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High Performance & Leadership Expert, Futurist, Author


Phill Nosworthy is an executive advisor, futurist, speaker and author in the subject areas that surround making business and life meaningful.

His insights into personal mastery and the future of work have gained him a cult following among high performers in Fortune listed companies the world over.

He has worked in more than 50 cities and 25 countries globally and counts Apple, ING, Universal Music and the Commonwealth Bank amongst his clients.

Phill has skilfully hosted bespoke invitational events in major centres around the world including New York, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam with partners including SOHO House, The Standard, The Apollo, Vittoria and Microsoft.

He is the founder of Switch L+D, a digital-first learning and development practice that gives anyone, anywhere the same level of career development that has only ever been reserved for the highest performers of Fortune 500 companies.

Talking Points



Convergence powerfully combines insights from peak performance psychology, mythology, and business best practices to craft an entirely new approach to driving results, fulfillment, and success.

It culminates in the collision of long-isolated traits and skills that, when artfully combined, create extraordinary outcomes for individuals and teams.

Specifically, this keynote and workshop series works to bring convergence to:

- SKILL AND SUBSTANCE: Your talent < > The substance of who you are
- KNOWLEDGE AND APPLICATION: What you know < > What you put into practice
- IDENTITY AND REPUTATION: Who you think you are < > Who they say you are
- INTENTION AND ACTION: What you plan to do < > What you actually do
- CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE: How you feel < > What you are capable of

This is a powerful and effective body of knowledge that has radically affected the way that high performers around the world show up to work. It is has been put into practice by CEO’s, HR Directors of multinational
organisations, professional athletes and high volume sales teams.

We Need To Talk


Clarity, energy and creativity for the future all come from our ability to connect and communicate with the people around us. But real dialogue in the workplace can be fraught with challenges.

At our best, we can be courageous, vulnerable and radically inclusive. At our worst, we can be rude, dismissive and a hindrance to the progress of our team’s highest goals.

Phill outlines a vision for team dialogue built on safety, accountability and commitment to mutual growth in this session and workshop series. You can expect insights into what really drives honest and productive conversations, along with grounded practises to put to use right away.

Heartstorming & Brainstorming


Every day you are faced with a myriad of challenges and choice points, all requiring decisiveness and strength. McKinsey found that as much as 35% of our working day is given to decision making! Problematically many
professionals are either unskilled or unsure about how to make strong and empowered decisions, resulting in self-doubt, poor communication, and missed opportunities.

This keynote and workshop series combines leading research into how to make clutch calls, when to follow your gut and how to wade through the reams of data to make informed and passionate decisions that
move teams and organisations forward.

Fatigue, Burn Out and How to Win at Work without Selling your Soul

It doesn’t take a hawk-eyed journalist to see that many professionals are feeling exhausted and ‘over-it right
now. The pandemic, constant pivots and the relentless impact of not knowing exactly what comes next have
taken a toll on people.

It is not an isolated or hard to understand pattern, but it is one that suggests (1) a wild season of leadership transition to come, (2) the need to invest into the mental health of even our most seasoned team members, and (3) deeper consideration for how to support the career choices and decisions of the people we lead.

This keynote and workshop series outlines an honest and practical guide to sustainable impact and high performance for teams doing work that matters. Consider this keynote and workshop if your team are fatigued and bringing in a motivational speaker would seem tone-deaf, or like a kick in the guts.

Feedback, Self Reflection and the Type of Self-Awareness that Activates Wild Growth

A recent global study found that 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts
were acknowledged by their leaders. When asked what was missing in their work-life, 72% admitted their
performance would improve if their managers would provide timely, insightful and relevant feedback.

Feedback is baked hard into organisational life, but for something so widely practised, it continues
to be a source of dread, discouragement and disdain for many.

In this inspiring keynote and workshop series, Phill Nosworthy introduces essential and easy to
implement frameworks for feedback, self reflection and the kind of robust conversations that unlock
wild new levels of growth.

Simple Questions


The greatest teachers don’t tell you what to think, instead, they get you to think for yourself. In this provocative, and inspiring session, Phill Nosworthy brings his signature question-based approach to growth and transformation, posing deeply stirring questions to elevate the commitment and performance of your team.

This session is perfect as an ‘add-on’ and accompaniment to another keynote, or to bring thoughtful reflection and plan to a packed conference schedule.
Phill Nosworthy ranks amongst the most transformational, relevant and impactful corporate voices of this decade. By providing a combination of deep insights and practical tools he helps people re-evaluate how they approach their careers, rethink how they lead teams and helps them build a strong personal and professional brand. Microsoft

Thank you for creating such a fantastic event. From my perspective, this was our best learning experience yet. You did an outstanding job of bringing our key cultural themes through in a way that was accessible and inviting. True excellence.


Thank you so much for sharing your time, insight and experience with our community. You have a truly unbelievable message. We are all better for it.

Entrepreneurs Organisation

Utterly world-class. Phill is a subject matter expert in behavior change, program design, branding, storytelling, and narrative creation and has a unique ability to fuse big picture thinking and abstract ideas with practical insight and advice. I can think of few in the same class as Phill.


Phill’s energy and passion are contagious. You can’t help but feel like a better more motivated version of yourself when around him.

CEB Gartner

Phill Nosworthy is one of those ridiculously rare, totally switched on, intelligent, giving souls that we meet a few times in a lifetime.

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