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Human Behaviour Expert

MPsych, BA PsychSc (Hons), Grad Dip Psych

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We all own the power of choice; regardless of the situation we are in.


Sabina Read is a psychologist, speaker, media commentator, and life sherpa who works with organisations, groups, and individuals on topics including change, well-being, stress, relationships, mental health and leadership to help people become the architects of their own growth and freedom so they can ultimately "human better."

Sabina is the Resident Psychologist on Melbourne's top-rating Radio 3AW in the Afternoons, co-host of the Human Cogs podcast, and Brand Ambassador with SEEK. She delights in buying make-up she doesn't need, walking kilometres with friends, stretching her middle-aged body on a Pilates reformer bed, chasing the sun, dancing like nobody's watching, and singing into kitchen utensils dreaming of being 'the blonde one' from ABBA.

She's passionate about the universality of the human condition, believing when we focus on our sameness, we find ways to engage and thrive, as well as build meaningful connections which help fill life with purpose and joy, even on tough days.

Talking Points

Cultivating Effective Relationships in the Workplace

Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives, and in many ways, the quality of our relationships impacts the quality of our lives and well-being in both the workplace and at home. 67% of employees nominate a good relationship with colleagues as being the primary reason for staying in a job; and relationships rank higher than salary as the major motivation for coming to work. Yet how much time to do we spend learning how to strengthen and hone our relational skills? This presentation introduces 7 evidence-based strategies that can be actioned immediately in the workplace to help leaders and employees to thrive, improve productivity and live more satisfying lives.

Managing Stress and Nurturing Well-Being

Stress is part of our adaptive survival system, however when left unchecked, long-term stress can come at a significant cost to our professional and personal well-being. This presentation explains the stress process and explores key issues linked to high stress levels in the workplace including poor work-life balance, perfectionism, and procrastination. It also offers tangible and practical strategies to help manage stress, with the primary assumption that we all have the capacity to implement positive changes to maximise well-being, so we can cope with both the minor and major stressors that are inevitable across the lifespan; and improve productivity and life satisfaction as a result.

Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

A mentally healthy workplace acknowledges and addresses risk factors, and fosters protective factors; however, many individuals, teams, and workplaces are unclear how to best cultivate a mentally healthy organisation. This workshop outlines the key risk and protective factors, addresses and explains mental health related-issues including depression, anxiety, and suicide; equips attendees to have healthy and appropriate conversations within the workplace to support themselves and each other, and breaks down mental health-related stigmas in a supportive and open environment.

Using Your Strengths to Build your Best Career

Many people claim money is their primary motivator to work, however research suggests that most of us are driven by deeper intrinsic motivators including mastery, autonomy and purpose. This workshop addresses strategies to understand and tap into key motivating factors; and uses the rigor of positive psychology to identify and utilise individual strengths to encourage employees to do what they believe they do best. When a strength-based approach is employed, individuals feel empowered resulting in higher levels of engagement at work, job satisfaction, resilience and thriving.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

The A to Zzzzzzz of Sleep

We’ve all been doing it to some degree every night since the day we were born, yet ensuring we get adequate and nourishing sleep can feel elusive for a host of reasons. In this practical and informative presentation, Sabina will outline why we sleep, and the cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits sleep brings. She will help shed light on why many of us always feel so tired and will explain what the real effects of poor sleep are.

This presentation also highlights the impact of stimulants like coffee and alcohol on sleep and provides answers to tough questions, like “Can I catch up on lost sleep?” and “Are daytime naps a good idea or not?” Of course, there are many misunderstandings about sleep and Sabina will bust common myths with her usual warmth and humour. This presentation is jam-packed with tangible takeaways for you, and those you love (when you get enough sleep!), to improve both your waking and sleeping hours, at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

Bespoke Keynote

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Get in touch with your topic, the challenges, and desired outcomes, and Sabina will dive deep to shift the dial on your participants' pain points for a successful and memorable speaking event.
A huge thank you to Sabina for yesterday’s R U OK? Day event. She was the perfect guest speaker for the demographic who attended. Her insights were extremely practical to the corporate environment which allowed everyone to walk away with learnings they can implement into their work and everyday life. The way Sabina carried herself both personally and professionally allowed people to truly connect to what she was saying. R U OK? can be a topic that is rather heavy on the mental health content, however Sabina added the right amount of lightness into the important information she had to share. Her ability to engage with the audience was outstanding. It was wonderful to see guests feeling comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions when prompted. Wellineux

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Luci Awad

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

Let's talk, enquire with Luci now

Luci Awad

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

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