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Streetwise Leader & Master Storyteller


With hundreds of shows to choose from at the world's largest arts festival at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, the Edinburgh Evening News compiled a list of the Top 10 acts worth catching at the Fringe - Rob Redenbach was positioned at #4.

Rob's keynote and after-dinner speech 10-Feet Tall & Bullet Proof (Not!) proves that truth is stranger than fiction, and funnier too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Rob weaves his storytelling magic to explore the legacy of leadership and the comedy of life.

As one of Australia's most versatile presenters, Rob's unique blend of humour and hard facts has empowered small and large audiences in 23 countries. Boost Juice, CommBank, Fuji Xerox, LG Electronics and Toyota are some of the groups that have benefited from his dynamic content.

In addition to narrating Jack London’s novel The Call of The Wild, Rob Redenbach is the author of The Promise. A former casino bouncer who went on to work with Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard team in South Africa and then complete executive education at Harvard, Rob has been featured in publications ranging from Business Review Weekly to Virgin Airlines inflight magazine, Voyeur. Drawing from experiences that include providing armed security to aid workers in Iraq, Rob’s grounded perspective separates him from armchair experts.

Rob is also an accredited facilitator of The Resilience Shield. Written in conjunction with the University of Western Australia, The Resilience Shield delivers cutting-edge techniques to master mindset and overcome adversity.

Talking Points

10-Feet Tall & Bullet Proof (Not!)

10-Feet Tall & Bullet Proof (Not!) proves that truth is stranger than fiction, and funnier too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Rob weaves his storytelling magic to explore the legacy of leadership and the comedy of life.

Key Takeaways:
- Authenticity is the link between empathy and results.
- Smart leaders don't have to be the smartest person in the room - they just have to be smart enough not to let their ego get in the way of a good result.
- Helping others, without an expectation of getting something in return, is a consistent characteristic of resilient leaders.
- Our words and our actions ultimately determine our legacy.
The whole team thoroughly enjoyed Rob Redenbach's session and it certainly invigorated us for the rest of the afternoon. We all loved the presentation and style and thought it to be absolutely fantastic. It was very relevant to everybody who took away different messages/experiences from the talk. Shell Mining & Construction (Oceania)

Before his presentation I had doubts about the suitability of Rob Redenbach's background to our conference audience, however, it was an absolute pleasure to hear him speak, an absolute pleasure! The passion, commitment and real life experiences he outlined can be directly incorporated into our business to make a DIFFERENCE!

Pioneer Construction Materials Pty Ltd

Rob's presentation is as dynamic and impactful as his punch. He delivers the key messages succinctly and caters well to an audience of international participants. Truly a masterful performance!

Seagate Technologies

An excellent keynote . . . Really held everyone's interest. Great mix of practical techniques and good humour.


Rob Redenbach's presentations were highly original and extremely professional . . . he far exceeded expectations.

LM Investments Pty Ltd

Initially we had reservations about Rob Redenbach's background being relevant to our corporate audience, but not only did he provide relevance, his presentation ran the gamut from laughter to tears and culminated in a thunderous standing ovation! He presented his own experiences of managing conflict at a life-or-death level and shared with our audience a number of perspectives for dealing with problems at any level.

The Kenwood Group

Really enjoyed Rob's session . . . very enlightening and will help in future decision-making. It provided a 'value added' component not offered by other fund managers.


In this ‘golden age’ of circuit speakers and consultants, finding one who earns his/her money can be a lottery. Robert Redenbach represents one of the winning tickets . . . his ability to connect with and hold an audience is outstanding.

Dept. of Land & Water Conservation

Our elite group expect the best and they were not disappointed with Rob Redenbach. The issues and methods he explained proved so relevant to the business challenges we currently face . . . the timing could not have been better.

Apogee Financial Planning

"Rob's ability to gain and hold the attention of his audience as he delivers his message about leadership makes it clear he has the experience to speak about a topic that many claim to understand, but only a few can demonstrate. If your organization is hungry for leadership development, Rob’s strategies are the perfect remedy!"

Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs
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