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Performance & Wellness Coach, UltraMarathon Runner, Keynote Speaker & Ambassador


Rory Warnock is a Performance & Wellness Coach, UltraMarathon Runner, Keynote Speaker and Ambassador.

He specialises in nervous system regulation and Breathwork to improve mental & physical health. Whilst searching for holistic modalities to improve his declining mental health, Rory stumbled across Breathwork. A few years later he left his corporate job to pursue a career in helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

Rory works with clients in 6 key areas; workplace, medical, community, sport, education and charity, and his clients include Google, Amazon, ASX, LinkedIn, BCG, and BUPA along with olympians and professional athletes.

The scientific benefits of Breathwork include: reducing stress, anxiety and depression, along with improving oxygen delivery, sleep, focus, clarity, immune system and athletic performance.

Rory’s evidence-based approach ensures he’s providing his clients with the latest and most accurate health and wellbeing tools for daily optimisation.

Talking Points

Breathing - the most underrated and overlooked aspect of health

We take over 25,000 involuntary breaths per day. But did you know that how we breathe is fundamental to how we think, feel and behave. You’ll be provided with the knowledge and practices to ensure each breath will benefit your mind and body.

Who this is for: Senior leadership and throughout the whole business.

Key Takeaways:
- You’ll learn the science of breathing to reduce stress and anxiety, along with improving focus, sleep and oxygen delivery.
- You’ll learn evidence-based tools and techniques to implement throughout your day to improve wellbeing and mindfulness.
- You’ll understand how to breathe optimally to ensure every breath you take will benefit your mental and physical health.
- You’ll learn why breathing is the foundation to longevity and human development.
- You’ll learn how to use your breath to enhance energy, alertness, mood and recovery.
- You’ll understand the difference between Breathwork (active) and mediation (passive).
- You’ll learn about the 'forgotten systems’ - respiratory and nervous.
- You’ll learn how to breathing is fundamental to homeostasis - balance.

Breathwork for Optimal Performance

Breathwork is utilised by high level CEO’s, Olympicans and everyone in between. You’ll learn and understand the ‘hacks’, high performers use to sustain high performance day in and day out.

Who this is for: Senior leadership and throughout the whole business.

Key Takeaways:
- You’ll learn the connection breathing has with improving mental health, focus and sleep for high performance environments.
- You’ll learn how to implement Breathwork into your daily routine to ensure you’re creating positive habits.
- You’ll learn the benefits of functional breathing and detrimental effects of dysfunctional breathing on productivity and high performance.
- You’ll learn how to control your nervous system and your autonomic arousal with your breath, with will benefit you in pressured situations.
- You’l learn about the positive and negative compounding effect of breathing for mental and physical health.
- You’ll learn how to breathe to improve stress management, improve stress threshold and execute under pressure.
- You’ll learn how to enhance cognition through evidence-based Breathwork.
I recently had the pleasure of doing a session with Rory Warnock and found him an experienced, gentle and knowledgeable practitioner. The session was very well-run and the effects on the body and mind were profound. If one has never experienced a proper Breathwork session, one will not truly understand how transformative it can be. I highly recommend Rory and breathwork. LifeSpan Medicine Australia

Rory is a skilled coach of Breathwork - the physiologically informed set of evidence-based strategies to enable us to recover our flexibility, resilience, and well being, using the very capacities we all have; all one needs is some commitment to ’suck and see’, experiencing the immediate results that will encourage one to persist and further develop the habit of regular use of these methods - further benefits and improvements will accrue. Breathwork has a role for all our common ‘problems’ - sleep, stress, anxiety, focus, improved cognitive and physical performances, and regulating our emotions. I have sampled his coaching, seen his online offerings, and very highly recommend him and his methods; we can all benefit from learning and applying these methods.

neuroCare Clinics Australia

Rory is exceptionally calm, knowledgeable and inspiring and his delivery is very powerful. The experience was extremely well received by 50+ colleagues with feedback ranging from 'energising' and 'relaxing', to 'truly life changing.' Personally, I was left vibrating with energy and very curious to learn more about the power of breathwork.


BUPA invited Rory along to our team quarterly to kick off the day with a Breathwork session. The team were completely new to this type of practice but we’re impressed at how much they got out the session. I’d highly recommend Rory and his services if you’re looking to up-skill your team to improve wellbeing.


Rory facilitated a breath workshop for Jands Senior Leadership offsite as we identified the opportunity to support our team with Breathwork techniques to improve team performance. Rory has a friendly and approachable demeanour. In his session he recommended and explained breathing techniques for improving mental health, focus & attention, and sleep. His session was very engaging and informative. The feedback from the group was excellent with many of the Team reported implementing techniques with immediate results. Looking forward to working with Rory again in the future.

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