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Managing Director of Corporate Edge and expert in corporate culture


Phil is the Managing Director of Corporate Edge and has over 21 years’ experience in retail, in Australia, New Zealand and in Singapore and over 19 years’ in Strategic Partnering, Facilitation, Coaching and Leadership Development as a part of Corporate Edge.

Current work

Phil founded Corporate Edge in 1999 and developed a series of concepts, models and processes that facilitate the achievement of potential in both individuals as well as organisations. From this grew a suite of programs which Phil presents and facilitates via one on one, group, conference and public forums. Phil has been engaged with companies such as Westfield, Harvey Norman, Village Roadshow, Caltex, Sydney Opera House, The Australian Ballet Company, HP APAC, Canon, Ecolab and Qantas, to name just a few.

Phil has grown the business into a regional entity working in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the USA.

Phil has been coaching one on one at the senior level of organisations for over 19 years working mainly with Managing Directors/CEO's, General Managers and National Managers.

Phil has created and facilitated successful development and strategic workshops for both senior and middle management. The workshops are either custom built to client needs or are selected from the suite of Corporate Edge workshops and products.

Phil also facilitates strategic planning meetings to establish business direction, purpose, vision, values, as well as team and cultural alignment. These meetings are usually held with the Senior Executive team or nominated management teams. Phil is also a sought after conference speaker presenting on Culture, Leadership, Coaching, Behavioural Change, as well as Motivation.

Previous Experience

Phil has previously held positions including Operations Director, General Manager Operations and Regional Director of a $2.4 Billion business and prior to starting Corporate Edge had worked for Woolworths Australia and Dairy Farm International.

Talking Points


Culture is now one of the most important factors in attracting great talent, achieving unexpectedly great results and delivering a great customer experience. Developing a team or company culture is about creating a unique way of working that brings out people’s best and ensures that there is sustainable in growth and innovation to drive the overall vision or strategy.

We do this through a 3-step process:

1.Capture the Culture - is about capturing your cultures unique behaviours that are needed to create an
environment for success

2.Implement the Culture - we do this though an inspiring launch process that aligns everyone to the cause

3.Embed the culture - through blended learning and accountability support we ensure that the unique
behaviours are maintained sustainably.


The role of managers and leaders has changed considerably from the industrial era through the knowledge age and now into the social age. It is about being able to inspire creativity, ownership and action in constantly changing circumstances. We use very simple and practical tools and content, combined with an interactive facilitation style, to provide all levels of management with the training and development needed to become an inspirational leader.

We target specific capability gaps within the organisation that are aligned to the unique role that leaders play in delivering strategy and a role modelling culture.

We use a 3-step process:

1. Create self-awareness and clarity on their role as a leader
2. Build knowledge and skills so that they can inspire and change themselves and their teams
3. Embed behavioural change by providing ongoing support through interventions and coaching support to
overcome challenges and implement the changes

Leading through Change

Change is the only thing that is a constant for modern businesses and creating an environment for people to cope with change is an important responsibility for leaders. To truly realize the benefit of changes in strategy, structure, systems, processes or technologies, leaders need to be able to embed change into the daily behaviours of people within the business.

Change Management is a challenging undertaking for all leaders because success is rarely achieved to the level that is originally intended, or within the timeframe that is hoped for. Often this is because the emotional and therefore behavioural impacts of change are not well understood or supported in Change Management strategies and because human beings are primarily programmed to resist change.

We help guide a team or organisation through the cultural and behavioural aspect of Change Management.

We ensure people are truly onboard with the reason for the change and the consequences of not changing.

We try and uncover very specific actions and words at vital moments that will either restrict, or open up, the benefits of change.

Embed new behaviours, so that they are developed, supported and reinforced into the daily rhythm of the company culture.
"I have been working with Phil for over six years in different geographies. Phil is an engaging and passionate speaker who is able to captivate a room with his masterful insights on how leaders can create the right culture in organisations leading to sustained results. Phil uses many simple concepts which are easily relatable and more importantly get used and repeated by all those who hear him speak creating positive and meaningful change.” HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd
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