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There’s a New Generation & a New Industrial Revolution’

How do we increase our capacity to adapt, to a world of accelerated change?

Rocky Scopelliti is a world-renowned futurologist. His pioneering behavioral economics research on the confluence of demographic change associated with Millennials, and digital technology, have influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic and technological future.

His new Australian-first book just released Australia 2030! Where the bloody hell are we?, is a fascinating window into Australian professionals sentiment about the decade ahead, based on a major study conducted before and during the eye of the COVID-19 storm. His other book, ‘Youthquake 4.0 - A Whole Generation and The New Industrial Revolution ‘has now being translated into Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese languages.

Current Work:
As a media commentator, his unique insights have featured on SKY Business News, The Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio National, The Economist, Forbes and Bloomberg. As an international keynote speaker, his presentations have captivated audiences across Asia Pacific, the USA and Europe including Mobile World Congress. As a thought-leader, over 150 boards and leadership teams, including Fortune 100 corporations, each year seek his advice on strategy.

In an executive capacity, he is a member of the Optus Business Leadership team as the Director, Centre for Industry 4.0 where he leads the specialist team creating world-class thought-leadership and innovation on the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In a non-executive capacity, he is an Adjunct Professor Industry at the University of Technology Business School, a director on the board of Community First Credit Union, on the advisory board for REST Super and Wake by Reach and former member of the Australian Payments Council.

Education: Educated in Australia and trained in the USA at Sydney and Stanford Universities respectively, he has a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Management and an MBA. He is also a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Talking Points

Demographic Disruption of Millennials (18 - 34 years) - they’re not entitled, they’re empowered

• Demographic influence
• Economic influence
• Workplace influence
• Technological, Media and Innovation influence

Interconnected Trust - the digital economies renewable energy

• Trusting technologies
• Identity, privacy and security

Business and the Workplace - purpose, inclusion, diversity

• Human capital
• Impact of automation
• Youth employment

From the Quarter-life Crisis to Juvenescence - we’re here for a good time, and a long time

• The 100-year life
• Age agnostic life-stages
• Restructuring time

The Digital Revolution - a world where neither age, nor size or reputation, guarantee you’ll be around tomorrow

Why digital strategies fail
• Transforming to performing exponentially
• The digitisation of China

Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence - the 21st century’s energy

The intelligent enterprise

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - coming ready or not

The next wave of disruption
• Speed, scale and impact
• Emerging technologies

Australia 2030! - How do Australian professionals feel about the decade ahead.

Ground-breaking new research and an Australian-first. By invitation, 673 Australian professionals (170 classified as CEOs, Chairman, Board Directors) participated in the quantitative and qualitative study conducted during January-April 2020. It considered our attitudes towards the decade ahead and how those changed during the COVID lockdown? including the following questions:
1. How confident are we in governments' plans for our future?
2. What issues do we predict will impact Australia and the world?
3. What is our place in the world and region and how do we feel about China and the Asian Century?
4. What contribution do we believe businesses should be making to society?
5. What are our concerns about our jobs and future?
6. Who do we trust to control our best interests?
7. How do we feel about the impact of technological & scientific developments on our personal, professional and family lives?
8. Are we optimistic or pessimistic about these technological & scientific developments?
9. What parts of their lives do we expect will change the most in 2030 due to technological and scientific developments?
10. What do we think they will be experiencing in 2030?
I have had the pleasure to work with and observe Rocky’s work over the last decade. Rocky has always understood the deep impact that technology and innovation has on industries, and the way we live and work. He has the ability to translate technological change into insights for business and community leaders. Rocky is both a visionary and a change agent. I have always made time to read his articles and publications. CSIRO

Rocky is a rare breed of futurologist who is able to combine a very strong data-driven approach with an almost intuitive ability to be able to see things that others can’t that in many cases are right in front of them. Combine that with a powerful communication style and desire to genuinely help others and you have the perfect storm for being able to accurately predict and ultimately respond quickly to a very fast-changing environment. As someone who is obsessed with contingency planning and crisis management, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for the decade ahead. His insights and predictions for the next 10 years have never been more important to be across

Kerwin Rae - CEO

I have known Rocky a long time, and whether I am listening to his speeches or reading his research and predictions. I always feel confronted in a good way. Whether you agree with his views or not, he makes you think and think differently!


Rocky has a deep, globally-based understanding of the zeitgeist of the moment. He knows what to look for when separating important events from noise. He has an inclusive approach to data gathering and an understanding of current and potential changes in the work environment, especially as they relate to Industry 4.0 and the transformative role 5G networks can play.

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Rocky has a great sense of the trends shaping the future and how they will impact businesses and society. He can then translate that into simple language for anyone to understand and that is where he adds so much value.

David Carter - CEO
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