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Team Events

Empowering Teams to Achieve


Pinnacle Team Events is an industry leader in providing outcomes driven experiences for corporate teams. Our goal since inception 15 years ago is to deliver fun and engaging events that turn individuals into great team players so that your team can reach their full potential. We have a suite of purpose-built Virtual Team Building solutions to connect, engage and entertain your remote team.

Talking Points

Lego® Serious Play®

Get to the heart of the matter using the power and magic of Lego®! Lego® Serious Play® is an unorthodox approach to business meetings where your team tell stories and share ideas by building 3-dimensional Lego models - hence the term ‘serious play’!


Teams will need to outwit and outplay their opponents in a fun and competitive survivor challenge based on the hit TV series. This activity is based on the “immunity challenges” that see the teams competing head to head at a series of initiative, problem solving tasks that require the whole team working together to defeat your opponents. Competitive, fun and requires a great deal of teamwork!

The Amazing Race

We bring the exciting TV series to your conference venue or workplace and lead delegates on an adventure they will never forget! Teams will solve clues that lead them to team challenge stations, detours and roadblocks! Take the Challenge! This event can be tailored to any location: a conference venue, an urban or local area.


This exciting Escape the Room challenge is the ultimate team building event that will test the sharpest minds. Each team is “locked” in a room with a set time frame in which to escape before the world as we know it ceases to exist. Teams must follow the clues, solve the puzzles, unlock the secrets to ESCAPE! Teams race to uncover the 8 digit code - will they do it in time?


Your boss has been taken ransom and it is up to you to solve the clues, undertake the challenges and earn the ransom money in time to save the boss from the kidnappers. If the ransom is not paid within 2 hours the kidnappers will take drastic measures! This is an outdoor, scavenger hunt-style event that will send your delegates to various activity sites around the local area.


If fun in the sun is what you want…this activity is for you! Teams of delegates will compete for the honour of a podium finish at a variety of team challenges. Activities include archery, volleyball, catapults, laser clay shooting, giant puzzles and much more! This event is run in a round-robin style format so all teams will play against one another.

Water Taxi Treasure Hunt

Sydney Harbour is ranked the best harbour in the world and is the perfect backdrop for this unique team-building event. The Water Taxi Treasure Hunt is a 3-hour adventure exploring this world-famous location's best sights. Teams will be competing against each other to race to the final location and uncover their team’s treasure.


An Amazing Race / Treasure Hunt style of program that sees teams driven around the local area undertaking experiential team challenges that range from Laser Clay Shooting & Archery to Cheese Tasting & Blind Wine Tasting. Explorer is available in the following areas: Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, South Coast & Blue Mountains.

Laser Clay Shooting

Experience the thrill and excitement of shooting clay pigeons as they fly through the air!

This hands on activity uses authentic 12 gauge shot guns that have been converted to fire laser beams. Clay disks are fired from the launcher - when the shooters score it registers a hit on the electronic scoreboard.

Six Thinking Hats: Workshop

Problem solving and parallel thinking at its best! The Six Thinking Hats method was developed by Edward De Bono in the early 1980’s. De Bono was the inventor of “lateral thinking”, a method of solving problems indirectly, often in creative and surprising way. Six Thinking Hats is a way to understand and explore different types of thinking. This workshop will teach your team the method and apply it directly to workplace challenges you are facing today.

Bridge to Unity

An exciting collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to design and construct an impressive bridge. Each team builds the bridge to their customer expectations while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict time lines. The final sees each team’s individual bridge being installed as part of the extended company bridge and tested with a remote-controlled car.

Project Pipeline

Teams will manage time, resources and personnel to build their country's pipeline. The challenge is to negotiate with the other ‘countries’ to connect their pipelines to create one continuous pipeline. Teams must work against the clock and conflicting objectives to achieve the whole group goal.

Team Masterpiece

Bring your conference themes, company values or mission statement to life in this creative event. Working with a professional artist, teams discover the tricks of the trade as they discover their creative potential whilst linking to pre-determined themes. How? By turning ideas and thoughts around your business into a team masterpiece that they never thought possible!

Paint & Sip

Unleash the artist within. Our Paint & Sip activity is designed specifically for corporate teams and provides an opportunity for teams to connect, create & unwind. “CREATIVITY” is intelligence having FUN! That is why Paint & Sip is a great team-building activity! Even if your delegates have never painted before, you will be surprised to see the amazing works of art they produce.

Grape to Glass

Discover the Sommelier within as teams of delegates blend their very own wine under the tuition of an experienced Hunter Valley Wine Maker. The end result will see each delegate receiving a bottle of the winning blend with the winning label design upon it! A great team event - we bring the experts from the Hunter Valley to you.

Wine Olympics

Rather than running, jumping and swimming your way to victory teams will tackle a very different series of events. Grape stomping, wine spitting, cork popping and an array of winery related activities make for a competitive, informative and hilarious event. Great in conjunction with our very popular ‘Grape to Glass’ wine blending activity - as delegates will blend and design a label for your very own company wine that will be bottled and delivered to you post-event.

Cocktail Master Class

The Cocktail Master Class will give your team the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm in an exciting and interactive environment! This fantastic event is hosted by our team of professional bottle spinners who will start the evening with a bells and whistles demonstration of cocktail making followed by a master class in the art of mixing drinks.

APPVENTURE Race Urban Explorer

Using your smartphone, players will visit different locations to unlock GPS hotspots containing a series of exciting team tasks and challenges. Completion of individual hotspots will unlock virtual ‘scavenger hunt’ items which can be used to answer a bonus question at the end of the activity. The team with the most points at the end of the activity will be crowned the winners!


The Scramble is a modified version of our Amazing Race for groups tight on time and budget. This exciting outdoor event sees teams race around the local area taking team photos, collecting scavenger items, solving IQ Tests and passing through a roadblock challenge. The City Scramble is ideal for urban areas and the Resort Scramble for those staying at a conference venue.


A competitive archery session will awaken, refocus and keep your delegates on target during your next conference. This ancient form of weaponry is suitable for delegates of all fitness levels and ability. Our facilitator will teach the delegates how to use a bow and arrow and find the target. Your delegates will love the rare opportunity to feel the power of firing an arrow!

Mini/Beach Olympics

Faster, Higher, Stronger - the winning team will embody the Olympic motto! The Mini Olympics is a fun activity that provokes competitiveness and plenty of laughter. The event involves teams rotating around various sports such as Frisbee, Catapult Firing, T-Ball, Team Tennis, Volleyball, Dodge Ball, and bamboo towers. We can tailor this event to suit your location, either park or beach.

Team Challenge

An indoor team building event where teams compete to earn points at a series of lateral thinking challenges. All of the tasks in the team challenge require the entire team to plan, problem solve, communicate, think outside the square and then ultimately work together. A fun and cost effective way to spice up your conference!

Initiative Matrix/Initiative Rotation

A unique team challenge where delegates will find their competitive spirit and put their thinking caps on. Using maps of your conference resort and a list of cryptic clues, delegates will uncover a series of life size problem solving tasks. Successful completion of each task rewards teams with a crucial piece of the Matrix. When all pieces are joined together the Oracle will be discovered!

The Pitch

The Pitch is an exciting innovation challenge that replicates the famous TV show Shark Tank. This event gives teams full creative licence to develop a business idea and present it in any way they choose. The judge(s) will have $1 million to distribute amongst the teams... The team that receives the most money wins!

Battle of the Minds

Battle of the Minds is the ultimate indoor team building event! Designed to ensure an atmosphere of competition and excitement whilst teams compete for the honour of The Master Minds! Teams each seated at their round table are provided a booklet containing 45 challenges that vary to accommodate all brain types; mathematical, artistic, creative, scientific and engineering. The room is organised chaos as delegates rush to get each challenge completed and submitted for marking.

Exercise Sessions

We have a team of qualified experts in a variety of fields who conduct a 1 hour session guaranteed to inspire, rejuvenate, refocus and clear the hang over of all your delegates! Options include Yoga, Tai Chi, Boxercise, Aqua Aerobics, Morning Walk, Gym Circuit, Zumba and Bootcamp. Offer all or just one and you will be amazed at the feedback you receive!

Flashback Bingo

Bingo…. But not like you know it! Flashback Bingo is half game show / half party. Our DJ Host orchestrates a night of nostalgic awesomeness as we play the best hits from the greatest decades in music, to bring you Flashback Bingo! A corporate night of entertainment where your team compete in a fully hosted evening of challenges, bingo, music & more!

Trivia Challenge Night

A trivia night like no other! This event combines challenge activities with unique trivia questions, music trivia and TV sound tracks. The activities will take place throughout your evening meal as we host the night from start to finish. Extremely popular for groups of all sizes as we have your delegates in hysterics from start to finish.

Minute to Win it

Based on the popular television show, this comical and interactive evening is conducted during and after your evening meal. We will host your evening to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere that will be one to remember. Table groups compete against each other in a series of challenges such as ‘Bite the Bickie’ and ‘Blind Ball’ with the added pressure of time… with just ONE-MINUTE TO WIN IT!

Casino Night

Bring the thrill & excitement of the casino to your next event! Teams will be competing to generate as much money as possible throughout the evening meal via a series of interactive challenges. After dessert the money is issued in casino chips for delegates to try their luck on the casino tables. Croupiers dealing blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, race of the aces and even horse racing!

A Night at the Races

Whether you are a punting enthusiast or a complete novice this is a fantastic night of entertainment. Each delegate will receive $$ to punt on each race aiming to pick the winners from the form guide. Once all the bets are placed the races will be viewed by the cheering crowd on the big screen. This is a great themed evening with delegates dressing up and prizes awarded for fashions on the field.

Spicks & Specks

Spicks and Specks is a unique evening entertainment and trivia show event. This hilarious night activity is hosted by a live musician presenting a mixture of entertainment, musical games and challenges all modelled from the hit TV show Spicks and Specks. Teams compete against each other aiming to outscore their opponents with their music knowledge.

Murder Mystery Night

A murder mystery is a fun, exciting and extremely silly game of ‘whodunit’ hosted by the Murder Co team. The aim of the game is very simple; solve a murder before the guilty party strikes again. What makes this entertainment truly special is your guests play the chief murder suspects with every delegate playing a different yet crucial character to the overall story - great over dinner and for those who love to dress up.
Hunter Douglas enjoyed a Murder Mystery evening and the feedback from the group said the night was absolutely fantastic, loved by everyone!! Our Murder Mystery Host was exceptional. Hunter Douglas

Yet again, an amazing event run by Pinnacle. Nothing but awesome feedback from all my colleagues. Thank You!


Fabulous event, great team from Pinnacle. Excellent experience all round.


Extremely well organised event, engaging, entertaining and linked in with our objectives very well.


That was AWESOME - Can we book in 5 more The Go Games please - we are rolling this out across the company.

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