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Expert in Communication & Soft Skills



Rum Charles has a background in video gaming and television, making him ideally suited to deliver highly energetic, engaging virtual presentations.

Rum’s storytelling ability is second to none; his specialty is taking complex information and distilling it into a format that everyone can understand and digest. He has a proven track record in the government space, C-Suite and medium-sized enterprise.

Technology and human-to-human communication is an area he finds fascinating. Rum’s skill set is ideal for the changed virtual speaking and training landscape; he combines his digital knowledge and consummate presentation style to deliver outstanding outcomes for his clients and delegates.

Current Work:

Rum has been delivering soft skills training courses for over twenty years. He has worked with organisations - including multinationals such as Deloitte, EY, ExxonMobil and Met-cash, government institutions and local governments, and SMEs such as Haymes Paint, Mimosa Homes, Henley Properties, Carlisle Homes, and Porter Davis.

Talking Points

Leadership and Management in the Digital Age/Industry 4.0

In this keynote presentation or workshop, delegates will learn the key following skills to be an effective leader of people in the age of virtual management:
- Understanding your leadership style
- How to gain a leadership and management attitude
- How to lead inter-generational teams
- Coaching as a management tool
- Effective motivational tools
- Positive communication skills
- Performance management skills
- Effective discipline techniques
- How to lead a remote team effectively
- Delegation skills
- Time management skills in a virtual environment
- How to prioritise workflow
- Persuasive communication skills
- Dynamic people management skills

Presentation Skills in a Virtual Setting

Due to COVID, all employees will need to improve their soft skills, particularly in the area of virtual presentations, this skill has become paramount.

The ability to deliver a structured or impromptu presentation in a virtual setting will become a core part of the skill set of many employees. The following presentation, or workshop will provide the delegate with the following skills:

- Real tools and techniques to control nerves about presentations, public speaking, or in an interview situation.
- A presentation attitude
- The skills and tools to construct an engaging presentation or being engaging at an interview.
- The ability to construct a meaningful PowerPoint presentation
- The ability to give a meaningful presentation without PowerPoint
- Body language techniques to be engaging and persuasive
- The vocal skills to be able to connect with your audience
- The ability to sell yourself and ideas to others
- The practical tools to be able to vary your presentation, depending on your audience and location
- The ability to deal with troublemakers
- The skills to recover when things go wrong
- How to follow-up after delivering a presentation

Soft Skills: Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

The ability to communicate in a face-to-face or virtual setting has never been more important. With teams working remotely the ability to share ideas, creative thoughts and instructions has never been stronger.

In this presentation/workshop, we will show delegates how having excellent soft skills, combined with emotional intelligence creates balanced, well-structured communications. This workshop will include the following:

- The ability to use soft skills to communicate effectively across -
a) An intergenerational workforce
b) To the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)
- The ability to communicate in a non-centralised workplace
- The ability to have difficult conversations to reach positive outcomes
- The ability to communicate to senior staff as well as team members
- The skills to be able to explain technical detail in such a way it can be understood by non-technical staff.
- The skills to negotiate for positive outcomes
- An understanding of what emotional intelligence means and how this can be applied within a business context.
- An understanding of what it means to control emotional responses.
- The tools to be able to change previous patters of behaviours to work in a more emotionally intelligent manner.
- How to use emotional intelligence for strategic influence
- The ability to deliver key messages in an emotionally intelligent way to gain buy-in from stakeholders.
- The knowledge to bring emotional intelligence and soft skills together to create lasting behavioural change.
I am thankful we approached Rum to develop and deliver a soft skills training program for our graduate cohort, including a focus on understanding generational diversity. From the first discussion, it was evident we were partnering with a provider who was respectful and responsive to our needs. The program was facilitated in an enthusiastic and engaging manner with a balanced blend of knowledge and practical components. He challenged the participants across the two days and provided actionable take-aways in preparation for the next stage of their internal graduate program and careers at Toyota. I highly recommend companies reach out to Rum when seeking a solution for a development need. Toyota

Being a highly logical and technical individual, I would often find myself frustrated when dealing with people not of a similar nature. This was having a negative impact in both my professional and personal life. The training I received has given me a much better understanding of the factors involved in people communicating, a lot of which I had previously dismissed as not important. The techniques and formulas I have learned during this training have helped me improve my communication in both professional capacity and personal level. That combined with the exercises on tone and body language has made a major difference in my communication skills in a short time frame. I would recommend this training to everyone as the benefits of good communication skills will help in all aspects of their life and working career.”\

Queensland WorkCover

Our team greatly enjoyed the training with Rum, it was informative and fun! He is very invested in getting the message across, and our team enthusiastically received his message. We loved getting to understand ourselves and the customers, and the interactive role-play was particularly beneficial for us. The virtual training was easy to attend, but we look forward to doing it all again next year when we can all be there in person.

Advanced Solutions International (ASI)
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