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Blackbelt in excellence.

Performance Excellence - Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!

Peter Thurin is an international speaker and leading authority on achieving excellence. As a successful entrepreneur with multiple profitable start-ups, and having owned and operated highly successful retail pharmacies, he is the ultimate hands-on small business specialist.

He has actually done what he talks about!

Current Work:

He is a dynamic, inspirational and passionate speaker and a powerful catalyst for business growth. He brings a relentless focus on the choices we must make and the challenges we must embrace to lead us to our passionately desired end result. He has a rare ability to merge his insight, skills and experience with your business context to demonstrate tangible improved business outcomes. He does this with a singular attention to excellence in people, creating high performance cultures that form the foundation of keynotes he shares around the world.

Peter’s focus on people excellence has been a major factor in the remarkable results achieved by many of the companies he has worked with. He achieves this by using martial arts as a metaphor for performance, achievement & growth and a strategy for success.

Peter empowers people to become fully committed to their success and gives them the tools to achieve their goals.

Previous Experience:

Clients: He has presented for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BASF, Starwood Hotels, Langham Hotels, Luxottica, Specsavers, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McDonald’s, KFC, Schwarzkopf, Toyota, Mazda, Ericsson, Optus, Telstra, Flight Centre, Seek, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac, ANZ, Apple, Arnotts, The Young Presidents’ Organisation, Orica, Metcash and many more.

Sport: He has represented Australia internationally in tennis, coached Australian Rules Football and is a third Dan black belt in Taekwondo.

Talking Points

Change Excellence

The Change Excellence keynote equips teams and organisations to embrace and make the most of the changes happening around them.

We all know change can be difficult for our team members. Whether we’re on the strategy side or we’re the one’s receiving the change, it’s a time of uncertainty and flux. This keynote gives people the mental mindsets and frameworks to face their changes with courage and grow positively through the change process. People leave this session actively looking for ways they can contribute will be better off as a result of the change.

Using examples from his own career and drawing on the stories from the hundreds of companies he works with, Peter will give your people the practical tool s to strengthen their resilience, improve their mental agility, and embrace situations that may be awkward and uncomfortable.

• connect their purpose with the change purpose
• learn to assess their own “change-ability”
• be prepared and willing to embrace uncertainty
• have the skills to lead others through change

Blackbelt In Excellence

Peter Thurin’s Blackbelt in Excellence keynote gives people the tools, structures and motivation to achieve excellence in any part of their life. Organisations and the people within them strive for excellence, yet forward
progress can often seem elusive and true “excellence” is rarely attained. This keynote uncovers the hidden motivation design in martial arts and applies it to everyday life. It provides people with an understanding that, on their own, big picture goals are not enough - and true, sustainable progress comes from the achievement of smaller goals, stepping stones that lead to excellence.

Peter uses real-life stories and examples from his career building a high successful retail pharmacy business and his own personal journey to a black belt in taekwondo. He creates forward momentum in leadership excellence and teamwork excellence. The keynote is a catalyst for personal excellence and gives people the tools and courage to “get into the game”.

• discover the hidden success principles built into martial arts
• learn how to adopt those principles into your everyday life
• be energised, inspired and motivated to make your life remarkable
• have the tools to map out your own journey to black belt

Retail Excellence

Creating environments that enable your people to shine. What combination of culture, rituals, routines and rewards make for an outstanding retail team? How do you fashion a retail environment that brings the best out in your people AND your customers?

Peter Thurin is someone who has taken on the big-boys in retail and won. With an unrelenting focus on individual relationships both within and outside his business, Peter overcame the buying-power handicap to drive out his much larger competition.

In this high-energy keynote Peter draws on his 20 years successful retail leadership and 15 years of working with the top organisations around the globe to bring you the ideas, insights and useful tools to create retail

• how to delight your team first then see customers delighted
• the three rules for retail success: Process | People | Results
• the power of WIN - What’s Important Nowrkable
• to focus on excellence INSIDE the box, before outside the box
• the power of small-moments of leadership

Opportunity is the New Currency

Why investing in people gives the highest returns

The Top 300 Organisations

Do you want to know what the top 300 organisations around the world do differently?

Peter will take your people on a journey around the world sharing first-hand stories of organisations that have become and remain remarkable where other companies have moved to mediocre and at times irrelevant.

Through his research and global experience with outstanding companies Peter has developed The 7 Drivers of Organisational Success. Organisations that genuinely place customers and their people at the heart of the business, where people understand their role in where the company is headed, and continually improve how they work… These are the successful organisations and they all follow the 7 Drivers of Organisational Success.

• how to delight your team first then see customers delighted
• the three rules for retail success: Process | People | Results
• the power of WIN - What’s Important Nowrkable
• to focus on excellence INSIDE the box, before outside the box
• the power of small-moments of leadership


  • Mastering Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Customer Service
We have just returned from Sanctuary Cove where we had Peter Thurin on site for different sessions for one of our pharmaceutical clients. And, once again, a triumph! Peter Thurin literally brought the house down with 'blackbelt in excellence' and I can't recommend him highly enough. Such was the response to his session, that our debrief with the client will include plans to further his involvement with the group at their mid-year Conference. Talk about hit the nail on the head and know how to get the best from a group! The response was overwhelming enthusiasm and I really believe that he changed a few lives in the room on Wednesday morning. In addition to achieving a 100% board breaking success rate through a very varied age group, our clients were amazed at Peter's research, preparation and understanding of their business - he delivered EVERY key message and really got through where others have failed. As I was leaving, the internal conference organiser said: 'I will never forget this morning, never, the whole of my life. I feel amazing.' Truly, that's a quote! And I think this was a sentiment that would be shared by much of the group. Suffice it to say, once again, we are ecstatic and so are our clients. Please pass on my grateful thanks to Peter and I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Event management company for Amgen
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