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2009 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year.


Sam is a thought leader and expert in resilience and corporate turnarounds and is also one of the world's leading speaker coaches. He is the CEO of Speakersinstitute Group of Companies dedicated to advancing humanity by being the incubator for the next generation of speaker talent to help them get their message out into the world

He is an accomplished author having written 11 books including 5 international Best Sellers and also a philanthropist starting a charity working with kids living with a disability in developing worlds.
Sam is the International Edupreneur of the Year and also the Young Australian of the Year. In October 2006 Sam's life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident, where he was pronounced DEAD. He was thankfully resuscitated but left with
an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg.
Sam was hospitalized for over 5 months and was told that he may not survive and the best case was that if he was to survive he would never walk again. A year later he defied all odds taking his first steps into a new life, where his story would continue to INSPIRE and change the lives of people all over the world.

Sam Cawthorn is today a hugely successful professional keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur reaching over 20 million
people around the world each month through his edutech platforms. Sam is at the forefront of global trends and has the unique ability to transform impossibilities into possible realities. Sam's thought leadership is in peak performance, turnarounds and communication; his research in resilience and storytelling is unmatched and his literature has been awarded globally.

He has shared the stage with Michelle Obama, Simon Sinek and Dali Lama just to name a few. He has Keynoted in 50+ countries and his award-winning education businesses boast a team of 320 people and educate 1000s of students all around the world each month.
Sam Cawthorn travels from Hobart Tasmania with his wife, Kate and 3 children Emelia, Ebony and Jacob.

Talking Points

Mastering Communication for Influence

Every leader and manager must learn how to master communication to influence and persuade the right people. There are sub-modalities to influence and persuasion that only the masters have tapped into, until now. This is a very practical and hands-on experience; and Sam will show that trust and congruency must be at the centre to everything as we watch every single thing when others communication with us to determine if we buy in or not.

In this session you'll learn:
- Why method is more important than content
- 3 Implementable Keys to come across confident and with certainty every time
- Why charisma and humour are key to influencing

Bounce Forward - How to transform crisis into success

We've all heard about and even spoken about how we all must bounce back following crisis, downturns or tough times. However have you considered that bouncing back implies that we are not learning and going back to where it all started. This interactive presentation discovers how Bounce Forward is the only and surest way in embracing the future by learning from crisis and failures and moving towards innovation and forward thinking.

In this session you'll discover:
- How crisis can always create oppurtunity
- Why proximity of people we are around is our power
- 3 Principles to leverage happiness that fuels success

Storyshowing - How to stand out from the storytellers

Everything we see now is telling us a story. The stories of products and services, brands and organisations; everything now is about the emotion. The next three years will shape the way we communicate for the next 30 years. The more we stop telling and start showing, at every touchpoint, will evoke emotional connection and this will be the defining moment in our value proposition.

In this session you will discover:
- The secret ingredients on sharing powerful stories in order to win hearts and minds
- The difference and insider tips between content - What you say; and Methodology - How you say it
- The four disruptors of the sales cycle and how to stay ahead of the curve

PEOPLE FOLLOW PEOPLE The 12 characteristics of an Influential Leader.

At a moment when many of us have lost confidence in brands, companies, influencers and leaders, it’s time to ask why-as well as what sort of leaders we should aspire to be ourselves to bring that confidence back. Sam knows exactly what it took him to get where he is today, and the secret sauce wasn’t flashy charisma, expensive clothes, and a perfect smile. As he argues in People Follow People, what really wins respect-and can tie hearts and minds to you for a lifetime-comes from inside: our values, character, loyalty, and integrity.
• Win the respect of consumers, clients and employees
• Re-examine your own values and priorities
• Lead with significance, integrity and success
96% of participants gave Bounce into Inclusion the highest rating of "Very informative". Participant comments included: "wonderful and inspirational. Lifted my spirits - truly inspirational"; "entertaining, engaging and informative - what a breath of fresh air!"; "loved Sam! Who wouldn't?"; "the most admirable and inspirational talker I have heard in years." Sam's enthusiasm, dynamic and jovial approach revived the delegates after a long day of presenters and many of them commented on what an inspiring and entertaining speaker he was for the event. I really appreciated how he adapted his presentation to ensure the audience's needs were met and took the time to interact with the delegates. I truly believe the day would not have been as successful without Sam as a speaker. Wodonga Institute of TAFE

Sam's session on the last day of our conference was magical. He fully engaged the crowd with his story, his messages, his wit, heart and his passion. I had a number of attendees that had listened to Sam who that afternoon made some very big changes to their lives. I had another attendee that had his notes from the session still in his pocket that night to remind him of what Sam had said (and he did change for dinner). His impact was widespread and deep. His messages around 'bouncing forward, 'the decision, not the condition' and 'holding hands in traffic' will be remembered. Sam was truly inspirational and is one of those people that you know is very special and very unique. Thank you for the magic Sam!

AIA Australia

Sam is a vibrant and talented individual. His story and perspective on life and career could inspire any group or individual. At the conclusion of his session, one of our delegates stood up and interrupted our MC to thank him directly, stating to the crowd that he had been the best speaker at any conference they have ever had!

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