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Leading Authority on Modern Retirement


Bec Wilson is Australia’s leading authority on modern retirement.

Bec Wilson is the author of the 2023 bestselling guidebook How to Have an Epic Retirement, a nationally syndicated weekly columnist with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald The host of the Prime Time with Bec Wilson podcast (9Podcasts), for those embracing the second half of life and looking into retirement; and the creator of the Epic Retirement Online Education Program, which is rolling out in partnership with superannuation funds and corporates in 2024.

She’s a passionate longevity and modern ageing expert who eagerly follows global trends and wants to help people live longer, better quality lives.

She’s a dynamic and entertaining presenter who speaks with depth and confidence about everything that matters in today’s modern retirement and pre-retirement years. Bec covers everything from financial confidence and longevity to health, happiness and fulfilment, travel and bucket list dreams and the evolution of your housing needs through the second half of life.

Bec is a powerful guide, weaving a selection of scientific evidence, stories and self-help tips for modern, ‘epic’ retirement and midlife lifestyle seeking throughout her performances to make them impactful and memorable.

Bec Wilson was the founder and CEO of Starts at 60 for ten years, the largest online community for Baby Boomers in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2012, she has turned a fledgling website and popular Facebook brand into a market-dominating content powerhouse for digitally savvy older generations in Australia. In 2023, she launched How to Have an Epic Retirement, which was the #1 Self Improvement Book by an Australian Author for more than six weeks in a row. And her podcast, Prime Time with Bec Wilson, has graced the Apple Top 100 each week since its launch in October 2023.

Talking Points

The Six Pillars of an Epic Retirement

This is the flagship speech with accompanying slides. It goes for up to 40 mins if desired, and teaches the audience about the 6 pillars of an epic retirement and how they can put them into play in their own lives. She also walks through the 5 phases of the retirement journey, reflecting on how life changes along the way.

Bec Wilson, the author of How to have an Epic Retirement delivers a well-structured and educational approach, drawn from her 2023 book, and tells engaging stories of retirees who are living their best lives, and people who had valuable and significant learnings that others can draw on.

Building Your Financial Confidence Before Retirement: 8 steps every pre-retiree should take

Your money and financial confidence underpins your ability to achieve your retirement goals. If you understand how your finances work in retirement, recognising how very different it is to pre-retirement, you can then feel more confident to live your best life. Bec Wilson, Author of How to Have an Epic Retirement walks the audience through the 10 steps to understanding your money and preparing yourself financially for retirement.

Wake Up Curious: and the 7 other rules of an Epic Retirement

This is a delightful speech that motivates the audience to seek and action their own best life. The 8 rules of an epic retirement make people take a refreshing look at their everyday behaviours, and think about how they could inject less passive and more proactive activities that will give life more zest. It is suited to a mainly post-retirement audience who are trying to find their own version of ‘epic’. This speech is best as an engaging event keynote that will make the audience smile, laugh and learn new ideas they can inject into their days.

The New Second Half of Life

There's no rules for the modern, second half of life, because no generation has been able to enjoy such long lives in such good health before. Bec talks to everything that changes for generations that are 47+ today - and how they look at and do life differently. This speech draws on data and insights, and reflects on stories from real people too.
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