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Dr Ross

Life-changing health expert.


Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for people and health.

Current work

Considered one of the world's best keynote speakers and life coaches, he is the author of seven books (all of which have been best-sellers). Dr Walker is also a regular presenter on the Nine Network's Today Show and A Current Affair, and has most recently appeared as the medical expert on Excess Baggage. He also presents on radio stations 2UE, 6PR, 4BC and 3AW.

Previous experience

Over the past 20 to 30 years, we have seen the emergence of the wellness industry, offering 'wellness' in many forms. Wellness centres, health magazines, internet sites and a variety of products promise cures for everything from wrinkles to Alzheimer's disease and even haemorrhoids. Throughout the world people are spending millions of hard-earned dollars each day on these products and services, hoping to look younger, feel younger and live longer. But does any of this stuff work or is it just a sham?

In his latest work - Five Stages Of Health - Dr Walker debunks the myths and hype of modern health and gives you the facts you need. Learn the truth about what the real modern killers are, what you can really do to slow the aging process, what vitamins and supplements can actually make a difference and what you need to be doing to be healthy in each decade of your life.

With over 35 years of medical experience, Dr Ross Walker is the must-have health resource for men and women of all ages!

Talking Points

Five Keys to Ultimate Health

Many aspects of modern medicine are getting it wrong. The five vital steps to achieving ultimate health: i) quitting addictions; ii) cultivating healthy sleep habits; iii) enjoying healthy eating habits; iv) exercise and movement; v) healthy mind, healthy body.

Big Fat Lie

This presentation dismisses various misconceptions such as all fats are bad, high cholesterol leads to heart disease, once you have established disease it can't be reversed, vitamins don’t help and possibly harm. An alternative view to current conservative thinking will be presented allowing you to take total control of your own health and wellbeing.

Happiness: The best drug on the planet

Modern stresses are destroying the quality of many people's lives. We're becoming consumed by materialism, addictions and often chronic despair. Dr Walker will present the five Cs to achieving peace, happiness and contentment.

Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

This presentation examines the seven energy centres in the body and how a block in one of these centres may lead to a disease specific to that area. It also demonstrates how clearing that block may contribute to the restoration of health.

Sleep: A vital component of healthy living

In our increasingly busy and stressful world, many people are sleeping poorly and suffering a multitude of sleep related problems. Learn the best ways to cultivate a healthy sleep habit and improve the quality of that vital one third of your life.

Future Proof Your Health

Although modern medicine has made enormous advances over the past few decades, how much better will it be in the future? Discover the current new directions and the bold predictions for medical investigations and therapies over the next 50 years.

Live to 100

Is it truly possible to extend your life and if so, what are the current secrets of longevity? This presentation will look at the current 'blue zones' of longevity around the globe and the exciting new research demonstrating advances in anti-aging

The 5 Steps to Supernutrition

There are so many misconceptions about diet, weight loss, supplements and good health. The 5 Steps will lead you towards the right path for proper nutrition and ultimate health.

Intergrative Medicine: The future path

For too long conservative medicine has preached the ineffectiveness of complementary therapies, whilst the complementary medical world has suggested that orthodox doctors live in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. The best approach, surely, is to follow what the Buddhists call 'the middle path'. This presentation will demonstrate, using heart disease as the model, how an integrative approach serves the patient's best interests.

Supercharge Your Brain Power

Your greatest asset is you. In the information age, the best application of that vast amount of knowledge allows you to stay ahead of the game and have a competitive edge over your competitors.

The 5 Stages of Health

Total health is more than just good nutrition, regular exercise and better stress management. It is looking at the five different levels of health: i) body health - how medicine works; ii) environmental health - modern toxins and how to deal with them; iii) genetic health - sure, you can't change your genes (yet), but you can change the consequences; iv) emotional health - change your situation or change your attitude; mind health - how to see your life symbolically and choose peace in every moment.

The End of the Journey or Just the Beginning?

This presentation examines the 'meta-physical' journey through life. Dr Ross Walker shares a variety of difficult-to-explain phenomena and how they can can enrich your life and soul.

Finally, Dr Ross Walker has been practising and teaching meditation for 20 years and has led meditation sessions at numerous conferences.
Ross comprehensively presented the best session at the conference. Feedback from his presentation has been sensational The Fordham Company

Probably the best speaker we have had so far.

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