allocate adequate development budgets
• establish teams to search for new value
• go deep with market segmentation
• persist and innovate with best-practice innovation processes

From Naivety to Clarity….Managers to Marketers in 1 hour

Most of us have some sort of qualification. Perhaps a good degree or MBA? But, do we have the specialised knowledge, experience and insight to leverage opportunities that emerge?

Strategic planning is largely vested in the strategic marketing space. In other words, the space where we create value for current and potential customer segments.

That’s surrounded by quite a few strategic analyses concepts that we touched on way back; and really don’t know how to implement and exploit. Things as basic as SWOTS, VP’s and the challenges of research.

This keynote will refresh your understandings. Now, you’ll be able to apply best-practice quickly with confidence.

Key Takeaways

• where strategic marketing planning fits
• identifying new viable growth opportunities
• how to focus your marketing and engagement teams
• SWOTS and CSF’s - their true value
• value proposition development
• metrics that matter


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  • Sales
  • Change Management
  • Marketing
  • Disruption


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  • Futurists

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