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Mental Fitness, High Performance & Mindfulness Expert. Founder of the Good Place

Mindfulness without the crystals, candles and sandals

In the early 90s, Ray Good (aka DJ Sugar Ray) was one of the world’s Top 100 DJs, spinning the decks at sold-out raves in London, Tokyo, and Berlin and running dance parties for thousands of people.

It was a wild ride, but life as a globe-trotting DJ doesn’t leave much time for sleep or inner tranquillity. Burning out, Ray turned to mindfulness and has had a daily practice ever since.

Current Work
As the founder of The Good Place, Ray is on a mission to create a more mindful world and help fight the global mental health crisis. Ray teaches mental fitness, high performance and mindfulness grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology to help individuals, teams and organisations fight stress, think better and perform at their peak.

Having practiced mindfulness now for 28 years as a founder and entrepreneur across a range of industries, mindfulness has been essential in helping Ray navigate high-stress situations, achieve professional success, discover personal contentment and find his Good Place.

Ray completed mindfulness facilitation training under Dr. Craig Hassed at Monash University, is an accredited meditation teacher and member of Meditation Australia. His personal practice is backed up by extensive and ongoing professional training.

Previous Experience

Speaking:Ray’s clients have included Macquarie Bank, Crownbet, Nova 100, The Essential Services Commission, Carsales, Simonds Homes, MNF Group, Racing & Wagering WA, Lee, Hub Australia, and more.

Ray has also spoken at Pause Fest, Australia's leading business and innovation event alongside speakers from NASA, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Talking Points

The High Performing Mind

- Why mindfulness is one of the most important life skills being embraced by many of the world’s top thinkers,
performers, and organisations
- The neuroscience of how mindfulness rewires your brain in just ten minutes a day
- Using mindfulness to boost productivity and performance in the new attention economy
- Get more done in less time: I’ll teach you how to effectively gain a day in productivity and introduce you to a
superpower you didn’t know you had.
- Learn to manage technology, so that it works for you rather than against you

Build Mental Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing

- How mindfulness offers hope in the current global mental health crisis
- The science of how mindfulness deactivates the stress response, help us to build resilience and even slows
- The 1-minute practice used by the U.S navy seals to quickly defuse stress
- Learning to respond instead of react in high-pressure situations
- Why sleep is essential for optimal mental performance and tips to help
- Why EQ is the new I.Q and the must-have skill for business leaders and teams in the 21st century

The Science of Happiness - How to Find your Good Place

- Learn the secret of the world’s happiest man
- The science of positive psychology and how gratitude makes you happier and healthier
- Train your brain for positivity, the 5-minute exercise to boost your mental health, happiness & wellbeing
- The power of Kindfulness
- Why compassion is the future of leadership

Virtual Session - The Good Place LIVE


Workplace Mental Fitness, Resilience & Productivity Coaching delivered Virtually to Your Team via Zoom.

In these times of uncertainty and change, it’s never been more important to look after your team’s mental health and well being and help them navigate the challenges of the current work climate: from self-isolation, procrastination, and distraction to juggling family and work-life, all while dealing with COVID-19 and economic stress.

We’re Here to Help.

Our practical and affordable live online coaching sessions are grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology, providing proven tools and techniques to help your team :

- Build mental resilience and emotional wellbeing
- Manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty
- Be more productive and efficient while working from home
- Improve sleep
- Maintain a sense of community and connection while working remotely
- Boost happiness

We Helped Them Find Their Good Place:

Our clients have included: Macquarie Bank, Crownbet, Nova 100, The Essential Services Commission, Carsales, Simonds Homes, MNF Group, Racing & Wagering WA, Lee, Hub Australia, and more.

30-Minute Weekly Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

These short, sharp sessions will empower your team to manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing and learn how to improve productivity and efficiency while working remotely.

Session Includes:

- Theory & theme - 10 m
- Experience - Practice - 15 m
- Q & A - 5 m

We Also Offer

- live & virtual 6-week in-depth Mental Fitness, High Performance & Mindfulness program (6 x 1 hour
- 1 on 1 private coaching.
- Tailored solutions to fit your unique needs.

Mindset for Success

The last two years have been challenging, but through these times we have had to adapt, grow and bounce back in the face of uncertainty and disconnection.

Moving forward, as we face new challenges, it’s essential that teams and leaders are mentally and emotionally resilient and have the training and tools to reconnect, energise and soar.

Learn how in our interactive Mindset for Success keynote.


The secret to leading a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life is in our relationships.
Explore this powerful concept and how to stay connected in a disconnected world.


Changing the way you breathe can transform your life. Walk away with techniques to help you find calm, manage stress, increase energy, and supercharge your health.

To perform at our best, both mentally and physically, sleep is a non-negotiable, biological necessity but most of us aren’t getting enough. Learn practices you can start (and stop) doing tonight to reclaim your sleep and help you thrive.


The number one thing holding you back from meeting your potential? Your mind.
Learn how to harness your focus and attention to design your best life.
The immediate benefits from the first session were evident with my team’s drive, focus, and mindful approach to their work. They all loved it! I can’t recommend Ray enough! Nova Entertainment

Ray is an amazing facilitator. I loved his practical science-based approach, easy to integrate, inspirational stuff, especially about how to manage technology and information overload. Looking forward to our next session


Ray's ability to deliver complex content in a digestible way is a skill not many have. He backed up themes with research, justified outcomes with science, and helped build behaviors in me that will hopefully change the way I approach life. I highly recommend Ray and would actually implore anyone curious about living mindfully to give him a call


Ray lives his mantra of being present, and through this approach was able to deliver a wonderfully centered and insightful session on mindfulness and meditation... for the real world!... Our team has been peacefully abuzz with his learnings and practices. Backed up by science and without the woo woo; it's a very tangible approach to understanding mindfulness, practicing self-care and resilience, and finding meaningful connections with those around you!! We look forward to our next session with "The Good Place

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