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Clinical psychologist and leading mindfulness consultant.


A clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness, Dr Richard Chambers is a popular speaker amongst companies and organisations of all sizes at their conferences, events and off-sites.

Through his highly engaging presentations and workshops, Richard informs and challenges his audiences to make simple, practical changes in their lives to boost their wellbeing and performance. With a science-backed approach, he has the ability to demystify mindfulness, inspire people to practise it, and always provides simple, practical tools his audiences can immediately apply in their lives.

Audiences consistently rank Richard’s presentations as the highlight of their events.

Previous experience

Author: An author of 3 books, Richard has been practising and teaching mindfulness for 20 years. He is leading a world-first, university-wide initiative at Monash University, embedding mindfulness in the core curriculum for students. He helped create the Smiling Mind app, which has had 3.5 million downloads and is the lead developer of the Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance and Maintaining a Mindful Life online courses, which are both ranked “Within The Top 50 Online Courses Of All Time” by Class Central.

Features: He featured on ABC TVs Catalyst program and has given a popular TEDx talk on the role of mindfulness in education. He regularly features in mainstream media and has published research in numerous peer-reviewed journals around the world.

Talking Points

Focus on What Matters

If you can't focus, you can't lead effectively. In busy, distracted workplaces, the ability to maintain focus on high-value tasks is a superpower.

This experiential keynote will teach your team:
How to improve focus with unitasking and meditation (and stop technology hijacking attention)
How to prioritise and stay focused on high-value work
How to 2x productivity with Richard's Deep Flow Formula™

True Resilience

Maintaining good mental and physical wellbeing is crucial to effective work and performance and leadership. A 2018 study by Deloitte found workplace wellbeing programs produce an ROI of $2.18.

In this experiential workshop, your team will learn:
How to maintain a healthy work/life integration
The importance of compartmentalization and healthy boundaries
Powerful strategies for reducing stress and anxiety

Sustainable Peak Performance

Excessive drivenness can produce short term success but ultimately leads to burnout, absenteeism and presenteeism.

This experiential keynote will teach your team:
- How to distinguish healthy and unhealthy drive
- The underlying psychological reasons they get caught in unhealthy drive
- A powerful process for resolving these underlying issues and maintaining healthy drive

Emotional Genius

Emotional Intelligence is a vital skill in any modern workplace. Studies show it is one of the key factors in effective leadership.

This experiential keynote will teach your team:
- Practical strategies for maintaining emotional balance even during conflict and stressful periods
- How to differentiate individual emotions and cultivate emotional literacy
- The "language of emotions" and how to recognise ad use the information contained within them

Effective Decision Making

Leaders in modern workplaces are expected to make critical decisions under immense time pressure and with
limited information. The ability to do this well often marks the difference between success and failure.

In this experiential keynote, your team will learn how to:
- Cultivate metacognition, the ability to step back from thoughts and observe them
- Overcome common cognitive biases that can derail decision-making processes
- Balance intellectual, compassionate and intuitive decision-making

Pursue your Purpose

Being motivated by core values lies at the heart of effortless motivation, full engagement and resilience. Companies that clearly articulate their values are more profitable and have greater real-world impact.

This experiential keynote will empower your team to:
- Recognise their core intrinsic values and recognise any misalignment with these
- Translate these into actionable SMART goals and take committed action toward achieving these
- Effectively manage incongruence between personal and organisational values

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an unavoidable part of any team or workplace. The key is not in trying to avoid conflict but learning to manage it skilfully. Doing this well increases psychological safety and, innovation, and enhances workplace

This experiential keynote will teach your team:
- Why conflict occurs and how to understand the underlying dynamics
- Why leaning in to conflict is essential for maintaining psychological safety and genuine innovation
- A powerful 4-step process to effectively communicate needs

Mindful Leadership

A growing number of high-functioning teams from around the world are using mindfulness to cultivate the underlying skills required for effective leadership.

This experiential keynote will teach your team:
- Practical strategies for being able to stay focused on high-value work (and inspire your team to do the
- How to reduce stress and anxiety, ensuring you have the mental space to communicate and lead effectively
- Effective ways of cultivating emotional intelligence, a crucial skill for effective leaders

The Elite Sleep System

There has been a 20% reduction in sleep over the past 100 years, with 1 in 2 adults not getting the 7-9 hours necessary for optimal functioning and good mental health.

In this experiential keynote, your team will learn:
- Why sleep is vital for cognitive performance, wellbeing and leadership
- Richard's "Three Cs" formula for improving sleep quality
- The #1 secret that nobody is talking about when it comes to getting good quality sleep

Mindful Peak Performance

An adaptation of Richard's popular TEDx talk, this keynote is the perfect practical, evidence-based introduction to using mindfulness to improve performance and wellbeing.

This experiential keynote will empower your team to:
- Train their attentional focus for better performance, using unitasking and meditation
- Stop their attention-getting hijacked by digital technology
- Reduce stress and anxiety, and increase resilience.
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